(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: NOAA struggles to gain the advantage of tracking the storm, more cities and islands are engulfed in the savagery of the storm and the United States Navy loses one of their nuclear powered ships.

December 31, 2099 @ 06:00hrs (EST) – NOAA Satellite Office

At this point the storm has gained strength and continues to move westward, which seems to be following the global time zones when they strike midnight.  As Jeremy and James try to make sense of the data coming in, the storm has already struck the Chatham Islands and is now striking the areas of Auckland, Suva, Wellington and Nukualofa.  No island in the path of this storm stands any kind of chance to survive the massive power this storm is packing.  Although Jeremy and James are now tracking this “data blackout” sweeping across the Pacific Ocean, they do not have any information or idea of the devastation being done in the storm’s path.  Being overwhelmed by the sheer information coming through the satellite office, James excuses himself and contacts the oncoming shift.

James checks the work schedule posted on the door inside the office and finds out who is to be the shift supervisor that morning.

MELISSA WHITE: (Phone rings and wakes her up) Hello?! (In a raspy voice)

JAMES GREEN: Melissa?! This is James Green.  I need you and your staff to come in right away.

MELISSA WHITE: W-What?  What are you talking about?  What’s going on?

JAMES GREEN: We have a situation that requires all hands on deck and I need you and your team to come in as soon as possible.  I will explain it all when you get here.

MELISSA WHITE: O-O-Okay.  I’ll be there as soon as I can.

JAMES GREEN: Thanks.  See you soon.

Almost immediately after speaking to Melissa, James calls his boss at his residence located in Fairfax, Virginia.

MICHAEL WINSTON: Hello? (Slightly confused to receive a phone call this early in the morning)

JAMES GREEN: Michael?  Sorry to be calling you so early, but I have a situation here that I think needs the attention of the board right away.

MICHAEL WINSTON: What do you have?

JAMES GREEN: We are experiencing something called a “data blackout” over the Pacific Ocean almost 1500 miles south of Hawaii.

MICHAEL WINSTON: Data blackout?  We haven’t experienced that in almost fifty years.  What’s causing this to happen?

JAMES GREEN: I don’t know exactly, but the strange thing is that the storm, which I believe it to be, is moving westward across the ocean raising water temperatures to near 80 degrees and climbing.  We know at that rate that sea life can’t survive with temperatures that hot.

MICHAEL WINSTON: Oh my God!!  When did this start?

JAMES GREEN: Sometime near 0500hrs this morning.  The Pacific Decadal Oscillation is being affected and so is the earth’s temperature.  I knew that the global temperature and weather was affected by all the gases and what the last war brought, but this is something that I don’t believe anyone saw coming.

MICHEAL WINSTON: Shit!! I need to alert someone immediately since the president is vacationing in Hawaii.  For sure the atmospheric pressure and weather stabilization in that area is being tossed around like a lottery balls.  How soon do you need me there?

JAMES GREEN: As soon as possible.  I’ve already contacted the next shift to come in early to assist us in dealing with this situation.

MICHAEL WINSTON: Good.  I will be there as quick as I can.  We don’t alert anyone outside of the circle that doesn’t need to know until we know what we are dealing with here.

JAMES GREEN: Yes sir.  I’ll keep you posted if anything changes before you arrive.

December 30, 2099 @ 00:20hrs (HAST) Hawaii – Presidential Vacationing Zone

President Black and his wife, Stephanie, just put their daughter, Lucy, to bed and while standing by the bed watching her sleep, they both place their arms around each other’s waist.  Stephanie leans her head on her husband’s shoulder smiling and whispers to him.

STEPHANIE BLACK: You did a great job explaining to her about life and death, honey.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Yeah? I explained to her the best way I knew how and easy for her to understand.

STEPHANIE BLACK: You did great.  I suppose she is at the age now where she wants to learn more about life, but from a kids perspective.

Strong winds bash against the house catching both of their attention, which appeared out of the blue.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What was that?

STEPHANIE BLACK: Sounds like the wind.

PRESIDENT BLACK: I don’t recall the weather reports saying anything about strong crosswinds.

As they continue to stand there listening to the winds outside blowing by the windows, they are interrupted by someone knocking on the bedroom door.


SECRET SERVICE: (Door opens) Mr. President. We have the vice president and chief of staff on the phone for you.  It’s urgent.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.

STEPHANIE BLACK: I’ll stay here with her and make sure she stays sleep.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Thanks honey.  (Kisses her and walks out)

The president walks out of Lucy’s room and sees the secret service agent standing at the end of the hallway holding a satellite phone.  He approaches the agent and grabs the phone.


VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. President.  I’m here with Eric Moore at the White House.

PRESIDENT BLACK: I’m assuming this is something that is urgent enough to call me this late.  Is it about the Russians again?

ERIC MOORE: Actually, it doesn’t involve any ally or adversary nation.  It has to deal with the weather forecasting.

PRESIDENT BLACK: You telling me that you interrupted me and my family for a weather forecasting problem?

VICE PRESDIENT: Not just any kind weather forecasting.  It’s kind of complicated to explain in simple terms, but at this point and time you should be experiencing strong winds coming from the south.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Yes, we are experiencing strong winds from the south.

ERIC MOORE: What about the beaches just outside? Anything unusual?

PRESIDENT BLACK: Unusual? Such as?

ERIC MOORE: Just have one of the agents go outside on the beach and see what they tell you.  We’ll wait.

President Black calls for a secret service agent to go outside and to conduct a security of the beach.  A few minutes pass and the agent returns to give the president news about what he found.

PRESIDENT BLACK: The agent just returned and told me about what he found outside on the beach.

VICE PRESIDENT: What was discovered?

PRESIDENT BLACK: About one-hundred to two-hundred dead fish were found washed up on shore and more keep coming.

ERIC MOORE: Mr. President, the fishes washing up on shore is related to a massive storm that is apparently forming nearly 1400 miles south of Hawaii.  The water temperatures in that area around Hawaii have risen up to nearly 70 degrees while waters down near the storm is nearly 80 degrees.  This conflict is causing the atmosphere to take a dramatic shift, which will affect the global weather system.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Oh God! What is going on with the storm?

VICE PRESIDENT: The storm as know now is continuing to grow, but no one knows what kind of damage it is causing since NOAA is experiencing a data blackout.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What is that?

ERIC MOORE: A data blackout is where the weather data can’t be sustained or gathered for a consistent amount of time.  The blackout is growing and even using the weather satellites shows images of a black hole forming in the atmosphere.  So with that being said we don’t know the information about the storm or any kind of specific data.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What does that mean for the United States?  How will we be affected by that phenomenon?

ERIC MOORE: We are not sure how this will affect us here, but I am sure that we will be affected somehow in the near future.  I recommend that you and the family arrive back here in Washington to manage this situation better.

PRESIDENT BLACK: (Long sigh) Okay, umm, keep me posted on what you find out about the storm.

VICE PRESIDENT: Yes, Mr. President.

Just as he was ending the phone call, Stephanie came out of the room with Lucy and saw her husband sitting at the dining room table bothered by something.  She walks up behind him and puts her hand on his shoulder to let him know that she is there.

STEPHANIE BLACK: Everything okay?

PRESIDENT BLACK: I just spoke Eric and Joseph and they were telling me about a storm that is raging out of control miles south of here.

STEPHANIE BLACK: Is it that important to call you this late?

PRESIDENT BLACK: To keep everything simple and understandable, the storm has raised the water temperatures to 70 degrees here and near 80 degrees in the area of the storm. 

STEPHANIE BLACK: How is that possible?

PRESIDENT BLACK: I don’t know, but it is causing the sea life to wash up on shore dead.

STEPHANIE BLACK: What? (Sounding surprised)

PRESIDENT BLACK: One agent found between one-hundred to two-hundred dead fish on the beach just outside with more washing up on shore.  We are about 1400 miles north of this storm and we are feeling the effects of it here.  They also want me to come back so we can better manage the situation in one room.  I’m sorry honey, but we will have to cut this short unfortunately.

Just as the president was getting up from the table to go with Stephanie to the bedroom, the phone rang again.  He stops and turns around to look at the phone as it was ringing.  She looks at him and he turns to her while the phone still rings, but picks it up.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Yes, this is the president.

ADMIRAL CHIEF OF STAFF: Mr. President, we have a situation.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What’s going on?

ADMIRAL CHIEF OF STAFF: We had a nuclear submarine located approximately 1400 due southwest of your location about an hour ago.  For the past ten minutes we have lost all contact and communications with the submarine.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Jeez! Which one?

ADMIRAL CHIEF OF STAFF: The U.S.S. Hercules.  Our most advanced submarine in the naval fleet.

PRESIDENT BLACK: Things are just getting worse by the minute here.  Do we have an AWAK plane in the area?

ADMIRAL CHIEF OF STAFF: I can check on that.  Why?

PRESIDENT BLACK: I want to know if loosing contact has to do with anything with the storm looming over the Pacific near the submarine.  Once you find out send it up and have them search the area for any signs of the submarine and more information about the storm.  Once you get that information about the storm send it immediately to NOAA to better assist them.


Hangs up the phone and places it on the table.  Silence hits the air for a minute before he turns to his wife and breaks the news.  Once hearing the news the whole situation begins to scare her to the point that their safety is her main concern.


(Blogsode III – October 20, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – The president gets briefed by the Joint Chiefs; the next areas to be affected by the storm are announced; although NOAA struggles to obtain information about the storm they start tracking it backwards.


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