(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: President Black is made aware of the missing weather plane, which adds stress to the situation already deteriorating; the international community now plays with the idea of human society dissolving.

December 31, 2099 @ 08:30hrs (EST)

With the United States government best efforts to record and report this gigantic storm cell swirling over the sovereignty lands in the Pacific region, the weather plane that was assigned to complete this mission had disappeared off radar. The bright light and terrifying scene that the crew experienced when they broke through the dark heavy cloud wall, would not be relayed to anyone back on the ground. Almost immediately, after the plane suddenly dropped off the radar, the word of the missing crew was forwarded to the president in an urgent message. Soon after receiving this message from a secret service agent, he told his wife and within minutes his thought process of the next step was stumped.

During this time of depression, Adelaide and Broken Hill, along with other cities and towns of the same time zone, were swallowed up by this raging storm that seemed unstoppable. This time the storm striking land brought winds to near five hundred miles per hour, and unmeasurable towers of water splashing on the residents below, destroying all manmade structures that were ever built by sacrificing hands. Any small town that held a minor population to those of their big town neighbors, lost all evidence of people ever-living there. The most terrifying sight for most was this storm sweeping down on them during the midnight darkness, and unable to really see it coming. Although the constant strikes of lightning hitting the ground and all those beneath it, the dark cloud, that was blacker than the night sky, was terrifying enough.

Once President Black was able to pull himself out of his temporary depressed state, he believed he has figured out the next step in his duty. Although being the most powerful man in the world with duties to include protecting the global community from tyranny reigning, he knows he has to be more concerned about the American people and their ultimate safety. Right now, this storm raging and making its way across the globe would be the tyranny that the world would be afraid of, but have no conventional way of fighting it to cease destruction and death. The previous live television feed that was broadcasted from Sydney, struck the human race directly in the heart, which would soon turn to worldwide panic. This idea has, however, not escaped the mind of President Black, which definitely arrowed towards the society that he was sworn to protect and guide.

With this concern, with a little fear, occupying his heart and mind, he soon made a satellite video feed to his Joint Chief’s and his White House staff about what steps are to be followed next. While on the video conference call, he laid out the next steps to hopefully avoid civil unrest spreading coast to coast, and that his arrival back to Washington, D.C. will be made very shortly. The shadows of World War III definitely started to creep back into the minds of the world, which feared that death of that magnitude would repeat and boil over like water on a stove. Unfortunately, that lawless and anarchist ideal was too late for the citizens of Australia as they would be one of the first nations on the planet to face such inevitability. City of Perth, Australia, which is located on the west coast of the country, suffered greatly in this panic, which alerted the state government to announce state of emergency. With civil unrest sparking in this portion of the world, including Indonesia, death and human destruction was preceding the storm.

The conversation with his Joint Chief’s was intense and scary, but it was something that needed to be done in advance of this satanic weather approaching.

PRESIDENT BLACK: If you haven’t heard already we have lost all contact with a weather plane, which was sponsored by NOAA, over the Pacific somewhere between here and Australia.

VICE PRESIDENT: Jeez. So that is two passenger jets, one weather plane and one nuclear submarine that has vanished from the face of the earth!

ARMY GENERAL: Mr. President, I urge that you take steps right now to combat any domestic threat this may impose.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What do you have in mind, general?

ARMY GENERAL: It will be inevitable as this storm moves closer to our shore, that the public will become restless and respond with unrest and violence on our streets.

PRESIDENT BLACK: (Pauses for a minute.) Have the state governments put their National Guard units on ready status and start making preparations for situations to come. I want to avoid mass panic as much as possible and keep it to a minimum right now. I will be giving a speech to the American public and give them hope that we are on top of this.

ADMIRAL: Should we have all of our naval ships and equipment pulled on shore? I have already given word to other commanders around the globe to find a secure location and anchor down until further notice.

PRESIDENT BLACK: That’s fine Admiral. Any allied nation that is willing to accept our ships docking at their stations, whether civilian or militarily, would be greatly appreciative. Also have the Pacific Fleet moved from Pearl Harbor and further inland in California, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. I don’t want them getting lost and forgotten in the vast sea.

AIR FORCE GENERAL: Mr. President, I would recommend that we ground all of our patrol, aircrafts around the world, except for those at home. We don’t want to leave ourselves exposed to any enemy that may try to use this global system to their benefit.

PRESIDENT BLACK: As you said, general, we don’t want to leave ourselves exposed to our enemies. As the storm grows further west, only ground the fighter jets and lock down bases that are within one hour of the storm hitting. Any allied nation willing to accommodate our aircrafts will be greatly appreciative.

CHIEF OF STAFF: Mr. President, I urge that you cut your vacation short and come back home. You don’t want the American people getting the wrong idea of their elected leader not in Washington.

PRESIDENT BLACK: I’m fully aware of what the public can perceive with me not there or en-route back to Washington. Keep the public at bay that I am fine and that as soon as the weather calms down enough I will be coming back to the White House as soon as possible.

CHIEF OF STAFF: Yes sir. See you soon!

December 31, 2099 @ 08:45hrs (EST) – Bethesda, Maryland

James and Jeremy, this morning, had an interesting conversation at breakfast about the incoming global weather system, and about their relationship with Michelle. Once they arrived back at the office where all the intense operation is happening to gain an advantage over the fast-moving death storm, both could see Michelle working hard as if she was herself once again. Both men stood in the doorway, with Jeremy holding the door open, watching Michelle and the crew intensely working. After taking the scene in of what they were observing, Jeremy and James enter further into the office to join the collaboration. To their amazement nothing was gained from them being gone, nor was anything taken away. When the moment came Jeremy was able to pull aside Michelle and take her outside of the office door. James, while in the middle of his travels throughout the office, witnessed both of them leaving the office and closing the door.

JEREMY TIMMS: How are you feeling?

MICHELLE WHITE: I feel good. Better. It was a mistake to not eat before coming in this morning. Sometimes I must have a harsh reality of my situation.

JEREMY TIMMS: You got me worried when I saw you on the floor. I didn’t know what happened. You should’ve told me that you had low blood sugar.

MICHELLE WHITE: Should’ve told you? Last time I checked we have nothing going on that would constitute me having to tell you about my medical history.

JEREMY TIMMS: Regardless. I care about you a lot and when you don’t take care of yourself and you end up on the floor without anyone knowing, it makes it my business. Definitely if we are going to be working together on this storm that’s sweeping the globe.

MICHELLE WHITE: (Sighs) you know what Jeremy? Does this have anything to do with what we talked about before? Your feelings toward me?

JEREMY TIMMS: You know how I feel about you. I had to act surprised to see you earlier this morning so James wouldn’t know, but somehow he knows. I guess me freaking out about him going through your purse was enough evidence. However, I need you to be at the top of your game during this crisis. We can’t be having people fallout mysteriously when we need things done. Can you understand that?

MICHELLE WHITE: Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Just make sure you do your job and I will do mine. As long as we keep it that way, we won’t have to have this kind of conversation. I care about you a lot Jeremy, but like before you need to keep your emotions in check. That’s what got me transferred to headquarters months back. I had to fight and tell the executives that there is nothing going on with another employee and that he’s just living out some fantasy of his. I’m surprised you didn’t hear anything about that.

JEREMY TIMMS: That would explain why James knew. I was afraid to ask him earlier of how he known expecting it would come to light when it does. Look, I’m sorry about reacting the way I did, but I don’t want to see you get hurt. I’m also happy to see you once again. Working opposite shifts I only get to actually see you in passing. Working with you is like a treat for me under these bizarre circumstances.

MICHELLE WHITE: I’m happy to see you too, but we have to concentrate on what is needed right now. Our focus is on saving mankind from certain death and that is what’s needed at this point. Putting aside our emotional attachment is necessary and getting this mission completed. If time permits we can touch on this later.

With the end of the conversation hitting a sudden point, Michelle walks away leaving Jeremy standing there watching the back of her moving down the hall. Jeremy gathers his thoughts and replays the conversation in his head numerous times trying to make his heart catch up to his thoughts of knowing that she is right. While waiting for this happen, he hears reports on the television posted on the wall in one of the waiting room, of more missing planes and communications in the Far East being severed. He turns around and moves closer to the television as if seeing the footage better up close would make him hear things clearer. After being in front of the television, he starts to concentrate hard on what is being said as they replayed the recorded moment of the INN news reporter being thrashed around in Sydney. The sight of this shocked him and his attention quickly grew to the background of the scene before the video footage was cut off suddenly.

In the background, before the footage was removed, he noticed the buildings crumbling like paper and people flying through the air like leaves. Obviously, this was not something that people around the world wanted or needed to see, but nevertheless it was real. As the news went on to other stories, especially about two more planes being reported missing, his heart felt like it was weighed with grief and anxiety. He began thinking to himself that he has to figure out what this storm is doing and could it be gaining strength as it moves along. Even with the recorded footage of the live broadcasting, he still didn’t see the storm as it is and what it looks like. All he knows is that the weather system is carrying strong winds and heavy power with enough force to make buildings and structures crumble with no effort. With this in mind he starts to make his way back to the office to share the information with his colleagues, but when he entered through the door he saw them all watching the news broadcast from another station.

December 31, 2099 @ 09:00hrs (EST)

Meanwhile, as the entire NOAA organization, along with the federal government, try to make sense of this storm that they understand little about, Brisbane, Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby and other Russian regions and towns are now under severe attack. The storm, which is now being dubbed “The Blackout Storm” by several news media and other weather experts, has hit these areas with tremendous amounts of force. Destruction and deaths skyrocketed like nothing ever before, and the police and military forces in the affected areas can do very little against this enemy, who can’t be stopped with even the strongest and highest military grade weapons. This area of the world affected and devastated the low-line populations, the poor, with such unforgiveness that those settlements would cease to exist. World history, millions and millions of years, was being wiped clean from the planet and this time it would appear that no salvage operation could put back together what was lost. Debris and mangled up bodies and body parts were being flung through the air and, if landed, would come to rest hundreds of miles away where linking the DNA would be impossible.

In the town of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, a neighborhood market, owned by a family for generations, was in danger of being no more. Word did get back to them about this storm cell coming and sweeping the globe, but they began to think that other villagers and natives were embellishing the storm’s evil presence. The next event that happened would probably invade that thinking and cause them to call a truce on being naive. It was a family tradition to remain open late into the night the same week of New Year’s Day, so all the villagers and tourist could buy last-minute items for the impending celebration. During their late operation, the owners, a wife and husband, were in the back of the market organizing their sales for the day when they heard a loud and devastating crash in the main market area. They both looked at each other as if the other person would know what is happening before they went out to check it. The first thought of the husband was that he figured looters came into his store to steal things because they figured it was the end of days and prosecution was unlikely to happen.

When the husband came around to the front of the market, he saw a hole in the wooden roof, about ten feet in diameter, and things on the shelf, that was directly under the hole, skewed all over the floor. His wooden shelf, which he made from using his bare hands, was broken into several large pieces with coconut juices and sauces stained all over them. He yelled back to his wife, who came out cautiously, and saw the damage. She peeped up into the roof and saw the large hole now a permanent tattoo on the market. The husband slowly made his way through the merchandise of cans and broken glass jars all over the floor towards the broken portions of the shelf. As he began to remove everything and tell her that several glass jars of their famous coconut sauce was lost, he removed one of the large splintered shelves and screamed at the top of his lungs. His wife, yelled to him with her hands on each side of her face, ran to comfort him and at the same time to see what he had seen although she was terrified to do so. When she made her way over the same merchandise he had to maneuver through, she saw the objects he was terrified of seeing. The wife also released a yell that was heard in the nearby huts, which summoned all of the villagers to race to protect and defend their beloved market owners.

The first set of villagers that arrived, some using flashlights and old lanterns, saw the terrifying faces of the owners who pointed at the sight. Other responding villagers arrived and all shared the same horrible sight of seeing two mangled, bloody human heads, upper torso of a human body and the bottom torso of an animal, which appeared to be from a dog. Just as the villagers and the owners were trying to make sense of it all, the winds started to whip up, blowing the dirt and sandy streets into the air where it was inhaled by some. It was at this point that the villagers and city dwellers alike knew what was coming and that the fate of survival was minimal at best, but the only way to salvage their souls was to come to the throne of the Almighty in praying for a place in the Heavens.


(Next Blogsode – November 24, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – The president of the United States makes his decision to fly back to Washington to guide the nation through this global ordeal; President Black and the Russian President talk about the future of the world; the FAA finally announces the true assessment of passenger flights missing.


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