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PLOT LINE: Middle East conflict and the rights and freedoms of all citizens is impeded and the safety of the U.S. Constitution is shredded.

DECEMBER 31, 2099 @ 1300hrs.

The president of the United States is about a couple of hours from landing near Washington, D.C. when he is advised that the American Embassy in Cairo, Egypt has been bombed. Many government employees and officials still at the Embassy were either captured or killed during the storming of the building. With tensions already on the brink of exploding at any minute, this new development wasn’t something that was needed and the timing was disgraceful and distasting. It was unclear which faction or group was responsible as many religious and political groups were at odds and disrespecting each other with, not only with words, but with brute physical violence. Although this was one of the few times the United States was not the topic of issues, just the sight of a western power in the midst of the rising tensions caused the storming of the Embassy, and to make sure no western influence would be tolerated. The United Nations Security Council and many other Arab officials condemned the storming of the American Embassy, and recorded a statement speaking on the wrong time to embark on forcing political and religious views amongst those that oppose.

Many of those that represented the Egyptian government had personal and monetary ties to certain factions within their borders, which also created strife and division within the centralized government. To the Israeli government and intelligence units the Egyptian sovereignty was in the balance and it seemed that a civil war was inevitable with military and heavily armed factions crowding the streets. Although one faction inside Egypt was a threat to the sovereignty of Israel, the Israeli military refrained from intervening due to the threats closer to its borders and within the region. However, the events in Egypt are closely watched along with protests and tensions rising in Iran and situations between factions in Iraq and Iran. With many small tensions continuing to erupt on the surface of the world to see, some are overlooked and kept on the backburner, but still watched. With major problems happening within the borders of the United States, Israel and other Arab allies must act and deal with tensions without the westerns help. It didn’t take long for two factions in Egypt to clash just outside the city of Cairo shortly after the American Embassy was attacked.

The ferocious fighting quickly escalated with many citizens caught in the middle and members of both factions becoming casualties of the skirmish. Both factions had numerous military equipment in its possession and was quickly used against the other causing enormous structural damage and the quick rise in deaths of women and children trying to escape the hellish situation. While the Middle East looks at a potential major conflict that will involve all Arab nations to defend their interest and back up their allies in the faction appearance, the United States Constitution is merely a piece of historical significance that is ignored and violated time and time again. Many religious groups in the Midwest and Northwest constantly faced ferocious attacks from other anti-religious groups who sought no other way to express their opinions but by physical coercion. Even though at first many lives were not destroyed by the attacks on religious groups of all kind, many churches, synagogues and Muslim temples were destroyed by such atheist style groups trying to minimize the sight of spiritual positively.

While it seemed like the 1960’s all over again amongst certain regions and towns across the southern states like Alabama and Mississippi, the military decided to end the eradication of religious groups and personnel and implemented an operation to cease and desist such behavior. In trying to preserve the first amendment, it was actually shredded by the military and law enforcement officials when they would raid churches, synagogues and other Muslim temples. It was repeated that no search warrants were needed and that they were acting on continuing intelligence that some religious groups and structures were hiding out jihadist and other members of a fast growing anti-religious movement. This kind of response by the military and law enforcement was almost in favor of the anti-religious movement members, but they quickly sought their existence in the crosshairs of the government. Many private homes and businesses began to become victims of the governments operation to eradicate such extremist and terrorism, but even with Martial Law in effect the rights and freedoms of the people are limited, not completely taken away. This type of behavior got back to the president of the United States, who was very alarmed and disturbed of such operation by the military. By the time he learned of this constitutional shredding operation, it had already spread to other parts of the country. It was later explained to the president that they were religious extremists groups and domestic terrorism factions attacking religious personnel and structures, and getting into skirmishes with military forces.

It was very clear to the president that he may have lost control of the country, but at the same time many civil unrest locations were being stopped by actions of the military and law enforcement. So of course, this put the president in a position and ethical dilemma of whether or not to stop the military operation against its people or draft up an executive order to limit the operation since results are happening. Even the media was being restricted and threatened to file major federal civil suits against the government, but with the impending storm on the loom that was hardly a problem worth worrying about. The world had more serious problem to be concerned with then being bothered by violating too much of citizen rights. The way this storm was approaching and destroying everything in its path, the bothersome of citizens filing law suits wasn’t going to matter in the coming days, let alone the coming hours. Many schools, primary and secondary, along with some colleges and universities, closed due to the problems rising in their respective cities and communities threatening the safety of their students, staff and faculty.

Some smaller colleges and universities that were not being used at all and completely closed for the holidays, were taken over by the military for base operations. Just as quickly as the chaos started with the military and law enforcement conducting raids and warrantless searches and seizures, all things started to calm down a bit, but still with pockets of resistance against the military rule and law. Many of the extremists camps that were located in certain hot spots across the country were raided and taken over by the military and other federal law enforcement agencies, in fear that they would take the opportunity of the nation’s vulnerability to act and enforce their beliefs and directives on unsuspecting citizens. Some of the camps that were attacked by the federal government responded with the same amount force, if not harsher, but failed to repel the attackers. Within the matter of an hour, the United States military was deployed upon the streets in America to only immediately fight against anti-government and anti-religious forces within the mission of restoring law and order in its cities. This was the time that the president decided to give a speech to the nation, and the world, from Air Force One to reassure Americans, and its allied nations, that this is the time for perseverance.


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Next on “Digital Realm: – More cities are reported to being victims of this massive global storm and the fight at home is much more dangerous than once realized.


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