(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: A mysterious storm cell stirs in the atmosphere miles above the Pacific Ocean surface; the president of the United States is vacationing in Hawaii (Presidential Vacationing Zone) at the start of this “Data Blackout”.

The last time the United States did a nuclear test in the Pacific was sometime in 1962 on a remote, atoll island of Kiritimati, also known as Christmas Island.  In 1957, the British government, also tested a nuclear bomb prior to the United States conducting their own test years earlier.  Both incidents brought radiation poisoning to, not only the inhabitants, but also to the military personnel stationed on the island during those years of testing.  One could say that although the United States was using the island as a nuclear testing ground, a nuclear missile could be strategically placed there to threaten the Russians sovereignty during the Cold War.  Fortunately, as the years went on from that decade population has grown steadily on Christmas Island to just over five thousand today.

Today, Christmas Island is a tourist attraction that draws several hundred each year from around the world.  When you arrive at the island you don’t expect the world’s problem to follow you and expect an escape from reality in a way that would make you believe you was in an auxiliary world of Disneyland.  However, the inhabitants have been warning tourist for years about a situation, a world changing event, that all should be aware.  Barely a handful of tourist actually gave creed to what was being said by the inhabitants, while the rest just shrugged it off as if some native drunk was speaking out of its mind.  Soon, however, the rest of the world will also be listening, but it won’t be the inhabitants of Christmas Island speaking; to them it is the God of Life speaking to the whole world.

December 31, 2099 @ 04:30hrs (EST) NOAA Satellite Office in Bethesda, Maryland

Normally, on average, around this area this time during winter season the temperatures would hit somewhere around 60-70 degrees before plunging back into the 20-30’s.  However, since the last twenty years the global temperature has been out of whack and seasons are all out of schedule.  On this day the temperature would be forecasted to be somewhere in the high 80’s with extremely low humidity.  So with that forecast displayed to everyone, Jeremy Timms, didn’t expect anything different for the rest of the day.  Since the global seasons have been out of sorts not too long after World War III ended, which many blame for the life today, this satellite office has been having someone watching the global weather formations twenty-four hours a day to better understand the future of weather forecasting.

On this early morning, Jeremy was tasked to watch the satellite feeds of the global weather and report anything unusual on record for further examination by trained individuals.  Just minutes before 04:30hrs, Jeremy left his satellite station to go retrieve his food from his vehicle parked in the underground garage.  Almost immediately, after Jeremy left the room and closed the door behind him, the alarm went off indicating that weather information out in the Pacific has changed drastically.  Since Jeremy is working at the satellite office alone tonight, he is not yet aware of the alarm that has been going off.  The entire trip from the satellite office to the underground parking garage takes approximately 10 minutes round trip.  After grabbing his food, Jeremy receives a phone call on his cell phone from his ten year old daughter, Jalisa Timms.


JALISA TIMMS: Hi daddy! When are you coming home?

JEREMY TIMMS: I’ll be home shortly after 8:00am, honey.

JALISA TIMMS: Okay daddy. Can we have breakfast together when you get home?

JEREMY TIMMS:  Sure baby!  Daddy’s at work so I need to go, okay? Love you!

JALISA TIMMS: Love you too daddy!! 

Just before he ends the phone call with his daughter he comes out the elevator and around the corner towards the satellite office when he heard this faint beeping noise.  He suddenly stops and even slows or stops his breathing so he could focus his hearing on the beeping noise.  As he stands there in the middle of the hallway listening to the beeping noise everything around him goes silent just before he recognizes the noise.  He remembers hearing the noise when he was being trained on the system years earlier as an intern for NOAA.  Once he realizes what the noise is and where the alarm is coming from, he quickly puts his cell phone away and starts to run, picking up speed, towards the satellite office.

This was probably the fastest that Jeremy has run in his life since middle school, but his footwear was not meant to be made for running.  Just a few feet before reaching the office door, Jeremy loses his footing and falls forward striking the side of his head on the door knob.  As he was falling forward towards the door thoughts going through Jeremy’s mind was about his daughter and wife.  It was like somehow he knew that he would be in serious trouble during this fall.  However, he was quite surprised and stunned that he wasn’t knocked unconscious after the way the side of his head struck the metal door knob.  Although he didn’t hit himself hard enough to cause brain damage and concussion level dizziness, he didn’t escape the fall without a tattooing of a deep bruise and a slight penetration of the skin.

After a few minutes of getting himself together he is able to grab his door key and access the satellite office.  Once he enters the office the audible alarm noise is almost piercing to Jeremy’s ear since hitting his head.  Jeremy struggles to gain control of the situation and finds the button to silence the alarm and starts his investigation on what caused it.  He touches the side of his head and feels small droplets of blood coming from his wound.  Jeremy wipes the blood on his shirt so he doesn’t transfer the substance to the keyboard as he is typing.  Within a minute after sitting behind the main computer he is able to pull up weather data located in the Pacific just hundreds of miles west of Hawaii.

During his evaluation of the weather data being analyzed, he notices that a “data blackout” where weather data can’t either be collected or sustained, has emerged.  Jeremy continues to analyze the data and digs deeper to find that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, related to the temperature surface of the Pacific Ocean, has skyrocketed to near triple digits.  While Jeremy is overwhelmed with this incoming data, the “data blackout” area is continuing to grow at a rapid pace.  For a quick moment Jeremy grabs his cell phone out of his pants pocket to contact the on duty meteorologist when he is distracted in mid-call when data comes back on the screen notifying him that the island of Kiritimati will be the first area affected by this raging storm.

December 30, 2099 @ 22:45hrs (HAST) in Hawaii – Presidential Vacation (Approximately 1337 miles north of Christmas Island – 328 degrees) 

The President of the United States, Vince Black, a Republican senator from the state of Minnesota, is sitting outside on a secured beach enjoying the strong breeze skipping off the ocean tides rolling in just in thought.  Suddenly, he feels this hand, with love and warmth; gently touch him on the right shoulder to get his attention.  He turns his head around and sees that it is his beautiful wife, with her athletic body being displayed in her red and black stripe sarong and her long blonde hair draped to one side, and her loving eyes staring at her husband.  He immediately smiles at her and stands up to meet her face to face so he can get a better look at her.  With very little Secret Service agents looking at them, they lock lips and French kiss each other like it is their first time out of their parents control and grasp.

Once they stop kissing each other his wife wraps her arms around her powerful husband with her head resting in his chest.  Hearing his heartbeat through his medium muscled chest she looks up at him and speaks to him about his daughter having questions.

FIRST LADY: Your daughter is asking about life and what happens when you die.

THE PRESIDENT: Really? (Chuckles). What have you told her so far?

FIRST LADY: All the good hearted people go to a place where there is no sickness and sadness.  That got her quiet for a few minutes and then we got on what happens to the bad people.

THE PRESIDENT: How did you answer that one?

FIRST LADY: Your daddy has the answer to that one. (Chuckles with her husband)

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll talk to her about the afterlife.  I suppose it is that time to bring her up to reality a little bit. 

The happy and bliss couple start walking towards their bungalow holding hands smiling from ear to ear.  As they enter through the back entrance, Lucy, their 6 year old daughter, is sitting on the floor, Indian style, coloring in her picture book.  The president stops and releases a sigh as to get himself ready for a life and death talk with his daughter and hoping he can help her make sense of what happens at the end.  He walks over to her, while his wife stands by the rear entrance watching, and sits on the floor with Lucy watching her coloring a flower.

THE PRESIDENT: Hey, honey?  Did you have questions about what happens to good and bad people when they die?

LUCY BLACK: Yes. (Minute pause) What happens when you die?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, when you die in this life you have another life to go to, which is called the afterlife.

LUCY BLACK: What happens to the good and bad people?

THE PRESIDENT: Remember when I said that if your heart is good and your soul is saved with God?

LUCY BLACK: Yes.  I remember.

THE PRESIDENT: As long as your soul is with God and you believe in Him then you will be in Heaven with him for eternity.  Some people you don’t know about because sometimes it’s not meant for you to know about them.  With bad people they can go to Heaven too if they believe and repent for their sins.

LUCY BLACK: Okay I get it now.  You just pray for people and you leave them in God’s hand?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes sweetie.  Just leave them in God’s hand.

Once the conversation with his daughter is over, he turns his head and looks at his wife with relief that it went well.

December 31, 2099 @ 23:59hrs (LINT) – Christmas Island (New Year’s Eve)

While the inhabitants are preparing themselves for the next day, which to them is just another business day, there is a celebration going on in the tourism portion of the island.  Everyone is having a good time drinking and eating the night away and excited about bringing in the New Year on a resort island.  Suddenly, the excitement and euphoria turns quickly to a sense of survival and desperation when the weather drastically changes.  All the standing torches start blowing violently with the wind and certain clothing items are taken with the hurricane like winds.  This alarms everyone that a hurricane is coming directly over top of them and that is when panic starts to settle in within the tourism arena.  The inhabitants on the island are also confused about what is happening as the storm rages violently above them with winds getting stronger and stronger.

Soon the inhabitants and tourist alike started running for cover when the winds were strong and hard enough to start tossing island structures and making missiles out of tree branches and fruit.  With everything getting tossed and thrown around very little cover could be sought, but almost as quickly as the storm started is when the situation turned for the worse.  High voltages of lightning started to strike the island and set things on fire immediately, which started to spread like wildfire in the California dry lands.  The ratio of the lightning strikes was nearly one every three seconds.  As the fires started to spread throughout the island, the only way to escape the island, by plane, was not an option.

The noise level of the storm and the lightning strikes created such a loud unbearable decibel, that many eardrums were blown out and that alone killed people.  If the noise didn’t end your life, many were killed by being swept up into the storm and out to see, impaled by flying object traveling at triple digit speeds or burned to death by the spreading island fires.  Those that were not injured by either of those situations were then forced to deal with the storm the best way they can.  Many of the tourist and inhabitants ran for higher ground to escape the extremely high tides and massive floods, but that only exposed them to high intensity lightning strikes.  One tourist, while racing to high ground, noticed that no rain is present during the storm, but that thought would be quickly diminished when all those fleeing to high ground became the first victims of the deadly lightning strikes.  With the storm making its way westward across the Pacific Ocean and the ocean surface warming up to extremely alarming levels, sea life starts to wash on shore and float in the uninhabitable sea.

December 31, 2099 @ 0510hrs (EST) – NOAA Satellite Office in Bethesda, Maryland

While Jeremy was sitting at the main station, still analyzing data, he gets a buzz at the office door, which he notices it is the on-call meteorologist.  He opens the door, James Green, rushes in past him barely saying a word.

JAMES GREEN: Hi Jeremy.  What do you have here?

JEREMY TIMMS: Welcome James.  What I have here is something that we are in need to know?

Jeremy starts typing and bringing up the data that he has been analyzing for the past half-hour.  When James sees the data on the screen in front of him, he is absolutely astonished of the “data blackout” he is looking at.  He then told Jeremy to pull up the world map with emphases on the Pacific Decadal Oscillation area.  After the map is pulled up on the big screen adjacent to the computer where Jeremy is sitting, James rushes over and notices a black spec miles south of Hawaii.  He then request Jeremy to put the map in digital motion to track the “data blackout”.  When the map is put into the digital motion to track the “data blackout”, James sees that the black spec he noticed in the previous screen is growing at an alarming rate.

JAMES GREEN: Jeremy? You told me that the computer model showed you that an island south of Hawaii was in the way of this “data blackout”, which I believe is probably a storm.  What was that island again?

JEREMY TIMMS: The island of Kiritimati, which is also known as Christmas Island is in the path of the “data blackout”.

JAMES GREEN: Jeremy? (Long sigh) I think this is a massive storm that is looming over the Pacific Ocean, which is also causing the surface waters to rise near 80 degrees.  Sea life in those temperatures won’t survive and that means all hell is about to break loose.


(Next Blogsode: October 13, 2014)

Blogsode II/Season I Preview – The president of the United States is informed of the massive storm miles south of his vacationing spot; NOAA tracks the storm and begins to find out the true data behind the “data blackout”.



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