My wife and I, in my opinion very nice and intelligent people, were out yesterday late morning to buy breakfast for ourselves and her mother from our favorite Dunkin Donuts here in Albany, New York.  We pull up to the drive-thru speaker box and within seconds began to give our order.  In front of us was a fushia or light purple Honda Civic being operated by a young white female.  As we are running into a slight issue in trying to place our order, the purple Honda pulls ahead and rounds the corner at the pay window.  While we are waiting for our chance to pay for our food, my wife and I are debating whether they were going to mess up our order of three coffee’s and one hot tea.  Immediately after the purple Honda left the pay window with her order, we pulled up and ready to pay for our order, which came to just over $14.  The male cashier leaned out the window and explained to us that the lady in front of us, in the purple Honda, just paid for your order.  I must admit this was a shock to me and something that I have never had happen, unless I was in uniform.  With that huge generosity paid to us, by someone who doesn’t know me or my wife, we paid it forward and took care of the food bill for the guy behind us.  Later on as I had thought about it, I did notice the younger lady looking at me through her driver side mirror, but it wasn’t a mean look or a look of nervousness.  My wife and I have never seen that purple Honda before and hopefully I get to see her one day in the near future to thank her.

Now with all the racial tensions being displayed in the country through the media and blaming law enforcement for most of it, you can’t say anything negative about this experience.  For all I know this young lady could have seen me in uniform once before and remembered who I was, or she may just have a wonderful heart and racially blind and just decided to do a great deed in paying for our breakfast.  Who knows?  All I know is that I have never been apart of something like that, while off duty and in civilian clothes, and we hope that when we paid for the guy behind us, he continued it to the next person.  I have doubts he did because he pulled out pretty quick after we left Dunkin Donuts, but maybe he paid it forward elsewhere and we just don’t know it.  However, you look at it for what it is worth and that racial tension, at least in my opinion, didn’t play a part in this or maybe it did, but then again I may never know.  This younger lady saved us money and made our day and reminded us that their is still wonderful and great people in the world.  We all need to place racial divide aside and do things for each other regardless if you know them or not, and remember that the person you helped may have a great day after that great deed.  Continue to enjoy your wonderful and peaceful holiday!

Henry Scott



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8 responses to “PURPLE HEART

  1. Crystal

    Hahaha! You’re funny!

  2. Spousal Unit

    It was a great surprise! I’ve heard stories about chains of paying it forward at drive thrus but never experienced it firsthand. Regardless, you’re absolutely right–the racial division in this country is disheartening. We live in a melting pot and it’s sad that some people can’t see the beauty in that. It’s easy to stay complacent and let the status quo of racial discord continue unchecked, but experiences like our “Dunks” trip give me hope.

  3. Crystal

    I did not think there were still decent citizens left in this country.
    I agree; we need to put the racial differences aside. What can racial segregation do for this world except divide it more than how it is already.
    Good job!

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