A massive, global electric storm, that originates over the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, spreads across the globe, exactly at the turn of the 22nd century, leaving unprecedented horror and destruction beyond any other weather system ever recorded.  The strength and power of the storm is so enormous, that an EMP is constructed out of the massive electrical charge happening amongst the earth’s atmosphere.  With the storm so large and terrifying, it establishes a black ozone as it continues to grow; and lightning strikes so threatening and intense, that it receives a nickname of “The Blackout Storm”.  This black weather system also creates other Mother Nature’s destructive entities, such as hurricanes, floods, tornados and earthquakes to only intensify the fear in the human soul.  With almost nowhere to hide and absolutely no way to stop this inevitable judgment day coming, life starting into the 22nd century is all but high-tech and a promised future of prosperity.  A new reality is about to spring upon the global community that no one, not even doomsday preppers, are prepared for.  A new digital age has been thrusted upon the world with no return to the old life ever again.

Series Begins – October 6, 2014


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