(Reading Rating: Mature Audience)

Plot Line: United States begins to face a domestic issues hours prior to the storm striking; civil unrest and chaos begins to spread around the world; religious organization see spikes in enrollment.

December 31, 2099 @ 11:00hrs (EST)

The local news media in Chicago, with the mayor and his cabinet watching, starts to report on violent protest and civil unrest in certain challenged areas of the city.  As the mayor looks on at his beloved city slowly descending into anarchy, he immediately orders all police officers throughout the city to use any measure necessary to squelch the violence.  City governments in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Seattle follow suit by deploying police in riot gear all over their cities.  Army National Guard units in Arizona, Illinois, Washington and California are put on high alert in case the local law enforcement agencies can’t handle the task.  The mayor of New York City is fully aware of what is happening in other major cities and decides to take a proactive role by increasing police presence.  President Black is made aware of the civil unrest and violent protest in some of the major cities, but is very relieved to find out that Washington, D.C. has not fallen into chaos.  Majority of the cities in the east have had their respective governments take the proactive approach by increasing police presence, but not infringing on the rights of the citizens.

While the president is still flying back from his vacationing zone in Hawaii, the Blackout Storm, has now reached the borders of China and the neighboring regions.  The air raid alarms sounded throughout Beijing, Honk Kong, Taiwan and Perth, Australia.  As the storm rolls in above the affected areas, the sound of the storm was immediately deafening, causing many residents and citizens to cover their ears with anything possible, including their hands, to mute the sound.  Beijing International Airport, did not recall all of their planes in time and lost thousands of people and hundreds of jetliners within seconds of the lightning and winds hitting the area.  The air traffic control tower, which was under renovation, begins to crumble with people and employees still inside.  Evacuation was ordered earlier, but the essential employees inside the tower could not evacuate until all passenger jetliners were grounded, turned around, secured and unloaded with passengers.  Many employees and citizens at the airport were able to evacuate to lower ground, but the air traffic control tower finally exploded with two fully fueled tanker trucks, that were lifted and tossed through the air by the massive winds, struck the building.  Once the tower exploded and walls of fire brought down the structure, the winds just tossed the engulfed objects in disregard.

Mass panic through the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing was uncontrollable and lead to numerous people being stampeded to death, or being killed by panic drivers not carefully maneuvering their vehicles.  As thousands of people began to run through the middle of the city streets and playing dodge ball with half ton vehicles, one tourist was killed when she was crushed by two trucks colliding into each other front to rear.  Millions of people through the Beijing and Shanghai corridor were trapped by the destructive lightning and winds coming from all directions through the mountainous regions, that many of them took shelter in place, whether in vehicles, above ground or in caves.  Those that took shelter inside vehicles and above ground, with no protective shelter above, were easily swept up into the air and just became objects for the storm to discard like trash.  However, one thirteen year old Chinese boy, just outside of Beijing, was witnessing this storm coming through the heartland of the country towards his town, threatening everything he knows and what his family have worked for.  Watching the storm speeding towards him had him in a transfixed state, where a coke bottle, glass, struck him in the forehead to break his hypnosis.

It was at that point the boy realized what had just happened and that getting this storm on video would be wonderful.  As the storm moves in closer to his town, lose garbage and household items, along with dust and dirt, began to swirl around him, with some of the small grains of sand hitting him directly in the face and eyes.  Just as he was pulling out his cell phone, which was a gift from his father, who was working in Beijing during this weather cell, dirt and dust and sand got him in the eyes.  The boy let out a scream, which his mother heard and ran over to him to bring him inside the house.  When the mother asked her son what was wrong, he explained that the dirt, dust flew into his eyes and felt like shards of glass penetrating his eye sockets.  He further explained to her that he was standing outside to take video of the storm coming with his new phone that his father got him for this birthday.  While the winds hit the exterior walls of the house causing it to rock, and the dirt and dust striking the same walls sounding like nails on a chalkboard, the mother looks at the boy’s cell phone that was sitting on the kitchen table.  She finishes cleaning out his eyes, but his vision is blurry at best right now and he still wants to record the storm coming.

Even with his mother strongly urging him, even yelling at him in sign and verbal language, he still wants to record it.  Seeing that she will not break her sons will and courage to face the storm head on, she finds and hands him swimming goggles to put on to protect his eyes from further damage.  The mother dust of his phone and hands it back to him and deeply tells him to rush back inside for safety once he gets record of it.  The boy smiles and runs outside with his swimming goggles and his trusty cell phone.  Almost immediately, after stepping outside, heavy dust and dirt flying through the air strikes his whole body.  His mother stands at the front door, but she remains on the side part of the door frame closely watching her son and will run out to him immediately if she needs too.  The winds coming down on the town is getting stronger by the minute, and much louder, but due to his hearing challenges, the sound doesn’t bother him.  Her son struggles to gather his balance as the dirt and dust pounds his body.  After a minute of struggling, he finally gets his balance and turns on his camera, recording the incoming storm, which was unlike anything he has ever seen.

Thirty seconds after he started recording the incoming storm, looking through his camera phone, he could see an object flying towards him, but couldn’t see what it was.  With the storm creating confusion, setting off fires in the city, which is creating a backdrop for the storm, the object flying towards him is soon revealed.  The boy witnessed a human body land in front of him with such hard force on the ground that blood and flesh splattered on his pants and lower portion of his shirt.  His mother came running out to see what it was herself and both started screaming when they discovered it was her husband, his father mangled body.  They were able to identify him through the necktie his son made for him for Father’s Day.  Within the next thirty seconds, the boy knew that he needed to share this video before it was too late.  He quickly accessed the internet and, with a little luck he was able to find a signal for about ten seconds, and send the video out on the web.  Almost immediately after he sent the video, the storm was on top of them and they were soon struck by lightning at the same time being swept in the air by the very strong winds.

As millions of people in China and Australia frantically try to find cover, thousands of people are being struck by lightning each second the storm is passing through.  Back in the United States the Joint Chiefs of Staff send out alerts to all military forces around the world, at the same time the state department wires security and evacuation orders to all American Embassies in numerous countries.  President Black is forwarded the information from one of the secret service agents about what the state department and the Joint Chiefs’ ordered.  Included in that information that he received, he is saddened to know that the American Embassy in Beijing has been lost, along with millions of people lives.  Although the evacuation order was given, it was too late for thousands of employees, American, foreign and government officials, to leave and had no choice but to huddle in place.  With the powerful of the storm still spreading through globe, no man-made structure will be able to with stand the force and massive strength that this storm is providing.  As the storm grows through the atmosphere, the electromagnetic pulse field is expanding miles and miles prelude to the storm approaching.  Cities like Bangkok and Kuala Lampur are struck with an EMP, which shuts down all electrical equipment and sending the society back to the Stone Age.  This would now be the new way to know when the storm is soon to hit.

As the impending storm continues to gain strength while creeping across the globe, many religious organizations and groups recorded spike in membership.  The most staggering increases were inside the religious realm of Christianity and Catholism, with increase in Muslim at a close third.  Within the Bible Belt of the United States, hundreds of churches, prodimently  black, saw spikes up to at least 75% within the last 24 hours.  Many religious leaders, including television evangelist, were recorded and interviewed making statements that the times and days we are in are quoted “The Last Days”.  It was repeated through out the religious community that God sworn not to destroy the earth by water, but to punish mankind with fire and hell from above.  On top of the heavy hearts and panic impulse within society, this sparked many atheist and anti-government protest in the streets not only across America, but within the many borders of Europe.  In some places some people had to be turned around from church doors temporarily only because during New Year’s Eve services, churches were not trying to violate the Fire Marshal code to the maximum attendance allowed.  Lines invaded the sidewalks from many local religious institutions, where police had to be recruited for security and to make sure those trying to receive the word of God were not turned away prematurely.

The constant uncertainty that lumes over the future of the world, continues to overwhelm the churches and synagogues in all parts of the city, that many public schools had to be transformed into a place of worship being held in cafeterias and auditoriums.  This was the only time that many people could remember that everyone of different religious and culture backgrounds didn’t clash, and that racial divide was basically diminished.  This kind of unity was very much excepted in some areas of the country, and parts of the world, but in other locations it was considered that this type of camaraderie is too little too late.


(Next Blogsode – December 15, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – Worse fears are felt when Antarctica is affected by the global storm cell; Canada is feels the effects of the storm on its northern border; the video that the thirteen year old boy recorded is viewed by millions.


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