One terminology that you will come across when reading some of my stories will be a term I created called “Blogsode”.  If you are a person that watches television, no matter how much or how little, you are aware of every show being called an “episode”.  Well, you can probably put this together now that a Blogsode is basically an episode in blog form.  Along with this terminology I will also have a read rating posted with the story to let you know of what kind of content you will be reading.  I have been reorganizing my blog for quite sometime and I hope that you enjoy the new way things are organized and posted.  A Blogsode will have, not only a read rating, but a quick plot line statement of what you are about to read, date of the next Blogsode to be posted, and a description of what you can expect to read on the next scheduled post. 

This form of posting is something I have done for years, but just now put a name to it.  It has been described by others that it is like reading a movie script or an television script for an upcoming show.  Digital Realm will be the first blog series to experiment the use of Blogsode, and of course, as things progress expect the form to change, but the three things I listed above will remain the same.  A blog series is basically a series of blogsodes put together to make a series, just like a television show having a series.  These two terminologies will go hand in hand and will more than likely be put together during a series, however, a blog series can stand alone without the form of a blogsode following or being placed anywhere within the series.

D. Franklin 


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