PLOT: The storm destroys more of the globe and disrupts the eco-systems with great force; and the fight on the home front is much more dangerous than first thought.

DECEMBER 31, 2099 @ 1400hrs.

The massive global storm has claimed the most recent victims within Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh, and with these areas not being structurally sound to offer some shelter for its citizens, the areas were devastated beyond repair. The lightning strikes of the storm, however, did intensify enormously and many people running for cover were struck by the extreme bolts of lights firing down from the sky. Many people and structures were tossed in the sky and flung around like a piece of thread blowing in hurricane winds. Several lifeless, and full of life, human and animal bodies were twisted and blown apart by the winds cutting through them like a knife going through warm butter. The storm wall that was approaching other areas and regions during the devastation, were full of people who were too weak to run and even think about seeking shelter. Obviously, those that stayed in the direct path of the storm were killed instantly either by the winds of the storm or exploding on impact of a flying object.

While the storm is continuing to devastate and destroy the regions in its path, the president of the United States prepares himself for an address to his country and to the rest of the free world still able to listen and comprehend his words. Any programming that was being televised at this moment was interrupted and shown in its place was the leader of the free world.

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: To my fellow citizens of the free world, this message is not only directed towards the American people, but to everyone that is listening around the world who is still able to do so. At this particular time our differences towards each other, or towards another nation, is in no play as we all face one common threat. I’m hearing and seeing all kinds of conflicts and civil unrest within the borders of the United States and elsewhere around the world, that it concerns me that we haven’t come together yet to survive this global catastrophe threatening our very existence. This storm has a very likely potential to wipe out the entire human and animal population in the world from ever existing again, but yet most of us are still trying to hold on to our own agenda to get what we can get. You can gain whatever you want to gain, but all that will soon be wiped away when you are ultimately faced with the force of nature at the highest levels. I am due to land in Washington within the next few minutes, which I have seen the storms potential while vacationing in Hawaii with my family. We’ve lost American service members in the Pacific and Asian arenas due to this storm unforgiving and relentless pounding on the civilization. Now that we, in the United States, know that we will be one of the last nations standing before the storm comes through, we don’t know what kind of devastation will come. Unfortunately, it looks like everything we see now will be reduced to massive debris and simply dust, along with the human race. Our military and law enforcement are doing what they can and have to do in order to continue the human race and the continuation of our respective nations. I ask that all give the authorities their best behavior and I ask that the authorities respect the citizen’s wishes and rights under the nation’s constitution, even during Martial Law or military rule. We may not have that long on earth to be nice and kind to each other; God has given us this opportunity to do so, and for those that only want to disrupt the process in assisting the continuation of the human race, must be dealt with swiftly. We have no clear understanding of what kind of destruction this storm is bringing with it, but we do know it is getting stronger and stronger as it moves across the Asian, and soon to follow European Continent. This is the time for us to work together and not fight amongst each other for our own personal agenda that won’t matter within the next twenty-four hours. If this is our last hours on planet earth, we need to do it with humility and respect. This is the President of the United States and I hope the best to all of you and when time permits, I will speak to you again.

Just as the president was ending his speech, he felt Air Force descending towards the nation’s capital, which he had apprehensions about. President Black was advised that the pilot was struggling with getting in contact with air traffic control now, although they were in communication just minutes prior to beginning their descent. This confused the president and the staff on Air Force One when suddenly the pilot started to conduct aggressive maneuvers in the air as if he was trying to avoid being shot down. Without warning, any staff member not seated and walking around were thrown amongst the interior passenger compartment of the plane. The president ended up banging his head against the interior wall of the plane, causing a massive bruise to his head, but he was more concerned about his wife and daughter, who were safely seated in their seats and scared as expected. Within minutes of the plane going from a calm ride to a rolling in the seas in the sky, the situation was relayed to the president that the escort fighter jets eliminated the threat of an anti-aircraft gun being fired. Once the pilot was given the all clear by the president to proceed to land, it was then figured out that the air traffic control tower was destroyed and completely engulfed in flames. Within the few minutes of landing on the runway, a militia group came from around a few hangers and opened fire on Air Force One.

With high powered rifle rounds bouncing off the exterior of the plane, the president immediately gave the order to get back in the air. The attack was quickly repelled by the escort fighters when four missiles, two each, were fired at the anti-government forces. One of the escort pilots began to guess that the regional airport was being fought over by government and anti-government forces. This made the situation more realistic and let everyone on Air Force One knowing that this could be the end for all and that saving America maybe a winless fight. However, the president then gave the order to fly back west towards the Nevada desert. The threat of Air Force One being shot down by anti-government forces raised the alert level to the highest potential. This put every military base and Air Force installation on full scale alert and to patrol within a certain number of miles within the installation borders. While the president is on his way to Nevada, the Joint Chief’s advise him that even though the military is facing some fierce resistance from anti-government forces, which consists of regular citizens and uniform, they are gaining ground in taking back control of key points around the nation’s capital, but still way too hot for the president and members of congress to be around.

As it looks like the country was on a decline from within, president continued to keep up the façade of being positive, which deep inside he was terrified to death about what was happening and coming. He knew darn well that he could do nothing to protect his fellow Americans, and his country, but except save himself and his family from complete inevitability. Even that thought started to be a defeating one, and for the first time in years he felt powerless to do anything to save his country and its people. It was soon put on all televisions across the country, and radio stations, emergency broadcast system announcements that went twenty-four hours, every day of the week. Nearly all regularly scheduled programs were either cancelled or just didn’t show up on television and/or radio. Only news channels and radio news stations stayed on the air round the clock for updated information within the country and around the world. It would appear that the statements that the president made to the public, and around the world, took hold to some as the chaos started to subside in certain pockets, but it was still raging in the Middle East as conflicts escalated. Within a matter of two hours, the Egyptian government was partially overthrown by an anti-government faction group, while the loyal military units still organized fought back with fierce retaliation. It would appear to most watching the events unfolding in Egypt that a civil war had erupted amongst the people.

Tensions between Israel and some factions in Iran, not directly supported by the Iranian government, rose to where they both almost launched direct ammunitions towards each other. Israel launched a military buildup and had all fighter jets on massive alerts to launch a preemptive strike in necessary. This of course got the Iranian government directly involved and building up their own military readiness for a defense against Israel. All other nations in the region followed suit and it was in no time that everyone was on extreme high alert. Other factions, anti-government groups in Africa, especially in Central and East Africa were already engaged in fierce fighting, trying to eradicate each other off the earth before the storm would ultimately do that for them. Two nations near the southern region of Africa engaged in an all-out ground war between their armies, killing numerous men, women and children who were not engaged in the fight. Several clans and tribes waged war on each other, however, they have no idea of what is coming upon them from above, except they believe their Gods are informing them of what to do and how to protect their existence. If the storm wasn’t causing mass panic amongst the people of the world, people were causing panic amongst themselves and destroying themselves prematurely, instead of prospering the little time left on earth. Little did the American people realize that no destruction placed upon themselves would be any match for the real terror that was coming forth from above the heavens.








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