Hello!  My name is Dwight Franklin, and I am a junior and the only son of four.  I am originally from Washington, D.C., and lived in the D.C. Metropolitan area for just over thirty years.  Growing up in the area is a challenging life in its own way, but those that go to visit or to move will either love it or hate it.  True, the money is good, but with the cost of living expenses high and your money not going very far, you will be working harder than you anticipated.

As I lived in the area, I joined the Maryland Army National Guard at age 18, in early 1998, as a military policeman, and served until my contracted ended eight and half years later in late October 2006.  While in the military I served in different theaters, Operation Noble Eagle & Operation Enduring Freedom, but the one that stands out the most is when our unit, the 290th MP Company, were activated to protect the Pentagon, the morning after it was attacked.  After spending a year there, including two months in Ft. Stewart, Georgia, we were sent to Kabul, Afghanistan eight to nine months later.  Our original tour was about six months, but anyone with some common sense, should’ve known that our tour would be extended.  Ultimately, our tour was extended three more months, bringing the total of our time overseas to about nine months.  Prior to being sent to war, we spend time in Panama, Germany, some have been to Bosnia and after our orders, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.  I was never in Pakistan, but some guys went and they came back fine.

Near the end of my military career, I ended up joining the civilian law enforcement ranks in early 2003.  I served as a police officer in Maryland, just outside of the nation’s capital, for eleven years, before moving out of the area.  I met my wife, Natasha, in late December 2006, and our very first date, and her first time seeing me, was Super Bowl Sunday, when the Colts played the Bears.  From that time on, our life began to take shape together and got married in mid-December 2007.  Her and I have been through some issues, in some cases more than what normal marriages face, and always stayed true and good to each other.  In our early stages of the marriage, she showed me how to blog, since she was a big sensation during her tenure, as labellanoire!

I left my job in late March 2014, and moved back up north with my wife as she started her new job.  Since leaving the D.C. area, our lives have taken off and we don’t look back at where we came from.  Our goal has always been to look forward and to be the best at what we tackle and to each other, and make sure we are there to pick each other up.  I currently continue my law enforcement career in the Green Mountain State, and have noticed the complete opposite.  My goal is to continue my career in law enforcement, while going back to school and increasing my presence in the blog world.  I have always been a strong headed thinker, and sometimes stubborn, but I will always continue to do my best in whatever I pursue!



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