I love my extended, step family very much, but I have to tell you that living in a house full of diabetics is somewhat confusing.  My late grandmother was diabetic and I don’t remember her every having one hundred bottles of the sugary sodas known to man, fifty pounds of cake products and continue to complain about not feeling good and going through medicine like Jesus is coming tomorrow for breakfast.  My wife suffers from low blood sugar, which is really taking a hit since she hardly eats due to her stomach and esophagus issues, but I am trying to keep her from venturing into the diabetic territory.  She was once warned about that before, but I tell you living with her mother, my in laws, is a challenge in almost every sense of the word.  Don’t get me wrong, I love them very much, but some decisions they make don’t make sense and seems counter-productive.  My wife’s uncle, who seems like he is going to have a stroke each time he goes up and down the stairs, is very opinionated and can butt his head into places that he has no business in.  With my step father in-law, he is starting to get into the dementia stage it looks like, and walks out of the kitchen leaving one of the electric stove burners on.  I just happen to see it still on when I felt this heat radiating from underneath my chin and chest.  Oh shit!  The burner is still on, but I just turned it off instead of telling him, which probably would have sparked argument between the husband and wife.

Arguments, boy I tell you, are something of almost a daily occurrence over the smallest and strangest things you can think of.  Trying to speak to them when the volume on the television is loud enough that astronaut’s on the space station keep calling us to turn it down so it doesn’t interrupt their sleep.  When they speak to each other its like an argument circus in here!  Instead of turning the television down or muting it, they continue to speak to each other, yelling over the volume of the television, mother in-law complaining that she can’t hear her husband because he’s mumbling, he gets irritated of repeating himself so he shouts loud enough to hear her, she gets upset because he’s shouting and now both have attitudes where he goes into the bedroom and closes the door to be by himself watching the Mets baseball game.  At this point now, during the summer, my uncle in-law, I suppose, has no power in his basement apartment and is now using the power upstairs, which is now causing the power bill to spike sky high.  That ultimately caused a debate where all three of them started arguing over that issue.  I almost can’t wait to go back to work so I can start contributing and hopefully quite the house down once more.  My wife works from home and hears this going on day in and day out, and sometimes she is on phone calls with important clients and her mother comes walking in wanting to show her the newest style in her knitting format.

When we do remind her mother of her diabetic condition and that drinking all these million calories in the sweetest sodas known to man, her response is always “I’m diet controlled!”  OH MY GOODNESS!!  I’ve seen my grandmother go through amputations and live to be 92 with this disease, and trying to keep her from going through the same thing.  This is only part of the hilarious and strange living in this house in our upstate neighborhood.  More coming at a later time!

D. Franklin


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