This past weekend, in upstate New York, my wife was admitted into the hospital for an esophagus and stomach pain that has kept her in agony for nearly three months.  If you are married, or even have close feelings for a loved one, watching them in pain, day in and day out, is hard.  Unfortunately, I am no stranger in seeing my wife in pain, but something like this, where you can’t relieve her of her issues, is paralyzing.  Just last week her and I went to the same hospital for the exact same medical issue, and about four to five hours later they sent her home with no pain medicine and no diagnoses to ease our minds.  Needless to say that didn’t help us get any closer to solving the mystery of what is causing her pain, which sometimes makes her double over.  I knew that we would be back at that hospital within a week, which was only less than five days later.

This time, when we arrived at the hospital, the doctors listened to her, but the same E.R. doctor that saw her the prior week wanted to send her home once again.  Although my wife’s primary gastroenterologist is on vacation, the doctor covering for him made a good decision to have her admitted to the hospital for a 24 hour evaluation.  Again, unfortunately, it is not new for me to see her admitted to the hospital since her and I went through something similar three years ago exactly.  During the summer of 2011, my wife was diagnosed with lupus, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks itself throughout the body.  It affects everyone differently and thank God that the lupus virus she has doesn’t make her have pain in a way that keeps her inside and unable to operate as a human being.

It was her lupus diagnoses that made them, this time, consider admitting her to the hospital.  The following afternoon she received a consultation from two doctors, who spoke to us and basically came up with a diagnoses to their best educated guess.  It is a strong potential that she may have some type of esophagus disease, which would explain why every time she eats food, solid or soft, it causes her great pain on the number scale between 6-8.  When she was sent home this time they gave her liquid pain medicine to drink before eating, but unfortunately it is only good for two days, and now we have to wait for our primary care doctor to write another prescription for to receive more.  I am just happy this time it only took two E.R. visits, unlike three years ago it took nearly ten visits to the hospital, one day of work for me in those three months, to figure out she was suffering from lupus.

Three years ago, when we were inadvertently making friends in the medical community, we were living in Maryland.  In our experience the doctors there, and some medical professionals, are lazy and only concerned about money they can make per patient.  For most places around the country it is like that, so finding a doctor or a medical office that is suitable for your needs and listens is a great benefit for you.  The humidity and lack, thereof, of good quality care was too much for my wife and causing her lupus to really flare up during the summer months.  Since moving to upstate New York, where she is originally from and got a new job, her lupus and overall health care has been ten times better.  I finally have a doctor that I can talk to and feel comfortable with in talking about my medical history and knowing that I am not just a number or money maker for the practice.

Since the weekend, my wife and I are now more confident about her getting the right care and right diagnoses.  We now know where we stand right now and have to get her another endoscopy of her esophagus to confirm what she might’ve been suffering from for the last three months.  I tell you, my wife can come up with the weirdest, wildest and strangest diagnosis, but thankfully none of them have been life-threatening, but I love her too death anyway.  I ask that you pray for us and for her to have a quick recovery from this ailment, which from our understanding has no cure, but we can still manage it to where it won’t matter.  She is such a tough woman that I would definitely go to bat with her and bring her to battle with me.  Lets go wifey!  🙂

D. Franklin


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