“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

October 7, 2018 @ 10:00am

D.C. Metropolitan Area

When the United States government received intelligence reports of a possible massive cyber attack to happen in the near future, it was coming up on the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  Every federal law enforcement agency from coast to coast and from border to border was on extreme high alert for any suspicious activity that showed up on their cyber wall.  The increase of state and federal law enforcement in high risk areas, such as train stations, malls, and airports, got the attention of the public and began the speculation by the media.  The days leading up to the 17th anniversary of the attacks didn’t get the public on edge since no attack had happened since that fateful day, but people began to wonder was the government up to their old tricks again.  However, when the anniversary date came and went and nothing happened days after the celebrations, the public was at ease once again.

The National Security Agency worked extremely hard to keep the threat of a massive cyber attack under wraps, but knew that someday they will have to alert the public.  While NSA works along with other federal agencies, such as Homeland Security, F.B.I., and U.S. Secret Service, the president of the United States and his immediate staff focus on the main issue of military intervention in the Middle East.  Since the U.N. Security Council approved a military intervention to repel the Iranian invasion, the United States, Great Britain, and Brazil had began to land their forces in the eastern region of Afghanistan.  Although majority of the public in America didn’t oppose the use of military intervention anymore and just went with the president to see how it works, the ones that were against the decision showed strong opposition.  Many congressmen of both parties in the house and senate were either with or against the president while others were undecided.  Even though the president had some opposition within the government, he had just enough support and votes to send the military back to Afghanistan.

Behind the scenes of this important international intervention to keep this conflict from spreading, the president of the United States also kept receiving updates on the threat of a cyber attack.  Nearly a month ago the NSA told someone on the White House staff that they believe it will be a cyber attack on a massive scale, but hasn’t been able to confirm it just yet.  While other chatter is being recorded and monitored by the NSA, the F.B.I. Terrorism Task Force is also advised of this threat.  Even though the threat is not specific enough for immediate action, the best the F.B.I. can do at this point is to investigate what they know.  However, they didn’t know that a potential suspect in that cyber threat would be right under their noses and on the table at the morgue.  Only a few days after the police officer was shot on a traffic stop just outside of the NSA compound, the identification of the deceased suspect was discovered.

The name that the Maryland State Police and the F.B.I. released to the public, along with a photo ID, was Gerald Dwayne Henderson, and listed a caption with the photo release.  On news broadcasts throughout the area, and in some media outlets in the northeast, the caption was asking the public for help to give more information on the shooting suspect who died in a shootout with police.  It would take until today for the F.B.I. Terrorism Task Force to gain momentum in this investigation and to bring along the task force of the Maryland State Police and Homeland Security.

…Federal Bureau of Investigations – Washington, D.C. Office…

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Phone rings at her desk.  Good morning, Special Agent Hopkins, F.B.I., how can I help you?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Answers and speaks on the phone with a disguise voice.  Good morning Agent Hopkins.  I may have information on your suspect.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  The voice intrigued her attention immediately.  What suspect?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Gerald Dwayne Henderson.  I know who he works for, where he lives, and what they’re planning.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Tries to look at her caller ID for a phone number, but it is listed as “Private”.  Who is this and how do you know Henderson?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  I rather remain anonymous and just give you what I know.  If you find them quick enough you might be able to stop them from attacking.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Does this have something to do with a threat against the United States?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  An attack on a massive scale is being planned and you and your fellow agents must stop them as soon as possible.  Your suspect, Henderson, is part of a movement called “American Posse”, which some of the agents are familiar with.  However, the group is too small to composite an attack of this magnitude by itself, but with help from other domestic and international groups, the sky is the limit.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  How do you know this and what kind of attack are we taking about?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Silent pause then the person answered.  The infrastructure will be targeted, but how and when is not known at this time.  You might want to check out an address of 5567 Ocean Spray Lane, Suitland, Maryland.  You will find out more of what you need and enough to start your investigation.  Good luck!!  Phone hangs up.

Immediately after the phone hangs up, Samantha writes down more notes and rushes over to her boss’s desk, who is on the phone.  She barges in, flinging the door open and hands him the piece of paper she was just writing on.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE):  Slowly takes the piece of paper from Samantha and looks at it with great surprise.  I’m sorry Mariel, but I need to call you back.  Something came up.  Hangs up the phone on his wife and engages Samantha.  5567 Ocean Spray Lane, Suitland, Maryland?  What is this?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Apparently, this address is linked to our deceased suspect, Gerald Henderson, and I think that this is something we should look into.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  How did you get this information?  What source is this from?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  I just got off the phone with anonymous caller who claimed to know the deceased suspect.  This person also gave me this address, the name of the group that he was working for, and that some type of massive attack is being planned.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  What kind of attack were they referring too?  Who did this Henderson work for?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Henderson was a member of the American Posse, which apparently some agents here are familiar with.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  Leans back in his leather high chair.  I am familiar with that group.  However, they disappeared off the map several years ago and we believe they were absorbed into another group that we have yet to identify.  What information did this anonymous person give you regarding the link between the American Posse and this massive attack?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  The American Posse is apparently too small to carry out there plan, but is receiving help from other domestic and international linked groups to obtain their mission.  The infrastructure is the target, but we don’t know when and where this attack is supposed to happen.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  Leans forward with his hands interlocked at the fingers.  Okay, this seems like something that could be credible.  Before you head out to this address brief two other members of your team, contact the county police, and meet them at the address.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Yes sir.  Showing a slight grin on her face as she loves this kind of assignment.  If we come across anything of importance I will let you know right away.

Samantha goes to brief two members of her team, Gerry White and Alex Blue of what is going on, and contacts the county police to meet her at the address.  When the F.B.I. agents pulled up at the house, they see two uniform county officers waiting for them in marked cruisers.  She meets them on the sidewalk in front of the house and gives them a brief summary of what she wants to do.  After speaking with the county officers, Samantha and Gerry both walk up on the porch and knock on the door.  While they are waiting for someone to come to answer the front door, the other county officer and Alex are watching both sides of the house.  She knocks on the door a few more times and still no answer.

At this time Samantha and Gerry try to see through the front windows, when the county officer watching the side of the house hears glass breaking and footsteps running along the deck.  He alerts to Samantha of what he hears and then sees someone running across the backyard and hopped the wooden fence.  They attempt to pursue the suspicious person, but lose sight of the fleeing mystery person immediately.  One county officer gets on his radio and informs dispatch of the location they are at and the description of the suspicious person fleeing the residence.  As both county officers start to search the area, while waiting for back up, Samantha and Gerry spot the rear the glass in the rear sliding door busted out.

She cautiously approaches the sliding door with her service weapon unholstered and Gerry immediately behind her.  They both try to avoid stepping on the glass to alert anyone else who might be in the house that they are coming.  Once inside the house they start searching kitchen, which was the first room they entered after going into the house.  During the search of the first floor, Samantha spots blood droplets on the hardwood floor in the family room.  She starts to follow the blood droplets, which lead down a hallway to a first floor bedroom.  Samantha and Gerry went down the hallway, while Alex and one of the county officers go upstairs to the second floor to continue the search.  When Samantha got to the bedroom door, she noticed it was cracked open and silently advised her partner.  She gave the count to three and kicked open the door with her weapon pointed directly in front her.

After kicking in the door, she saw a naked body lying across the bed in a pool of blood face down.  Gerry immediately rushed to the bathroom and cleared it for anyone else in there.  Once the bedroom and the rest of the house was cleared, they immediately exited the house, contacted an ambulance, and Samantha phoned her boss, David, of what she had found.  During her phone conversation with David he wanted her to find out who the naked person was lying across the bed and who the suspicious person was fleeing the residence.  Samantha immediately thought that it might have been her anonymous caller that was there before her, which David shared the same thought and idea.  Almost immediately after getting off the phone with David, she receives a phone call from a private number.  Samantha answers the phone thinking it might be her anonymous caller.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Agent Hopkins.  I imagine you are not that surprised to find what you just found.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  You need to return to the scene immediately or I will charge you with murder once I find you.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Oh, now that wouldn’t be nice after I gave you all the information you needed to start your investigation.  I arrived at the house prior to the two county officers showing up.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS:  Who are you and why are we playing games?  Being charged with first degree murder is no game I promise you.  I don’t have anything else, but to charge you since you was in the house and a dead body was found.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Trust me; finding me is the least of your problems Agent Hopkins.  I would advise that you pay close attention to the clues you find in the house and what the body represents.  Once everything starts coming to light, finding me will be of least importance.  Speak to you soon Agent Hopkins.  Phone hangs up.



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