(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: The island of Norfolk is devastated by the enormous electric storm that continues to flow westward; NOAA begins to plot out possible timelines for the remaining areas to be covered by this data blackout.

January 1, 2100 @ 00:00hrs (NFT) Norfolk Island Time

The enormous electrical storm, known to NOAA as a data blackout, is continuing to make its way across the skies penetrating the celebratory moods of the islanders bringing in the New Year.  Norfolk Island, a territory of Australia and approximately 877 miles due east, will be no exception to this party pooper.  By this time the black clouds have risen higher into the atmosphere, to where no passenger airplane can safely fly above it and low enough where any aircraft attempting to maneuver through it would ultimately be committing suicide.  Back in the United States, it is still the beginning of the day and for most of Americans on the east coast they are getting caught up on the news that happened the night before.  It is about 07:30hrs and at this point most media outlets are reporting on the weather and what the forecast will be for the rest of the day and for the week.  This was the time that experts at NOAA, located in the Bethesda satellite office, were afraid of happening.  It was however an illusion to think that they could keep this from the public before they were ready too.  Obviously, now that the main media outlets and its affiliates are reporting on the weather, they have no choice but to report it and hope mass panic doesn’t settle in.

As NOAA attempts to jump in front of the media outlets to inform them of the blackout satellite feeds they are receiving, the islanders and tourist on Norfolk are starting to experience horror to no degree.  The winds that came upon the island, like several thousand wind tunnel fans blowing, just threw people around like gum wrappers being manipulated in the air by passing vehicles.  Building structures, old and new, are no match for the extreme high velocity winds and immediate blinding of the ferocious lightning strikes.  The sounds of thunder, that immediately follow the lightning strikes, are so loud and piercing that anyone still alive and suffering from this ordeal is immediately deaf and blind from the nuclear type brightness of the lightning.  One news reporter, from the mainland of Australia, is at the island.  The reporter was assigned to the island to report a story about the new millennium and what it means for the residences.  Majority of the viewers at home, such as people in Sydney, were suddenly shocked and surprised when things on television got mind-boggling.

Just before the news crew lost signal and went off the air for good, one anchor, who was sitting at his desk at the main station in Sydney, witnessed, along with millions of other viewers, a large brown object fly pass her head at a high rate of speed.  After the news reporter yelled out “OH MY GOD!” a human body was thrown towards the back of her striking her with such force that her head snapped back, as if they had witnessed it come off, and her hitting the cameraman.  While the media and rest of the world is blind to what is happening on Norfolk Island, for the first time tornados began to form and ravaged the landscape, creating tractor-trailer size potholes and their most precious native symbol, the pine, was no more.  Tremendous amounts of lightning strikes, which showed a ratio of about one every five seconds, sparked wildfires, structural fires and for some people they exploded on contact.  Others that were fortunate, not to explode, were struck by lightning and just went into severe convulsions that if witnessed, you would have thought the person had broken every bone in their body.

Majority of the islanders, who were listed under the island religious category as Christians, were one-hundred percent convinced that this raging, global wide storm was the prelude to the second coming of Jesus Christ.  This horrible, terror of the minds and soul planted seeds that God was angry at the world and that He has had enough of mankind.  The population of the island was just over one-thousand, but that number has now sunk to less than fifty and majority of those people were injured.  Meanwhile, in Sydney, the news station, that just witnessed one of their reporters get killed on live television, scramble in trying to make sense of it all.  Viewers continue to call in and nearly jam the phone lines for incoming and outbound calls.  Australians, who had relatives and friends on the island, frantically try to call them, but was met with either no one answering the phones or just the sound of white noise in their ear.  Unknown to the residences of Sydney they will face the same ferocious storm that their easterly neighbor just received and continue to receive.

December 31, 2099 @ 0735hrs (EST) – Washington, D.C.

As the morning progresses over the nation’s capital, the morning air is filled with unlikely humidity and made the morning traveler consume bottles of water, and make numerous pit stops before reaching their destination.  The NOAA headquarters, located in their new state of the art building in downtown, is trying to make sense of this data blackout.  With local and national media outlets calling in trying to confirm this data blackout theory, which keeps being broadcasted by the NOAA satellite office on the meteorologists’ electronic devices.  Some meteorologists were interrupted during their weather forecasting on live television to be given updated information about the storm in the Pacific and why, on all their satellite feeds, it shows a blackout of the map miles west and south of Hawaii.

While some of the less experienced meteorologist struggle in trying to make sense of this new incoming data, the senior meteorologist in the most popular and mainstream media outlets relayed the information to the public.  Within the hour radio stations began to interview meteorologist and asking detail questions to find out more about the data blackout.  Although at this time, no specific data has been collected, it is NOAA’s best guess that this is a massive storm that is pushing its way across the Pacific towards the Asian continent and the country of Australia.  As media outlets around the country start to gather more information from NOAA about this data blackout, Michael Watson is trying to make his way to his office in downtown.  Of course, on this day traffic is worse than it has ever been in recent years and with regularly scheduled programming on the radio and televisions is being interrupted, that raises slight curiosity in everyone everywhere.

While stuck in traffic and just entering the city, Michael picks up his cell phone from the passenger seat and calls James.

MICHAEL WATSON: Hello?! James?!


MICHAEL WATSON: Can you hear me? Any update?

JAMES GREEN: I can barely hear you.  Let me step outside for a minute. (He tells Michele and Jeremy that he will step outside to speak to Michael)

JAMES GREEN: (Once outside he continues his phone conversation) Michael can you hear me now?

MICHAEL WATSON: Yeah I can hear you.  Listen.  Any update on the data blackout?  I think the experts at the office have released the information to the media.  It’s all over the radio and probably all over the television.

JAMES GREEN: Were hearing the same information on our satellite radio in the office.  Where are you?

MICHAEL WATSON: (Trying to talk over car horns honking) I’m stuck in traffic and only a few blocks away from the office.  Traffic is at a standstill right now and I can’t see what’s happening.

JAMES GREEN: (Stays silent on the phone for a few seconds before continuing) I’m afraid this might be the beginning of a panic by the public of what is taking place over the Pacific. But…(gets interrupted when Michele runs out and calls in James to hear the satellite news)

He tells Michael to hold on and a rush back inside the building behind Michele and directs him to listen to the news reports.  She instructs Jeremy to turn up the volume so James can hear it clearly.

NEWS VOICE OVER: We have a Special News Report from the INN news desk in Brussels.  Here is Cindy Moore.

CINDY MOORE: Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.  I’m Cindy Moore reporting for International News Network.  We have a few reports to share with you that have just come over the wire within the last hour.  First I start with what weather experts are calling a data blackout over the Pacific Ocean.  It is believed that the blackout that has been showing up on satellite feeds throughout the world, focus over the Pacific Ocean, maybe a massive storm that stretches from the region of Siberia to the south as far as Wellington, New Zealand and beyond.  Experts say that this type of phenomenon has them spooked and confused about what is happening and that it is possibly the result of the massive global shift we’ve been experiencing for years.  International cooperation between several nations has been talked about to gain more information about this data blackout.  Our next topic is about two passenger airliners that have gone missing with one east of the Siberian region and the other somewhere over the Pacific between Hawaii and Australia.  Weather experts believe that that data blackout, which they highly suspect is a massive storm, could be to blame for the missing airliners.  Next on our list….(Jeremy turns down the volume and looks back at James)

JEREMY TIMMS: James?  What do we do now?  It’s all over the news and has already gone global.

JAMES GREEN: (Still hearing the news report in the background) I don’t know Jeremy.  I’ll be right back. (Steps back outside to finish the conversation with Michael)

MICHAEL WATSON: James?  I heard the news report.  This has really up the ante.

JAMES GREEN: Anything you want us to continue with?

MICHAEL WATSON: Keep doing what you are doing and what you can.  I trust in you and your staff to stay on top of this thing.  It’s not going to go away anytime soon.  I recommend you establish a schedule for you and your team so no one falls behind on this thing.

JAMES GREEN: We do have one update for you to share with others at the office that no one has reported on yet.

MICHAEL WATSON: What’s that?

JAMES GREEN: The data blackout is moving at a pace that whatever location hits midnight, the storm strikes.  I calculated that the storm will hit the eastern United States in less than 18 hours.

MICHAEL WATSON: Oh my God!! Shit!! You sure?

JAMES GREEN: Even though we still can’t maintain data collection on the storm itself, we were able to use a complicated formula to figure that out.  The water surface is rising and continuing to rise.  Dead fish is washing up shore in Hawaii and I’m sure in other places.  The president verified the dead fish scenario.

MICHAEL WATSON: Oh dear!! When I get to the office I will relay that information to my bosses.  Makes sure you are right and have the information to back it up.  Traffic is finally moving for now.  I’ll get in contact with you as soon as I can from the office.

JAMES GREEN: I’ll talk to you later Michael.

December 31, 2099 @ 01:50hrs (HAST) – Hawaii Presidential Vacationing Zone

President Black is standing in the living room, looking out the window watching the pine trees bend with the wind and nearly parallel to ground.  As he continues to watch the outskirts of this storm throw winds against the side of their bungalow, which sounds like boulders hitting the siding, his thoughts are interrupted by a phone call on the satellite phone.

SECRET SERVICE AGENT #1: Mr. President? I have a James Green on the line for you.

PRESIDENT BLACK: (Breaks his mental concentration and turns around to face the secret service agent.  Reaches for the phone and takes it from him.) Mr. Green.  I’m guessing you have updated news for me.

JAMES GREEN: Yes Mr. President.  We believe that the next cities to be hit by this storm will be Sydney, Canberra, Honiara and the Solomon Islands.  This is to happen at exactly midnight local time, 08:00hrs here in D.C. 

PRESIDENT BLACK: Oh my God!! How fast is this thing moving?  Can you tell me that besides that it will reach our shores in 18 hours?

JAMES GREEN: At this time Mr. President I can’t tell you anymore than that.  However, two passenger airliners have gone missing within the last hour.  That was reported several minutes ago by INN.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What?! No trace of them whatsoever?

JAMES GREEN: They are no traces of the airliners.  One was last known to be over Siberia and the other one between Australia and Hawaii.  It is best believed that the storm has something to do with the planes missing.

PRESIDENT BLACK: James? This definitely adds to the ante with a nuclear submarine missing as well.  I still can’t fly out of here yet due to the weather and crosswinds.  It’s too risky.  I will have to monitor from here for now.  Keep me posted and I want to know updates on what is happening.

JAMES GREEN: Yes Mr. President.  I’ll talk to you very soon.

James head back into the building and pulls Michelle and Jeremy to the side while others are working. 

JAMES GREEN: Jeremy? Michelle? I just got off the phone with the president and we have his full support in our efforts.  We need to work very hard in trying to get in front of this storm and warn others as it move along.

MICHELLE WHITE: How do you want us to proceed with that?

JAMES GREEN: Easy.  Contact the weather stations in Australia, Japan and South Korea for what might coming.  Things are getting expensive for information and knowledge of what is to come.  We need to find out what other areas are going to be hit and do our best warn people and hope they listen.  The world is counting on us.  Okay? Let’s get this done!!


(Next Blogsode V – November 3, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – More cities and areas have fallen victims to the storm, but conditions are worsening; the worst fears of this storm have come true; more lives are lost.


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