If you haven’t kept up with the recent news, or within the past one or two years, Boston has won the bid to represent the United States in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games bid against other cities around the world.  Los Angeles, San Francisco and my hometown, Washington, D.C. were denied the chance to win such bid.  Although I am from the D.C. area, and now living in upstate New York, I am not surprised that D.C. didn’t win the bid to represent the United States in the final bid round that will be announced in 2017.  Hours after hearing that Boston won the bid to go to the final round to host the 2024 Summer Games, I wanted to read about the plans that D.C. put out to the public about how they would represent the games for the 17 days.

In reading the article, one thing struck me like a baseball bat knocking me upside the head.  In their proposed plans to host the 2024 Summer Games, one thing that was written in the article, that I still can’t wrap my head around, is that the Olympic Park, where all the athletes would live during the games, would be built on a current site of a methadone clinic and a decaying homeless shelter.  Okay, well, the article said nothing about after or before knocking down this clinic and displacing the displaced people, that a new homeless shelter and methadone clinic would be built elsewhere.  I know I could probably search other D.C. local newspapers to find more of a detailed plan on what they would do with the homeless shelter recipients and drug addicts, but if I am reading this on a web page that speaks about the Olympic Game plans, then I shouldn’t have to go elsewhere to find that information.  All that should be detailed out in the plan as it was written in the article, but it wasn’t.  If I was on the USOC deciding to give a bid to one of our major cities, this alone would be a troublesome development.

Now they could have easily put the replacement shelter and new methadone clinic in the plans, and even written on tree flats (paper), but that didn’t transport over on this article.  What the hell happened?  Did they just forget about this people and didn’t even care about what happens to them in the midst of their plans?  My wife and I were just floored about this and really concerned about releasing drug addicts and displacing the homeless people out in the streets of D.C. with no other place to go.  Another joke was that D.C. budgeted about five billion dollars for the infrastructures to accommodate such games.  I don’t know who they thought they were fooling, except themselves, but we are talking about a major city, our nation’s capital, who struggle to handle thousands and millions of people on a daily basis during regular work days.  How in the hell will the city and area around the city can handle thousands and millions more for 17 days, including the Paralympics that always soon follow.  We are also talking about an area that struggles to hold the power grid together and having power outages every time a major storm comes through.

We are talking about a city, and area, that takes years to plan a new metro subway line, which encompasses several town hall debates, and always over budget before halfway through a project.  Then when the budget becomes an issue, contractors pull out, new licensing is needed, new permits are needed, local and county governments, who proposed to help fund the metro line project, have now complained about too much money needed to fund the project and pull out at the last minute.  It appears it takes ten to fifteen years to finalize a new metro project, then more problems arise with someone being caught in a scandal, trying to cheat system and then we find out later that the project is being built on private land.  Then we have geological survey issues and the person or company that owns the property want to sue D.C. Metro for using the land without financial compensation.  Then we have another delay in the project that takes months to get through, with legal fees and permit issues, causing the budget once again to go over!

With just that issued being talked about, D.C. wants to host the 2024 Summer Olympics and make it a the best ever?  Then you want to try to keep the games within the metro area that is already over crowded and jammed packed.  We can’t get our federal government to work properly, D.C. government can’t run efficiently and the infrastructure struggles to keep up on normal days, how in the hell can we host the games?  Then you don’t talk about replacing the homeless and drug addicts!  Let them run the streets and then complain about them causing issues at the Olympic Park, which was their home before you kicked them out!  It just seemed like this plan was not properly thought out.  However, I am happy that Boston got the bid and they seem to have a good plan in place.  Sorry D.C., but you gotta do much better!!

Henry Scott 



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  1. Spousal Unit

    You know halfway through building the Olympic Park they’d be saying, “we’re behind schedule and over budget!” That’s par for the course.

    DC’s plan was to turn the Olympic athlete housing into affordable housing after the games, but that doesn’t help the displaced homeless at all. If they’re homeless chances are the affordable housing isn’t really affordable. Politicians were saying the temp jobs that come up due to the Olympics would help the displaced homeless make enough $ to afford said housing. Short-sighted as usual.

  2. Crystal

    D.C. has got some issues to figure out before wanting to host the Olympics. You’re absolutely right! It’s way too overcrowded and cannot even solve its own minute problems let alone deal with hundreds of thousands of people and athletes traveling to and fro. There are constant accidents on the roads that block intersections & METRO always schedules maintenance on the weekends and during non-rush-hour hours and can barely keep up with its own citizens. Far be it that an athlete misses a meet because of the public transit system. The Olympics should NEVER be hosted in D.C! And then they are going to kick people out just to build something for a 17 day use?! RE-TAR-DED!

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