(Read Rating: Mature Audience)

Plot Line – The Korean Peninsula creates a problem that President Black tries to stop; with the electric storm growing, more communications are disrupted.

December 31, 2099 @ 1000hrs (EST)

The Blackout Storm has now reached its new victims that will experience terror beyond belief, and much worse than those that went through it just thirty minutes ago.  Pyongyang, North Korea is one of those cities that is next on the storm’s radar, which through propaganda and governmental brainwashing, placed blame of this global destruction on the United States, the imperialist.  The government leaders of the communist state, knowing that the storm is heading their way, use this propaganda material to enrage their country to a preemptive attack on South Korea and the American forces stationed there.  However, that desire to reign terror and death on the South Korean peninsula, died itself after a few rockets were launched once again.  The lightning strikes that were raining down on the citizens below, struck the rising missiles in mid-flight, which caused them to explode in the South Korean airspace.  Although the missiles launched did not reach the city of Seoul, the military commanders in the region prompted for a retaliation strike, but they too were ceased by the raging storm overhead.

Just before the satellite communications went down and all primitive and sophisticated technology went back to the Stone Age, an immediate alert to all military channels that the North Korean’s launched an attack.  Naval vessels, on both sides including the American warships, fought fiercely causing each other great damage, but neither one was sunk by an enemy warship.  This sudden ignition of the Korean War, that never officially ended, sparked dramatic news coverage from around the world.  The president of the United States was relayed this information while on Air Force One in the high altitudes over earth’s surface.  Still not completely understanding the complexity, but also simple, conformity of this storm, President Black orders all military bases and forces in the Asian and European theatres to be on high alert.  He attempts to contact the South Korean and North Korean governments to stop the senseless and unprovoked shelling of each other, but he is quickly met with extreme silence on his side of the phone.  Obviously, this worried him to the point he felt nauseas in his stomach, which nearly flared up his ulcers he was diagnosed just before he took the presidency.  President Black then sent out an order for the defense department to reach the commanding general of the united forces, but that was too unsuccessful.

Unable to get in contact with any his forces, including his self-pointed commanders in the region, he starts to get unsettled about the notion, but he remains his calm and cool demeanor.  Just as he is trying to compose insides from overloading his heart with tension and nervousness, he receives a call from NOAA.  After he receives the news from the weather monitors that the Korean peninsula has been hit by the storm, he sits down and leans back in his chair closing his eyes.  Once off the phone he looks into his eyes of his daughter and notices that she is watching him and how he reacts to bad news relayed to him.  His wife, in another part of the plane, looks and sees them two looking at each other and immediately walks over to grab her daughters hand and take her to the rear of the plane.  She looks at her husband, who looks exhausted, and gives him a smile along with a gentle touch to his face that seemed to calm his nerves. 

The full body of the storm has now reached the region and has unleashed the new meaning of horror on the unprepared people below.  Lightning strikes have no emotion and no discretion on what they strike and how many times they strike in one area.  Most of the military and high sensitive equipment was destroyed and demolished into thousands of pieces.  Anyone that did not get swept up into the winds of the storm, was either killed or seriously injured by the lightning strikes or, if fortunate, able to hide into underground bunkers.  Water flowing in from the oceans and lakes in its path were not as harmful and destructive as it was on the islands previously, but continued to cause mass floods and taking helpless victims with it.  To most people, especially religious groups around the world, this unforgiving storm was God’s way of cleansing the evilness that has infected the world.  The real answer to that would be within the dark, hellish clouds above, but the only humans to see it are now missing and potentially dead to never be seen again. 

As the storm grows in strength and size, more communications hours before the storm was to hit was being affected.  Any passenger jetliner that did not land at an airport fast enough was another easy victim to the storm and its growing electromagnetic pulse shield.  Every plane that flew into the unsuspected force field was forced out of the sky and landed on the ground or in a body of water, which ended up their permanent, unmarked grave.  The Gaza region exploded once again into violence as the storm creped in closer and closer to the Middle East.  No one had the idea that this storm would bring about numerous violence preceding the storm, but to restore law and order in those broken societies would be a task deemed impossible.  As the electromagnetic pulse grows from the storm’s strength and fast growing pace, all communications and electronics in Perth, Australia, Shanghai, China and Hong Kong fry and go down without warning.  When the all the major metropolis cities and areas went down due to the EMP, that immediately sparked chaos and fears through the hearts of the people.  This event, of course, made people believe that the storm was overhead and ready to rain down the Angel of Death.

Cities like Shanghai and Perth sounded off their air raid alarms to let everyone know of impending danger from the storm, which hasn’t landed yet.  However, in the long run this would be very beneficial to those societies who will already be in hiding when the storm does strike.  President Black was told about this new development of cities and towns going down with a large EMP being distributed to areas prior to the storm landing.  With this new development on the horizon now, the president continues to sit back and look out the window to the God formed clouds below the belly of the plane and wonder what will come next out of this situation that can create more stress for the most powerful man in the world.  This new global threat, that can’t be fought with military forces, makes the world leader look helpless and weak.  To retrieve the status of the most trusted world politician, seems out of reach and not obtainable anymore.


(Next Blogsode – December 8, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – President Black changes his focus on the nation that elected him into office; civil unrest and chaos increases in cities across America; and religious organizations see a spike in membership and prayer request.


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