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This past weekend was a lot of fun! It had been a long while since I spent a Saturday morning/afternoon with people I work with, not necessarily co-workers. The name of our team for the Big Brother Big Sister Bowling Event was the “South Street Girls”. I was invited to bowl with them about two weeks ago, and raise at least $50 for myself, or $100 if my wife agreed to bowl with us, which she did! I was very happy to know that she was willing to do so, and add to the comradery of the team, and be inducted as an affiliate with the South Street Girls bowling team! We all had a blast bowling with each other, cracking jokes on each other and discover how we are outside of the work setting. My wife finally was able to put names to faces, and discover why I love these women so much and enjoy my interaction with them. Wonderful women to know and work with!

Although my wife and I got to the bowling alley late, we made it just in time to register and turn in our donations. However, I felt kind of crazy when the lady took our donations and asked what the name of our team is. Either I couldn’t remember or they didn’t tell me, but I gave out three names on the team, and the lady was all confused and perplexed. She finally admitted that she had no clue who I am bowling with and just put our donations and record chart to the side. Once that was done, we grabbed a purple bag each and met our team on lane 9. We never got the chance to do any practice bowling, my wife and I, as we had to get ourselves set up for the game, the one game that was played. It was six of us on one team, and although there were a few bowling pin trophies to claim, our team wanted the most important one, “Team Spirit Trophy”. A picture of the trophy will be posted at a later date, but it is a bowling pin dressed up with gold or bright yellow chicken feathers (probably fake feathers), painted blue, and yellow and has a pink heart in the middle. A team picture was taken with the trophy and another one was caught with me kissing it, like it was the “Big Game” trophy!

There was no team competition for the bowling event being held, but there was some in-team competition amongst us. Even though it had been a few years or may be less since I last bowled “competitively”, I was pretty pleased with my final score at a 141, using a house ball. A house ball, if you are not aware of the bowling term, means any of the bowling balls that are already there for your bowling pleasure, and is owned by the bowling alley. Years ago, I used to be part of a bowling league where my average scores soared around 200, but that was with my own personal ball. Just on my score alone, I was quite happy with it since it has been a long time and I was doing things with the ball that are not meant to happen with a house ball, which are just standard in design. The other women on the team were bowling and having fun, and then it came down to the final frame, where certain amount of pins could propel one over the other. I can’t remember the exact score of everyone else, but I do know my wife came in third out of six bowlers on the team. She would tell you she is not a great bowler, and will tell you she married into a family full of professional bowlers, but she did very well and I was very proud of how she finished.

A few of us were supposed to go out to lunch afterwards, but plans changed to where it was just me and my wife. On the way home, we stopped at this deli place right off the main route, the same one I take to work every morning, to fulfill my curiosity of the place. I always saw an advertisement of the maple pulled pork sandwich and wanted to try it, and boy I’m glad I did!! Although, I couldn’t finish the sandwich all in one sitting, it was very sweet and juicy, and did my best not to spill any on my clothes and my tan interior of my truck. Once we recovered from the food orgasm we both experienced in the truck, outside in the parking lot, we finally headed home talking about our fun experience and good time at the bowling alley. All in all, the women who have only known my wife through my words and through her blog identity, now have met her in person and love her, explained she is a lot of fun and would love to get together once again. I definitely agree with that statement, and would love to have another gathering with them all over again! Fun times indeed!! Go South Street Girls!!!

Henry Scott

EXTRA NOTE: My wife has shown, once again by example, that even with lupus and esophagus issues still on the forefront, you can still enjoy yourself and have fun as life goes on! You do your best to overcome or deal with the disease you are given, but just because you were given it, doesn’t mean it controls you.




2 responses to “BOWLING FOR A CAUSE (Real Life)

  1. Nicole Conety

    It was an amazing day!! Your wife was truly a great addition to our team. I think the best was you kissing the chicken trophy! Thanks for all the laughs and can’t wait to hang out again!

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