“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

October 23, 2018 @ 9:00pm

Washington, D.C. & San Antonio, Texas

The naked body that was discovered in the house, by Special Agent Hopkins of the F.B.I., was finally identified by the coroner’s office.  All the evidence that was collected at the scene was processed and logged appropriately for further investigative purposes.  Once Agent Hopkins was given the information of who the was the unidentified body found in the house, she immediately informed her boss of the new discovery.  Prior to telling Agent Strawberry of the lead she received, she decided to do a background check on the victim and attempted to trace the name to the American Posse group, which is supposedly the main player in an upcoming terrorist attack.

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Knocks and walks into Agent Strawberry’s office.  Sir, I believe we have a lead on the body that was discovered in the house in Suitland two weeks ago.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Reaches out and grabs the file from Hopkins.  Have you done a check into the background of this Jeremy Kill?

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Yes sir I have just started and right now nothing links him to any kind of group.  Let alone this American Posse group who is supposed to be under the spotlight.  However, I did also get a trace back to the blood that was found at the scene and it does belong to Jeremy Kill, except the blood that was found in the master bathroom.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Does the blood belong to our anonymous caller who seems to have information about this Jeremy Kill?

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  The blood belongs to a possible female, but besides that nothing can be confirmed at this point.  I don’t even know if the person who has called me is even female or male.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Have you received any more calls from this anonymous person since that day?

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  I’ve received no calls or anything pertaining to this.  I’m still under the impression that this anonymous caller is the suspect we need to find and find out what happened to Jeremy Kill.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Sighs loudly.  Okay, keep trying to track down who this anonymous caller is and find out more about Jeremy Kill and any kind of link he may have to this threat.

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Yes sir.  By the way have you updated the president on this yet?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  The president knows about the body we found in Suitland maybe tied to the national threat, but I had to down play it a little bit to keep any concerns out of play.  President Dixon is in San Antonio right now promoting his taxation reform.  As far as I know he is not due back in Washington until the end of the month, but as we know things can change on the whim.  Right now I don’t want the president worried about anything that we have not confirmed yet or may not even be worth our worry to this situation.  You let me worry about informing the president of our investigation and trying to pinpoint this threat.  For now, I want to know more about this Jeremy Kill and who our anonymous caller is and what that person knows.

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Walks out of the office at the same time responding to him.  Yes sir I’m on it.

While the F.B.I. is working hard to figure out more about this terrorist threat that is to come, President Dixon and his staff are at dinner in the hotel dining room.  The U.S. Secret Service and San Antonio Police are providing tight security for the event and only invited guest are welcome to join the president in this excellent feast.  At the head table, along with the president and his immediate staff, is his chief of staff and the national security advisor.  After the president completed his opening statements at the dinner, Danielle Price receives a phone call from Special Agent Strawberry.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Excuses herself from the table and walks outside the dining hall within eye sight of the agents.  Special Agent Strawberry, what do you have for me?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Jeremy Kill.  Remember that name?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Her voice lowers a few decibels.  What about him?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Gets up from his chair and closes his office door gently and quietly.  He’s dead.  That was the body we found at the house.  Agent Hopkins just told me several minutes ago.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Whispers.  Oh my God.  What happened?  How did she find out who he was?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  I’m not sure how she was able to discover his identity, but it would appear that someone at NSA didn’t hide his identity good enough.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Hey, I was told that no one would find out who he was, but apparently that wasn’t the case.  Jeremy Kill was our inside link to several domestic terrorist groups, but with him gone makes me believe someone found out his ties.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Sighs.  This could really slow down our investigation or rather derail it if we can’t find out who is responsible for his death.  Apparently, some anonymous caller gave Agent Hopkins the clue of what to find Jeremy Kill, before we knew it was him.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Who is the anonymous caller?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Don’t know who the anonymous caller is, but apparently they were seen running from the scene when our agents got there.  This mysterious person made claims to Agent Hopkins that Jeremy Kill will give us our lead in this threat investigation, but nothing has turned up yet.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Sighs.  What do you plan on doing now?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Long pause of silence and then a sigh released.  Do we know where Kill kept his files and notes on the groups that he was spying for?

DANIELLE PRICE:  I’m not sure.  Once I left the agency a few years ago I lost all trace of the program and it was given to my replacement.  For all I know Jeremy could have kept his files anywhere, but if he knew he was being targeted he might have done all he can to make sure no one finds them.  Not even those who knew every step that he was taking to bring these guys down.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  How many groups was he working for?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Looks around to make sure no one hears her conversation.  At least a dozen that we know of that he was working for.  All the groups were sharing intelligence information about the weak points in our infrastructure and how to bring down the government.  Jeremy Kill, who was at one time a CIA operative and agent, knew more about these groups than anyone at NSA, even the director.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Is there anyway you can forward the names of the groups he was liaison for?  I know you didn’t keep trace of the campaign, but anything you can provide maybe helpful.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Sure.  I’ll see what I can do.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Thanks.  In the meantime I’ll look more into how Jeremy Kill came to surface and find out who this anonymous caller is.  I’m afraid this mysterious person may know more than what they are giving.  I’ll keep in touch.  Enjoy dinner.

Almost immediately after Danielle ends her conversation with Agent Strawberry, she starts to walk back to the dining hall when she receives another call from a contact point in NASA.

DANIELLE PRICE:  This is Danielle Price.

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  Ms. Price, this is Tom at NASA.  I’m one of the members tracking the asteroids.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay, Tom.  What is it?  I need to get back to the president.

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  The previous estimation of the previous incoming asteroid was incorrect.

DANIELLE PRICE:  So what is the new estimation?

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  The asteroid is approximately five times the size we first reported.  We don’t know how we missed that estimation, but as now for the past two hours this what our computers have come up with.  We are still in the process of confirming the information right now.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Stops in her tracks and places her hand on her forehead.  How soon will you be able to confirm this?

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  It will be about two to three hours minimum since we have to compile and gather all the data and analyze it piece by piece.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Oh my God!  As soon as you confirm this you let me know ASAP.  You understand me?  Hangs up the phone and returns back to dinner with the president.



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