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Plot Line – Worse fears are felt when Antarctica is affected by the global storm cell; Canada feels the effects of the storm on its northern border; the video that the thirteen year old boy recorded is viewed by millions.

December 31, 2099 @ 12:00hrs (EST)

If at this point in the day this global weather system hasn’t got your attention, the next events that will occur certainly will catch the attention of all around the world. By this time of the day, the storm has now entered the regions of Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi and more parts of Antarctica. Years earlier Global Warming was a huge concern that the ocean levels would rise to a point that new beaches would form and a new Ice Age would soon be coming. No weather man or meteorologist could have seen this coming in their almanacs that predicted the weather patterns for the next fifty years. When the storm struck more of the polar ice caps in both North and South Poles, all the alarming signals, bells and whistles began to go off and immediately sent panic to all those invested to learn how to keep the gigantic ice region from shrinking to threaten mankind. The alarms sent numerous signals to NOAA and to all Canadian authorities monitoring the north and southern ice regions. The Canadian prime minister was notified of the situation and called for an emergency meeting.

During the meeting of all the appropriate parties that needed to be there, it was shown to all of them, in diagram and virtual video form, that if the rate of the ice continues to melt at the rapid pace it is going with the storm overhead, most of Canada would be looking at being under water within the next twenty-four hours. Of course, this didn’t sit very well with the prime minister and the Canadian government, which all the information shown and given required immediate action. NOAA executives and members at the Bethesda satellite office were in on the meeting, which the portion of the virtual video and diagrams were shown by James Green. This meeting, which lasted about an hour, pretty much gave everyone the real sense that this storm is not going to let up and that the realism of civilization may be on its last leg of survival. Once the meeting was over, President Black, who was also in attendance of the meeting from Air Force One, contacted the Joint Chiefs to plan an evacuation order for all major cities in the country starting with the Northeast and Pacific Northwest regions. The shocking order was when President Black explained to the Joint Chiefs that the plans for the evacuations need to be made within the next six hours.

With this news now amongst all the important parties of the Global Warming Community and authorities far and wide, expedited processes in protecting the citizens. The Canadian prime minister immediately ordered an evacuation of all personnel located in the Artic arena, whether they were Canadian citizens or not. The white house press secretary was contacted by the president to set up an immediate news press conference to alert the public of the pending dangers looming in the polar caps. Even though informing the public of this could potentially create mass panic, especially in areas and cities where civil unrest has already taken hostage, everyone needs to know what is happening and to take precautionary measures. Some stores, especially grocery stores and food banks, have already suffered numerous losses in revenue and damages, with most store owners treating their businesses as if they were embassies of a foreign government.

Just minutes before the press conference at the White House was to get underway, all employees of the NOAA Bethesda satellite office were directed to leave the building by the end of the day, and relocate all resources to the main headquarters in Washington, D.C. This gave the opportunity for Jeremy to contact his family at home to make sure they are packing to head out of town and to explain to them that he will be moving to the headquarters by the end of the day. While everyone in the Global Warming Community is rushing to prepare themselves for the inevitable coming their way, the press conference at the White House gets underway.

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen to members of the press, the American people and to all those that are watching and listening to this press conference. All questions that you have in mind are to be held at the very end and for those that can’t be answered at this time will be directed to those that can. Around midnight this morning on December 31, 2099, NOAA noticed a storm being established over the waters in the Pacific Ocean, just over 1300 miles southwest of Hawaii. For the past twelve hours, and through media live feeds that have been broadcasted, the storm has grown in tremendous strength and causing mass havoc and destruction that no one can prepare for. The storm at this point is heading east along the Asian continent and will strike the east coast of Africa within the next four hours or so. This storm is continuing to grow in strength, size and devastation and creating other weather systems, such as tornados and hurricanes, to form and alliance themselves with the storm. Although no rain can be seen accompanying the storm, tsunamis are bashing shorelines of many countries and the death tolls continue to rise because of the storms ability. As you know many passenger jetliners have been lost due to this storms unbelievable reach beyond its storm clouds, which has caused many nations, including the United States, to lose contact with many Navy and Marine vessels that were located in areas of the Indian and west regions of the Pacific Ocean. Just recently, we have discovered that the storm has begun to affect the north and south poles, especially Antarctica where the enormous ice sculptures are rapidly melting, causing the ocean levels in the immediate area, and around the world to rise. Nations near the Arctic region, especially the northern portions of Canada, are in immediate danger of being flooded out. We urge everyone to remain calm and not create the situation to be worse with panic and violence to make it hard for those that want to evacuate their homes. However, the storm is not due to reach the United States eastern shoreline for another twelve hours, which gives you more than enough time to seek shelter and prepare your family. The president is still on his way back from Hawaii and will be here within the next few hours to speak to the press, the American people and to the world. I will take questions at this time.

As the white house press secretary is answering questions at the end of the press conference, he receives an alert on his secured phone about a video that was released online. In the middle of one question being asked by a reporter, the press secretary immediately interrupts him and advises the media in attention that a new video of the storms capability has just been reviewed and released by NOAA. With the current technology at this time still able to operate at full capacity, the video was quickly displayed on a projector screen behind the press secretary, and in front of the White House seal. After the press secretary gave the clue to dim the lights in the room, the video was played on the screen for all media and television viewers to see and hear. The video lasted about one minute or so and every sound of the incoming storm could be heard through the microphone of the video being recorded by the thirteen year old Chinese boy. As the people continue to watch the video, near the end of the recording a quick five second view of the incoming storm, even though it was nightfall over China, could be easily seen approaching. With no Chinese interpreter immediately available, everyone had to watch and listen the boy speak in his native language doing commentary.

In the last five seconds of the storm approaching with such speed and enormous sounds preceding it, the audience watching the recording all gasped and began to murmur amongst each other. Once the video ended the lights were returned to normal lighting in the room and an eerie silence fell upon all those present. The press secretary, and other government officials in the room, were stunned and struggled to speak after the video was shown. About one minute passed before the silence in the room was broken by the press secretary making a few comments about the video just shown. Unknown to the members in the White House, the video was also shown in Times Square on the all the jumbo-trons available. It wasn’t long until after the video was shown that civil unrest really exploded in New York City with NYPD trying to prepare themselves for the inevitable events to soon follow until the storm arrives. Almost immediately after the video was seen by several government officials from different countries around the world, the respective governments announced Martial Law and called up every available unit to enforce this emergency directive.

Sooner than expected President Black had to give the order to his Joint Chief’s to put all National Guard units on alert and when necessary deploy them in the streets to restore law and order. This definitely gave the president pause that he would have to act much sooner than expected, and in retrospect realized the twelve hours prior to the storm hitting the United States is simply not enough time to evacuate every major city. It was very soon to the American public, and to the world citizens, that the United States and every able nation was preparing as if they were about to engage in a full scale world war with military and police converging on the streets; restricting freedoms and enforcing curfews amongst its loyal citizens. A good portion of the problems were at all major international airports, where many passengers wanted to either leave or head home to be with family and friends. Although many flights are still in use between Europe and North America, several of them were fully booked and no flights would be approved when the storm was at least two hours away from hitting the area. This of course caused many families to embrace the storm in separate areas of the world, apart, and brought many to the realization that the human society has reached its limit of existence.

At this point in the earth’s history, which would be viewed for the last time by millions of people, mainland China was being destroyed and torn apart by this storm passing over. It was unclear whether the Chinese government was able to evacuate in time and still be in position to govern the nation from its secondary positions and bunkers. No one would ever know about other nations already impacted by this storm, but that would not be of concern as it is now to the point where everyone has to lookout for themselves. Crimes across that countries in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other NATO allies have spiked to the point where many criminals are being dealt with by other citizens with the use of deadly force or other forms of vigilante justice where the government forces are not visible. Gun violence has erupted in almost every major city across the respective countries, which has involved many citizens and groups in fighting a mini civil or revolutionary war statuses fighting for survival in major human needs.


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Next on “Digital Realm” – A conflict in the Middle East is prepared to erupt; the United States Constitution is shredded.


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