This past weekend, from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon, my wife and I took a trip to my old neighborhood, Largo, Maryland, and spent time with my mother and baby sister.  It had been quite sometime since we have both seen them, and it was a very nice weekend full of relaxation and catching up on things that we were not aware of.  We were not able to see and spend time with my father as he was in Georgia on a job related function, for a company that let him go, but now has him working part-time doing what he did once before.  I don’t completely understand how that works, but basically the guy that took my dad’s job after he left, doesn’t know what he is doing apparently and now needs my father back with the company to assist him.  The entire company is another conversation entirely so I will leave it at that for now.

The arrangement my wife and I had, a while back, was to alternate holidays with her family and my family every other year.  That plan and agenda has been completely blown out of the water, and our plan to come back to Maryland for a certain holiday is either spiked with one of us working or bad weather making the trip too dangerous and risky.  This past Christmas was supposed to be our time to go down to Maryland and spend time with my side of the family, but once again work got in the way, but this time it was my wife’s job that hindered that process.  While down there this past weekend, however, we are glad we didn’t make the trip down for Christmas from the statements that were made to us about some family members.  Even though our Christmas Day dinner up here in Albany, New York was nice and quite and very easy, it was practically mayhem in certain ways hearing from witnesses.

It is a tradition for my mother and one or two other family members, such as my sisters, to make Christmas Day dinner on Christmas Eve.  The following day one family member arrived at the house, earlier than expected, and brought a dish full of greens and hamhocks.  Well, obviously my mother was quite surprised to receive this dish from this particular family member, who normally does a dessert dish.  I have to say that this particular family member needs to stick with making dessert dishes and stop trying to experiment and expand her cooking horizon.  I am no gourmet chef or trying to be one, but you don’t make greens with hamhocks, put them in a plastic container, freeze them in said container and then bring them over to a traditional dinner that all are looking forward too having and to socialize.  What kind of knucklehead puts frozen dishes or dish in a plastic container, freezes it and then expect to serve that type of dish at a family function.  Yeah, people were really excited to take a spoon, dip into your watery, frozen, greasy, mushy dish instead of eating fresh, steamed kale with no added seasoning.

My mother had to remake the kale over and over again, because people were quite sure they didn’t want a taste of a killed dish, with a side of plastic shards penetrating your oral cavity and causing you to taste iron from your own blood.  This is the same particular family member that called herself trying to help my wife and I out years ago when we were looking for a new vehicle.  Apparently, that didn’t go so well for this particular family member when she got cussed out by my wife for her pretentious and phony ways.  It has been a good four to five years since both of us has even really spoken a word to this particular family member.  Sure, we saw her a few years ago at my mother’s Christmas Day party, but no words were exchanged.  How can I look at this particular person in the face and have a conversation when this particular family member basically stole my identity, opened up an account in my name and had to have my father in on it to sign my name.  Let me tell you something, it was like trying to walk on ice with inline blades in trying to get that money out of the account.  It was opened up the time I was in Afghanistan and the bank swore I knew about it.

So this particular family member can’t be trusted as like a tree growing legs and leaving the forest.  This wasn’t the only person that we spoke of, but it was amongst the many things that were discussed.  I did, however, see my niece and nephew, along with their mother and father, and had fun with them as well.  Explaining the details of my new job and the culture in the Northeast, got all of them thinking of moving up! LOL!  I wouldn’t mind at all, but certain people may try to block that and denounce the move.  WHATEVER!! My mother and two of my three sisters don’t give a damn what certain people say, which is where I get it from.  During this weekend visit our dog-son, Romeo, met his dog-cousin, Cali, for the first time.  The encounter was rough at first, but by the end of the weekend they were able to be around each other without kissing teeth.  I also got to see my little sister’s drawings for class and personal reasons.  I am very proud of her and glad I can be a role model for her to follow.  Don’t be surprised if you start seeing some of her work on here, as we are in discussions of teaming up in the near future.  She followed my footsteps in the art and military industry, but now we get to be together in something.

I love writing and she loves drawing!  I think this team can work in the long haul!  Although questions did rise out of my wife’s brain about certain things, the trip was worth mileage and time!  See you next time Maryland!

Henry Scott


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