“SHOOTING STAR” – (Sci-Fi – Chapter 7)

January 9, 2019 @ 12:00pm – Italy

Chapter 7

Three days ago President Dixon has learned the complete truth about the incoming asteroids on a collision course with earth in the spring.  Although he is contemplating exposing the truth to the American public about the news he learned, he is trying to stick with his vow of not telling the media of what he has learned until he has definite proof of where they will land.  Even though his chief of staff has attempted half-heartedly to expose the truth himself, he reluctantly stopped his efforts to save his own ass and not to embarrass the White House.  Since he knows that the president knows everything about the incoming asteroids, he is hoping that his boss will do the right thing to inform the American media.  In the past three days, however, the president has done his best to put the news behind him as he continues to meet with leaders around the world, in Brussels, about the situation between Iran and Afghanistan.

Iran’s allies, Russia and Syria, have continued to put up a fight by trying to block or derail any U.N. resolution towards the conflict.  It had been years since the last economic sanctions against Iran were lifted for attempting to create a nuclear bomb under the International Community’s noses.  Now they are being attacked, politically, from other nations on their military actions to resolve the conflict.  In the midst of the cease fire both Iran and Afghanistan have continued to keep a strong military presence in the region.  The nation caught in the middle, Iraq, is also to blame for allowing the Iranian military to use its land to conduct such military action.  For weeks this conflict in the region had many nations in the Middle East extremely nervous and infiltrated the news market.  Military bases in south and eastern regions of Afghanistan were on high alert for any Iranian movement towards them, but have now, for the moment, ordered to stand down.

Surprisingly no attacks were perpetrated on Israel during the fighting, but that didn’t stop the Israeli’s from being on guard for anything.  While the president is trying his best to resolve the issues that has caused both nations to come to military arms, many terrorist cells within the United States start to put their plan into motion.  Knowing that the U.S. government and its intelligence agencies are listening to their conversations and could possibly be reading their emails, they begin to contact each other by postal mail.  One of the terror cells in Minneapolis, Minnesota receives his first letter via postal mail from his operations coordinator in Philadelphia.  Once he received his letter with the instructions written on it, he then contacted the American Posse.

One of the members of the American Posse received a text message with only one number sent, “1”.  The number 1 resembled the first part of the major plan to knock out the power and damage many electrical signals across the Western Hemisphere.  This type of attack has never been attempted before and with the gross amount of work needed to complete such task, everything needs to be in place perfectly.  After the text message was received, the next step is to forward the message to other cells in both North and South America.  Infiltration into the governments in South America were not has hard as it has been to plant insiders within the United States government.  Since the plot has been in motion, everyone involved has also been keeping an eye on the news.  Up until now nothing has been reported about any plot against the United States or any other nation in the affected areas.

The biggest part of the plot was a debate of how to carry out the attack against both continents.  The main player of the plot, American Posse, has decided on two possible methods of either sending out a massive virus within the cyber world or setting off several EMP’s to permanently shut down the cyber world and any electrical device.  With the group divided on the issue, they decided several months ago to plan for both and to see which one is more plausible.  Right now at this current stage in the plot, they have no idea of the incoming asteroids on a collision course with earth since it hasn’t been released to the public yet.  Although the plan calls for two possible scenarios of attack, the entire mission is not set to be in motion until the summer or fall of 2014.  In the meantime the F.B.I. is struggling to investigate the vague plot that is currently in play.  While the clues on the case start to go cold, they begin to search for other possible leads by going through other known terrorist on the list that was compiled days after 9/11.

One possible name comes up on the list of a domestic terrorist from the United States.  Joyce Turnbull, an Italian-American, 30 years of age, and a former intelligence specialist of the Italian military.  In 2010, Joyce was part of a domestic plot to assassinate the Egyptian ambassador, who was in Italy to meet with many of the European leaders to discuss security issues within the North African region.  The mission was to eliminate the Egyptian ambassador and his immediate staff to disrupt and derail the talks with European leaders trying to resolve the border dispute with Egypt’s neighbors.  Other European nations hold many interests within the borders of Egypt and Libya, which the most tension was between those two nations.  Joyce was hired by a rebellion organization that operated in both Egypt and Lebanon.  No one knows exactly when and how she turned against the good of the people, but it was known that she believed their cause for collateral damage was necessary to eliminate the threat.

However, the plot was intercepted by a German intelligence agency six hours prior to the Egyptian ambassador landing in Italy.  All the players in the plot to assassinate the ambassador were in place, which was the hardest part for the intelligence to figure out.  The plot was intended for the Egyptian ambassador to be attacked during his escort to the meeting.  Somehow during the escort the plan went wrong and some of the players attempted to abort while others attempted to carry out the hit.  After a shootout in the streets of Rome, which involved four dead terrorists, six severely wounded security agents and four dead civilians, the remaining players attempted to flee.  Lady luck was on the side of the Italian authorities as they caught all members of the hit fleeing the scene.  Joyce was the hardest one to catch as her training in special tactics and advanced martial arts kept her from being caught for several minutes.  Italian police lost half a dozen officers who got to close when trying to apprehend her.  Two of the six dead suffered broken necks, two other officers had ribs broken where their lungs got punctured and suffocated, one officer bled to death when he was stabbed several times with two knife wounds punctured the femoral artery and the sixth one was shot several times with his own weapon.

She was finally caught in a hotel lobby where she was shot twice before being apprehended.  Now still serving in the Italian prison system for a term of fifty years, the F.B.I. contacted the Italian prison authorities to ask for permission to speak to Joyce.  After a few hours they were granted permission to interrogate Joyce, but at least one Italian officer had to be in the room.  Once that was agreed upon by the F.B.I., the interrogation was scheduled just twenty-four hours later, for today.

An Italian officer brings Joyce into the interrogation room where F.B.I. Special Agent Hopkins and Carter are waiting.  She enters the room and is very surprised to see two official looking people in suits looking at her.  Agent Hopkins looks at Joyce and notices that she looks of sleepless and careless individual.  Hopkins looks at her hair, which is going all over the place on her head, her sleepy eyes and her pale skin.  After Hopkins seemed satisfied about what she saw of Joyce, she then began the interview.

AGENT HOPKINS:  Joyce?  I’m Special Agent Hopkins and this is Special Agent Carter.  We’re from the F.B.I.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Currently sitting sideways in her chair before turning her head towards them.  She lets out a small chuckle.)

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Stares at the side of Joyce’s head before proceeding.)  We need to talk to you about a terrorist plot being planned.  We don’t have a lot of time to waste, so I would like to get started.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Continues to sit sideways with her head facing the wall directly in front of her.)

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Turns her head towards her partner for a few seconds before refocusing on Joyce.)  I would like for you to talk to us Ms. Turnbull.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Continues to face the wall directly in front of her before responding.)  Joyce.  Call me Joyce.  Saying Ms. Turnbull makes me feel old and inadequate.  (Chuckles after that statement).  Inadequate?  Wow! I’m worrying about being inadequate when I’m sitting here in prison for the next forty years.  (Turns towards Carter and Hopkins.)  You know I haven’t had a dick in years?  I used to be a sex addict and majority of the times I had a man either on top of me or he was standing in front of me with me at his waist. (Chuckles again and crosses her legs.)  Now I’m around a bunch of women, nasty as bitches who can’t clean up after themselves and try to satisfy each other with objects that aren’t meant to be used in such profane way.  I don’t know how I lasted this long, but I tell you the first few years was a culture shock and withdrawal period.  Now I have to satisfy myself in other ways I never thought would be possible.  Amazing what a human can do when they are stuck behind walls and bars for years and years.

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Sitting there shocked at what she heard before responding.)  Joyce?

JOYCE TURNBULL:  Yes? (Brief pause). Oh yeah that’s right!  You want to talk to me about a terrorist plot being planned.  You have to fill me in since I’ve been out of the loop for several years.

AGENT HOPKINS:  All we know is that a major terror plot is being planned in the United States and our case has been halted.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  Okay.  How is that my problem?  Why is this being brought to me?

AGENT HOPKINS:  You was formerly an intelligence officer of the Italian military before turning and being apprehended.  You are also known to have created unique ways to gather intelligence from unusual sources.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Slight pause) Oh so you want to know how I did it and so you can copy that same tactic, right?  (Stares at Hopkins in the eyes) If I agreed to that what would I get out of the deal?  A reduced prison sentence?  Probation? (Chuckles).

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Sighs) If you cooperate with us and show us what you know and we become successful in catching these cells, then you may miraculously be released on good behavior.  If we are successful in catching them.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Smiles) okay.  I was convicted of killing six Italian police officers, injuring a dozen others with one officer still not able to use his dick properly.  I hear he can barely last one minute without pain and blood in his semen.  How do you expect me to believe that you can get me out?

AGENT HOPKINS:  I have the signed agreement from the prison warden to make that happen.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  How soon do you need me to answer that question?

AGENT HOPKINS:  We’re here until noon tomorrow.  You have until ten a.m. tomorrow to give us an answer.  Just tell the guard and the word will get back us.  (Smiles before her and her partner got up leaving the room).

Joyce sits there confused at what just happened, but is already contemplating the deal with the F.B.I.  She’s returned to her cell where she will remain until tomorrow morning.



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