Apple Picking Farm in Saratoga County

Apple Picking Farm in Saratoga County

As you can see my wife’s hand reaching for that ripe, crisp apple in the tree just waiting for us to devour.  It’s almost that time of year once again when we have our traditional apple picking in late summer, early fall.  This picture was taken last September, and I have to tell you we walked out of the farm with like $50 worth of apples or more.  Drinking the fresh cider that was filtered and drained on the spot and with no added chemicals to make you think you was drinking apple cider.  Our favorite kind of apples from this farm is the Honey Crisp apples, which taste just as good as if you had ice cream swishing around in your mouth with the delicate treat.  I surely can’t wait until we hit that spot once gain where hundreds of people are searching for the perfect apple to consume and take home to bake or cook their favorite dessert with these homegrown fruit.  Lines almost a mile long waiting to enter the apple picking farm, where you can spend almost all day, hours at this place searching for those perfect rounded juicy treat to satisfy your hunger for non-waxed skin.  Besides the Granny Smith apples, this is the only way I will eat apples, freshly picked from the tree that they are harvested on.  Oh my goodness!  Lovely time of the year!

D. Franklin (Author)



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  1. Crystal

    So cool!!

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