“DIGITAL REALM” (Blogsode V)

Blogsode 5/12 – Season 1

(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: NOAA continues to struggle with breaking through the data blackout completely; a weather plane is sent out to gather data of the storm.

January 1, 2100 @ 00:00hrs (AEST) – Sydney, Australia

At the moment of eastern Australia entering into the 22nd century, it has just turned 08:00hrs, still December 31, 2099, on the eastern seaboard of the United States.  A global news agency, called the International News Network (INN) has, within the matter of an hour, now become the leader in breaking this news about the global weather cell blanketing the civilization above.  Just before the electric storm struck the island of Norfolk, the Australian government announced a state of emergency and activated their military forces, to work alongside the police bureaus, to safeguard the public.  The major problem that the government and news organizations, along with the celebrated drunk public, is that no one has an idea of what to expect from this impending storm.  Even when the last news reporter was killed on live television, in front of the entire world, still no one has seen this storm that is still alive.  With INN and other local news agencies gathering foot holes around the city of Sydney, to report on the high presence of police, military and party-going people, the strong winds from the incoming storm from the east start sweeping in.

The Royal Australian Navy still has ships posted out in the South Pacific just 400 miles out from the ports of Sydney.  Their primary job at the center of this incoming terror in the skies is to record the weather conditions and act as the precursor of how the Australian mainland will respond.  As the storm rolls in away from Norfolk Island, waves beneath the navy ships start flowing and roaring in ways that would nearly capsize them.  Just as the ocean waves start to gain height and strength, ponding on the sides of the ships, the amount of water penetrating over the sides, swept some of the men out into sea as if an arm came out of the sea and pulled them in.  In these conditions the ships are unable to escape the harsh reality and terror of what the raging seas are offering.  One captain tries to radio back to the mainland of what to expect when a piercing sound was heard that suddenly made him cut off his transmission.

The decibel of the sound, introducing itself before the storm was overhead, blew out eardrums of most men and caused immediate hearing damage, where some went completely deaf.  After the captain was rudely interrupted by the pending storm and trying to maintain his balance, while at the same time gather his mind around what is happening, a lightning strike is seen in the distance.  One shipmate was able to gain his balance against some of the equipment while looking out among the see with binoculars.  He spots another lightning strike and suddenly sees more and more in extreme quick session.  Astonished at what he just witnessed, he alerts his captain who then sounds the alarm for his men and other ships in the area to prepare for a collision.

Quicker than he realized the storm was on top of them with lightning strikes penetrating the seas around them, and close enough to burn out eyes of those not closing them or turning their heads.  As the storm sweeps east along the Pacific Ocean, the waves, which seemed to be the size of the Washington Monument, engulfed each naval ship stationed out from the Australian mainland.  Some of the naval ships literally split in half when waves bashed the once thought to be impenetrable outer layers.  When the damaged naval ships start taking on water, men are forced with a terrifying reality of either abandoning ship and risk your life in the harsh, hot spring like ocean or risk being trapped and drown in the fiery inferno once called a navy ship.  In the fear of being burned to death and drowning in mangled metal, most men jumped in the raging seas where some died instantly hitting the steaming surface and mutilating currents.

Military command, stationed just west and outside of Sydney, attempt numerous times to regain communication with any naval vessel stationed out in the Pacific.  After several minutes a debate arose to send an air reconnaissance plane to search and find their precious ships and hard working men.  By the time military heads agree on getting one out over the ocean to search for the missing naval vessels, the storm has now reached the shores of Sydney, Canberra, Honiara, which is northeastward of the Australian mainland, and the Solomon Islands.  All four locations were hit at one time, the same time, and no one could ever prepare of what was going to happen.  As the party-goers maintain foot holes in the streets throughout Sydney, winds suddenly struck and blew away anything that was not secured to the ground or heavy enough to only slide along the ground slowly.  The INN reporter, who was reporting from a location near the iconic symphony hall, could see the water, just several feet away, rock with vengeance and an attitude like a massive sea monster was ready to jump out and pounce.

The national awarded Australian reporter struggles to maintain her balance and stay in front of the cameraman, who is also seriously struggling with the bashing, relentless winds.  It would be another few minutes before the water, just feet away from her, would begin to thrash over the concrete barrier and sidewalks.  All the party-goers at this point didn’t take the storm seriously still until one person was struck with lightning, which radiated several more arms of devastating lightning to others.  This sight alone was enough for most people to now duck and run for cover, but that seek for shelter and safety would be useless at best.  While streaking over the skies across the Pacific Ocean, the storm had gained enormous strength and was now more deadly than it was while over Norfolk Island.  The general public in and around Sydney, and certain parts of the world, could see on live television of what the storm was offering to the Australians.  During one statement from the INN reporter, near the Sydney Symphony Hall, it was witnessed on live camera the roof flying off and being propelled into the sky never to be seen again.  Once the roof flew off and became a deadly weapon of the winds, the remaining structure of the hall just started to crumble like paper being shredded by millions of micro-teeth.

The main purpose of the military and police was to shuffle the public into safe areas where they could wait out the storm of terror.  However, that mission would go by the waist-side where the public safety and defense structures would quickly collapse.  Blood curling screams and the sight and sounds of people running ran terrifying chills through any still watching through the satellite feed.  By this time no words could be heard from the reporter, but the sight of her being swept up in the air and her body ripping apart was enough for others to see.  Seconds later the cameraman went flying through the air with satellite feed still live, and made others, who were still watching, physically sick from what they’ve witnessed and the sudden live feed being flipped around unable to know which was up and down.  The sound, which was captured by the microphone on the camera, was nearly ear piercing for those listening by television and radio.  Then the live feed went dead and only a snow screen was visible for all viewers.  High value structures and monuments located in other locations being struck by this most intense storm in global history are just being destroyed like Lego structures being crushed by toddler feet.  Waves and waves, as high as the highest building in the world, now pounds the shoreline of Australia and proceeds inland washing and wiping anything still standing and flooding underground storm shelters where most people hid.

December 31, 2099 @ 08:15hrs (EST) – Bethesda, Maryland

Back at the NOAA satellite office, Jeremy and Michelle, after working very hard on the data that they are able to collect, are not exactly sure why the storm isn’t moving eastward toward Hawaii and the continental United States.  At this point that knowledge becomes a moot point to the rest of the world as the last televised motion of the storm was seen by global viewers, and struck terror in the hearts.  The first city to report of civil unrest, due to the impending storm, was Tokyo, Japan, which became the world’s technology capital of the world years earlier.  As Jeremy and Michelle evolve themselves into this enigma, Jeremy’s cell phone rings from across the office.  He hears his phone ringing and rushes out of his chair and darts across the room to retrieve it from an empty desk.  He answers it seeing that it is his wife calling.

JEREMY TIMMS: Hi honey! What’s up?

MRS. TIMMS: Jeremy? I heard the news.  I’ve been watching and listening to the news all morning.  Jalisa has been asking me when is daddy coming home.  I don’t know exactly what to tell her.

JEREMY TIMMS: (Sighs.  Then walks outside the office for a more private conversation) I’m sorry honey, but I’m stuck here at work trying to figure this thing out.  I know I promised her breakfast with me, but I’m not going to be able to keep that promise with her.  That’s hard enough.

MRS. TIMMS: (Sighs in response to his statement) Can you tell me exactly what is going on?  I think I’m getting the watered down version of this storm sweeping across the Pacific.

JEREMY TIMMS: I don’t know how much I can tell you without getting in trouble, but basically (looking over his shoulder for anyone listening and lowers his voice) this storm is creating a data blackout across the entire atmosphere as it moves west. 

MRS. TIMMS: (Lowers her voice in response) Oh my God! Jeremy! How soon until that storm reaches here?

JEREMY TIMMS: It could be anywhere between 16 to 17 hours from now.  We can’t even obtain the seriousness of the storm, except what is being reported by the news.

MRS. TIMMS: Can we expect the same kind of destruction we saw on live television about twenty minutes ago?

JEREMY TIMMS: You saw what?!

MRS. TIMMS: Shit! Oh my God Jeremy! It was on live television.  A reporter in Sydney was near the opera house when the storm came in and pulled her into the air.  It looked like it just tore her apart.

JEREMY TIMMS: Fuck!  That was on live television? (Starts pacing the hallway) Where was it again?

MRS. TIMMS: Sydney, Australia.  Maybe a few seconds later the cameraman was swept up in it and then the satellite feed disappeared.

JEREMY TIMMS: Shit!  So this storm is moving pretty fast.  Listen, umm..if this storm reaches within twelve hours of reaching the coastline, I want you and Jalisa out of there and head into West Virginia. 

MRS. TIMMS: Will you meet us there or are we going together?

JEREMY TIMMS: I can only hope that I can meet you there if we can’t get a handle on this storm.  We haven’t even seen physical evidence of this storm, but from what we here things are getting worse out there.  Passenger planes are missing and I can only imagine what else.  I just want you and Jalisa to head out of there when the time is right.

MRS. TIMMS: I’ll start packing things this afternoon to get ready.  I’ll grab our emergency kit and bring it with us. (Pauses) I love you honey.

JEREMY TIMMS: I love you too sweetie.  Buh-bye!

For a few minutes after speaking to his wife, Jeremy leans up against the wall next to him and closes his eyes.  He stands there with thoughts of what is happening and what could happen, which brings slight worry for his family and friends around the area.  Jeremy finally starts to gain his thoughts back on his job and make his way back to the office.  He enters through the door and sees Michelle on the floor lying on her back.  The sight of Michelle on the floor stuns him at first and makes him stop cold in his tracks before breaking out of his staring trance to rush over to help her.  Someone on her crew, walking around some equipment, sees her on the floor and rushes over with Jeremy to check on her.  Both men start yelling her name to her as they check her pulse, which relieved great worry when they felt she still had one.  James, who was out getting breakfast from the basement cafeteria, comes back into the office and finds Jeremy and Rodney helping Michelle back into her leather chair.

JAMES GREEN: (Holding a closed Styrofoam tray) what the hell happen here!?

JEREMY TIMMS: I have no clue.  I just walked back in from outside and saw her on the floor.

JAMES GREEN: Where is her purse?

RODNEY JOHNSON: Over there by the mechanical room door.

JAMES GREEN: (Puts down his tray and walks over to grab her purse.  Brings her purse back over near them and starts going through it.)

JEREMY TIMMS: (Distracted from trying to get her attention when he hears James going through her purse.) What the hell are you doing?  You going through her purse?  What the hell are you looking for?

JAMES GREEN: (Stops and looks up at Jeremy with a non-emotional expression and pulls out Michelle’s glucose tablets.)  She suffers from low blood sugar, Jeremy.  Put this in her mouth and let it dissolve.  She will wake up and we monitor her.

JEREMY TIMMS: (Surprised that he would know that about Michelle and shows his confusion through his expression.)  I don’t know how you would know this, but I’ll do it.

After giving Michelle her glucose tablet, within a minute of it dissolving in her mouth she started to stir by moving her hands and giving out a slight moan.  A minute later, her eyes start opening up with her brain confused as to where she was and what had happened.  Jeremy takes a few steps toward her and says her name by following up with a question of how she is feeling.  Michelle finally answers with a groggy sounded voice and her body still relaxed in her leather chair.

MICHELLE WHITE: What happened?

JAMES GREEN: Your blood sugar was low.  You passed out and didn’t tell anyone that you didn’t eat this morning.  I have some pancakes and bacon in this container.  Eat it and I will go and find something else.  (Turns around and walks out the door.)

Jeremy turns and watches James walk out through the door.  He tells Rodney to make sure she eats and doesn’t pass out again.  He goes out the door and runs down the hall, cutting off the path of James heading back to the cafeteria.

JEREMY TIMMS: How did you know she suffers from being hypoglycemic?

JAMES GREEN: (Sighs heavily and looks at Jeremy in the eyes.) If you really must know, I used to be very close to her.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen her do that here and at home.  When she gets stressed out, she doesn’t eat and can easily allow her sugar levels to drop to deadly levels.

JEREMY TIMMS: (Looks at James with an expression as if he got the message between the lines.) The relationship between you and Michelle is probably none of my business, but things like that, so personal, should be relayed to me.

JAMES GREEN: Listen, Jeremy, if you want to have an affair with Michelle behind your wife’s back is your business.  Knowing the little things about her personal life is for you to find out. 

JEREMY TIMMS: Just to let you know nothing has started between her and I.  Also going through her purse like that in front of others looks a little suspicious in my book.

JAMES GREEN: Now you know about her medical condition, which is not something she likes to talk about.  Another thing is that right now we have a bigger fish to fry then worrying about how to get between her thighs.  Don’t let this cloud your judgment in doing your job to get ahead of this thing.  Now, if you don’t mind I’m hungry and need to get some food.  You wanna join me?

JEREMY TIMMS: (Looks at the door back to the office before looking at James and giving his answer.) Sure.  I’ll join you.

December 31, 2099 @ 08:30hrs (EST) – Somewhere over the Pacific

A weather plane, which was launched from Pearl Harbor, is on route towards the storm heading southwest towards Norfolk Island.  Just minutes into the flight, the crew began to experience heavy turbulence and digital instruments struggling to keep up. Just like the passenger plane, North American Airlines, which flew over the Bering Strait, the weather plane suddenly, hit heavy cloud cover and unnerving air pockets.  As the pilot, and the crew, pushed on through the cloud cover, electronics on board to read the storm and follow navigation went dead.  At this specific time, the pilot and co-pilot are forced to fly it manually, using red light to read navigational maps in the dark.  Without warning, the pilot and co-pilot come out of the heavy cloud cover and spot this massive black cloud, that is darker than night itself, reaching from the ocean surface to the highest of the atmosphere.  Quickly, one of the crew members takes a handheld camera and takes pictures of the storm as they approach.

With pure luck and jet streams at their back, the weather plane enters the black cloud not knowing what is behind the wall of the cloud.  Once through the thick, violent turbulent cloud wall, what they witness is something that they will not be allowed to relay to other humans on the ground.  A bright light, that of brighter than the sun, is shined directly at them blinding them and lighting up the entire cabin of the plane.  The screams of the crew were silenced when they opened up their terrified mouth in reaction to what they saw.  Weather data would not return from the satellite feeds of the plane, and the pilot and his crew would never be seen again.


(Next Blogsode (VI) – November 10, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – Australia suffers the worst natural disaster in history, more bad news reaches the president of the United States, which makes national security a top priority.


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