“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 6)


January 6, 2019 @ 8:00pm

The United States, along with the rest of the world that celebrate the Gregorian calendar method, has brought in the new year with little to no issues.  However, that doesn’t mean that plots and planning stages of attacks against the U.S. and its allies have not stopped or cease just because of a blessed new year.  The new year brought more instinctive chatter between unlikely organizations and groups that brought more concern for the American politicians.  The president, as well as millions of Americans have made resolutions for the new year, but things inside the government are about to increase with tension.  The J.T.T.F. of the F.B.I. is continuing its investigation of a possible threat that seems to bring more fear and uncertainty.  Several months into the investigation Homeland Security and agents from the NSA have joined together to form a new task force to stop a devastating attack.

Although the secret of an incoming asteroid towards earth has not yet been released to the public, increased military maneuvers in the Atlantic and Pacific have brought some questions towards the current U.S. administration from the press.  In a few meetings with the media, the White House Press Secretary, Jennifer Pointe, has reassured the American public and its friends around the world that there is no current threat against the United States and its borders.  Those press conferences couldn’t have been filled with more bullshit, but with no information to dispute her statements the media had to take her word for it.  Increased air patrols of the United States Air Force over major cities were also being reported, but again the public fear was reassured by another press conference.

The last known major conflict from the previous year, between the Iranian military and the Afghanistan government, began to quiet down as the year came to a close.  A cease fire agreement was made between Tehran and Kabul, but both militaries remained on high alert and ready for each side to make the wrong move.  The only good thing about the conflict between Iran and Afghanistan was that it derailed any other attacks that terrorists might have had planned.  Several thousand fighters from Central and Eastern Africa made the journey to the Middle East to offer assistance to either side, whoever offered the best deal for what they wanted.  Even though a cease fire has been agreed upon, Israel and its enemies are also on high alert and knowing that two U.S. battleships are positioned in the Mediterranean Sea for support if needed.

President Dixon returns from his holiday vacation and back to the political theatre.  Almost immediately after he returns from his getaway, the media bombards him with questions about the increased military readiness in the air and sea.  It was at this point that the media never trusted the press secretaries statements, so now they are going straight to the commander in chief for the tough answers.  It wasn’t even a day after his return when President Dixon was standing in front of reporters answering the same questions that Jennifer Pointe had to answer.  Even though his answers were basically the same as she pointed out, coming from him was a lot easier to digest and accept the explanation.  As soon as he left the press conference he met with his national security adviser and his chief of staff in the oval office.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Mr. President I have an update from NASA and NOAA pertaining to the incoming asteroid.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  What kind of update do you have?

DANIELLE PRICE:  (Hands the president the report she received several minutes earlier)  not only are we getting just one asteroid coming our way, but several have penetrated the solar system and on a collision course.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Oh my God!  What are they suggesting we do and prepare for this problem?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Well, I spoke to the admiral and he advised that our best option is to fire surface to air missiles to intercept the incoming asteroids.  At best we would destroy the asteroids into smaller pieces where the devastation could be lessened.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  I certainly don’t want to be firing surface to air missiles into another country’s airspace.  Not only would that send the wrong message, but that would also put us to blame for any deaths that may occur inside that country where the asteroid was destroyed.

MICHAEL WEST:  Mr. President, the asteroids won’t be anywhere near Europe or any of our allies in the Middle East and Pacific Rim.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Then where will they fall?

MICHAEL WEST:  Page four of the report near the bottom.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  (Flips the pages and responds as he sees the approximate danger zone for the incoming asteroids).  Oh my God!  (Closes the report and rolls it in his hands handing it back to Danielle).

DANIELLE PRICE:  Yes, Mr. President.  The entire Western Hemisphere is at risk with anticipation that North America is to be ground zero.  They are still uncertain where the first ones will hit, but it may affect the Midwest and Pacific Coast.

MICHAEL WEST:  Mr. President.  I urge you to think about this and find the courage and strength to inform the public before it’s too late.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Sure Michael.  I’ll call for a press conference and inform everyone that several asteroids are coming our way, which will most likely affect the Midwest and Pacific Coast.  By the way we are also dealing with a major terror threat at the same time.  That press conference will not only end in disaster, but create chaos and stress across this nation that no state of emergency can contain.

DANIELLE PRICE:  I’m afraid I have to agree with Michael on this one Mr. President.  The situation has gotten to grave for us to keep this in the dark much longer.  You definitely still have some time before the public needs to know, but everyone should be able to get prepared.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  (Sighs heavily as he looks out the window).  I’m not going to release any information to the public until we have a definite location of where the asteroids will land.  I also want the worse case scenario and the best possible educated guess of what will happen and how our response will be.

MICHAEL & DANIELLE:  (Responded at the same time).  Yes Mr. President.  (They started to walk out, but was stopped before they left the office).

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Danielle.  Before you leave how many asteroids are we looking at here.  I don’t see it listed anywhere in the report from NASA and NOAA.

DANIELLE PRICE:  We are looking at initially ten that will penetrate our atmosphere.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Initially ten?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Yes Mr. President.  The first ten out of (long pause) four hundred over the next ninety-nine years.




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