(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot Line: President Black flies back to Washington, D.C.; FAA breaks the silence about the number of planes missing; and Russian president speaks to President Black.

December 31, 2099 @ 09:15hrs (EST)

President Black, his wife and his daughter begin to pack up their clothes and other personal items to fly back to Washington, D.C. Since the president is on the western edge of the Hawaii Islands, his family will need to board a naval helicopter and then take a flight to the Honolulu airport. While President Black is out in the hallway speaking with one of his agents on his security staff, his daughter tugs him on the pant leg to get his attention. He looks down and he can immediately see, in her young beautiful eyes, that she knows something is wrong and she wants to be near him for comfort. Throughout the entire situation, which he has not transferred his concern to her, he wants to keep her somewhat in the dark to not scare her sweet soul. He reaches down and picks her up by her underarms and rests her body weight on his hip to bring her to eye level. President Black kisses her forehead and brushes away her hair from her face using his hand, so he can better look at her and get a better sense of her emotions.

The secret service agent is asked to leave, while President Black takes her into his bedroom where his wife is near the end of packing up their clothes. They look at each other with pause and which brings a smile to their faces as if they were sharing thoughts, verbally. It was at that point a knock on the door frame behind President Black disturbed their quick intimate moment. President Black turns around, still with his daughter in his arms, and receives the word that everything is ready for them to leave. Within minutes President Black and his family make their way out of the bungalow, which they didn’t know will be the last time, and walk towards the naval helicopter with its blades already whirling. Winds are still high from the blackout storm, but knowing that the country needs their leader to be reachable, the consensus was to risk it and get him out of Hawaii as soon as possible. Just as the president was boarding the helicopter, he receives a call on his satellite phone from the FAA. It was at that moment that his expression showed heart-breaking news he was receiving, which he later shared with his wife. It was already gut-wrenching knowing that two passenger jetliners were missing, but to know that many more have disappeared off the radar was almost too much to bare.

NOAA was receiving this information at the same time and the amount of jetliners missing was too much handle. Approximately, 17 passenger jetliners, from several different airliners from around the world, went missing by just disappearing off the radar. Of course, with news this enormous it was released to the public, and almost immediately after it was announced, emotions ran at such a high volume that more unrest sparked from it. Especially, in China where they lost about three passenger jets over the Pacific Ocean, which at least one of them had members of a major Chinese company that played a major part in the export and import of the country. One news agency, located in New York City, accidently released the names of the jetliners and where they were flying from prematurely that all those airports, which were either the beginning point or ending point, had to deal with extremely emotional families causing a scene.

International News Network crews were at an airport in Detroit and was able to send a live feed of the chaos, involving airport security and police, to their anchors stationed in Washington, D.C. More families and friends of those on the missing plane, in Los Angeles and Toronto, also started aggressively asking questions about their love ones missing, and was the storm in the Pacific to blame. Further into the news cast, the director of the Federal Aviation Administration, announced immediately that all air traffic destined to fly over the Pacific Ocean, in either direction, will be cancelled, delayed or grounded. Of course, that sparked massive amounts of questioning from the reporters and colleagues alike to know what will be done with flights already in transit. Majority of the flights were called back to either to where they took off from or conduct an emergency landing at an airport nearby. During the middle of this live ‘special report’, citizens in Darwin, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, in Australia, are the hit by the Blackout Storm.

Soon as it was discovered that the storm has hit the next set of victim cities, it was scrolled along the bottom of the news feed of the FAA director speaking to the media. However, this didn’t calm any nerves as to what was happening in Asia and the South Pacific, but chaos began to spread before the storm was even near. By 09:45hrs, President Black, his family and members of his security staff were already aboard Air Force One in transit back to the United States. Taxing down the runway and eventually taking off in high crosswinds did cause Air Force One to swing back and forth during take-off, and it was difficult to climb to a safe altitude. Prior to leaving Honolulu, most of the news circuit, from the United States and other cooperating news agencies from around the world were recording the president and his family boarding Air Force One. One of the viewers watching the president boarding Air Force One was the Russian president, who has been watching the news very carefully about this incoming storm and how President Black will respond to the global threat. As he could see President Black was on his way back to the White House, and that calling him in mid-flight on Air Force One would be the best time to get him alone.

SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Mr. President? I have the Russian president on the phone. He wants to talk to you about the global threat we face.

PRESIDENT BLACK: President Glouchkov! (In a pretend cheerful voice.)

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: President Black, I’m calling to talk to you about this massive weather system that has already claimed nearly twenty-five percent of my country to the east.

PRESIDENT BLACK: I’m sorry to hear that President Glouchkov, but the way this system is and how destructive it seems to be, there isn’t much that any us can do except just pray and hope for the best.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: Have you made plans to protect your country? It would seem that the west will be hit last.

PRESIDENT BLACK: We have made plans and are implementing those plans as we speak.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: Good. I’m assuming the summit scheduled for next week is cancelled?

PRESIDENT BLACK: Well, we can’t assume that just yet, but we will get to that point when it comes. We’ll have to let the storm pass and decide what will happen next.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: You must not understand the power of this storm. It started in the Pacific Ocean and has already claimed most of Australia and all of the islands located in that part of the world.

PRESIDENT BLACK: So are you assuming that this storm will wipe the world out and civilization will cease to exist? That’s a little premature thinking isn’t it?

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: Mr. President, the ocean is warming, sea life is dying, tornados in the hundreds are appearing, lightning strikes are worse than we have ever seen in this world and hundreds of passenger jetliners are missing and will probably never hear from again.

PRESIDENT BLACK: (Sighs.) Yes President Glouchkov. You are exactly right about everything. I know everything about the storm and what is going on, but I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about this whole thing.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: I admire your optimism Mr. President, but unfortunately that will not carry us through this global crisis. I know you are flying back to the White House where the American people need you. Good luck Mr. President. God permitted I will see you soon!

PRESIDENT BLACK: Yes my friend. I’ll see you soon.

Almost immediately after President Black finished his phone conversation with the Russian president, he turned to his wife and the head secret service agent of his detail, with slight confusion. He was standing during the conversation, but to get his thoughts together and to speak through his thoughts he sat down in his normal chair. For just a quick minute he was wondering why President Glouchkov was concerned about his country preparing for the Blackout Storm instead of protecting his own people. Unfortunately, for him that idea would never come to light and that would soon escape him to where his energy is needed the most.


(Next Blogsode – December 1, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – The Korean Peninsula creates a problem that President Black tries to stop; with the electric storm growing, more communications are disrupted.


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