“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 2)

September 9, 2018

Fort Meade, Maryland @ 7:00am

The conflict between Iran and the weaker neighbor, Afghanistan spreads to other Arabic countries, which includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iraq.  Although the majority of the conflict lies between the two original countries of Iran and Afghanistan, Israel is holding itself back from launching a full scale invasion of Iran through their northern border.  Once again Saudi Arabia once again opens its doors to the United States military forces of the Air Force and Marines to launch military strikes against Iran and any of its allies.  Despite the raising public opinion inside America to be against the military intervention in the Middle East, President Dixon continues to plead his case to the American people of why the U.S. military can’t hold out too much longer.  The opposite of the American public lies within the government itself as the Democratic and Republican Parties, with majority of the votes, to back the president on the use of military intervention against Iran inside Afghanistan.  However, majority of the U.S. government voted against using military strikes against Iran inside their Iranian borders.

The current intelligence report, supported by the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, explains to the president and his military advisors that the Iranian military is now bogged down about twenty miles from the capital city of Kabul.  The majority of the Afghan military forces deployed from other parts of the country as was able to stall the invasion of the Iranian forces.  Also within that intelligence report the main concern was some of the military personnel of the Afghanistan National Police defecting and going over to the side of the enemy.  Although the United Nations promoted and backed the resolution to involve military intervention, headed by the United States, their wavering ally to the north of Afghanistan, Russia, strongly opposes the invasion of Afghanistan and U.S. military intervention in the conflict.  When the Russian president and prime minister were offered to come up with other suggestions other than military intervention from the international community, the Russian government couldn’t provide any other resolutions to sway the United Nations Security Council.

During the presidential national tour to give appearances and speak about military intervention in Afghanistan, several protestors opposing the decision to involve military forces once again in the sand grow support throughout the United States.  In cities like Chicago, Seattle, and Cincinnati protestors got violent that resulted in several arrests, police officers and several protestors being seriously injured, and the National Guard being called out for support of the law enforcement action.  Kansas City, Missouri, San Francisco, and Los Angeles mayors made public appearances to denounce the president’s decision to send American forces back to Afghanistan and called for other peaceful solutions.  All of NATO and majority of the U.N. members backed the resolution of military intervention against Iran within the borders of Afghanistan.  Although President Dixon was explaining to people that the military would only be used to drive back the Iranian forces back across the border, the fear and the thought of using United States military personnel scared the American public.  Some military veterans of the first Afghanistan War opposed sending American forces back into the country for the likely hood of America being stuck there for another ten to fifteen years.

As the world and the international community deal with this rising concern of the conflict spreading like wildfire to other countries, behind the scenes at NSA another terrorist threat is being decoded.  While the president was visiting the new auto industry manufactory plant in Dallas, Texas, his National Security Advisor, Danielle Price, receives a phone call on her cell regarding the possible terror threat.

DANIELLE PRICE:  (Answering the phone) Price.

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  Ms. Price, I need to alert to you of a possible terror threat.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay, go ahead with the information.

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  We’ve decoded several pieces of information we gathered over the course of the last few months regarding of a possible attack on our infrastructure.

DANIELLE PRICE:  What kind of infrastructure are we talking about?

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  We are not sure at this point, but the information we have and the consistency of the conversation seems to be about a cyber attack on a massive scale.  The bad news on the same scale is that we don’t have the date or location of such attack.

DANIELLE PRICE:  How much longer do you need to figure this out of when the attack is going to happen?

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  At this point we don’t know how much longer except keep trying to decode more messages and see if we can come up with a more specific threat and time frame.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay, please keep me posted on what you find out and who.  I will alert the president of what is going on and what you’ve told me.  Thank you!

While the conversation between Price and the NSA representative goes on, a police officer just outside the grounds of Ft. Meade observes a vehicle speeding.  As the vehicle continues traveling down the highway passing the base, the police officer uses his laser speed detector to gage the vehicle’s speed.  Once the vehicle speed was registered at 75 mph in the 55 mph zone, he immediately turned on his lights and siren and pursued after the vehicle.  It took the police officer about two miles to catch up to the vehicle before the driver decided to pull over on the left shoulder.  As the police vehicle was pulling in behind the driver, the violator reached slowly over to the passenger seat and put his semi-automatic pistol next to his right leg.  The driver kept looking at the police officer through his driver side mirror from the time the police officer exited his patrol vehicle and approached his car.

When the police officer walked up to the driver side window he started to interact with the violator.

POLICE OFFICER:  Good morning sir, I need to inform you that you are being audio and video recorded during this traffic stop.

VIOLATOR:  Okay officer.  Why am I being pulled over?

POLICE OFFICER:  I will explain that to you once you hand over your driver’s license and vehicle registration, please.

VIOLATOR:  Yes sir.  I need to reach inside my left pocket for my wallet with my license and reach in my glove box for my registration.


The driver pulls out his wallet and hands over his state license to the cop.  After doing so, he reached inside the glove box and handed over the registration as well.  The cop looks at the registration and the driver’s license to compare the information.

POLICE OFFICER:  Who owns the vehicle?

VIOLATOR:  My brother owns the vehicle.  He allows me to borrow it sometimes, especially right now with my car being in the shop for major repairs.

POLICE OFFICER:  I see.  Is there anything on your license that I need to be aware of before I find out?  Any warrants, points, suspensions or anything like that?

VIOLATOR:  No sir, not that I am aware of.

POLICE OFFICER:  Okay sir, just stay in your vehicle and I will back with all of your documents in a few.

The cop walks back to his patrol vehicle to do a check of the information that he was given.  The driver of the car pulled over sits and starts to become nervous as if he wonders the cop will ask him to exit his car for any reason.  The cool weather outside is of assistance to the driver as it is not warm enough to cause him to sweat and to be visibly noticed to the cop of him being nervous.  A few minutes passed when the cop exited his patrol vehicle and walked back up to the driver’s car.

VIOLATOR:  Excuse me officer, you never told me why you pulled me over.

POLICE OFFICER:  I pulled you over because I clocked you at 75 mph in a 55 mph zone.  Are you in a hurry to go somewhere or have an emergency that I need to know about?

VIOLATOR:  (Hesitates before answering the officer) I was just trying to hurry up and go to my sister’s house.  She called me on my phone and was crying about her life being in danger from her boyfriend.

POLICE OFFICER:  What kind of danger is she in?  Did she call the police to warn them about her boyfriend being a danger to her?

VIOLATOR:  Well, I don’t know if she did or not.  All I know is that she wanted me to hurry up and get to her as fast as I can.

POLICE OFFICER:  I see.  Well, doing 75 mph in a 55 mph zone is not going to help your case in court.

VIOLATOR:  In court?  What do you mean?  Are you giving me a ticket?

POLICE OFFICER:  The citation I am giving you carries a fine of $120 and two points on your license.

VIOLATOR:  Officer, please I beg you to just give me a warning and I will not speed like that again.  I promise!  Just don’t give me a ticket.  I can’t afford that right now.

POLICE OFFICER:  Unfortunately, for you it can’t be taken back since it is electronic.  Your information has already been forwarded to the courts and your options of what you can do with the ticket are on there.

VIOLATOR:  Officer, I am very upset right now and I can’t afford this shit!!  Come on!!

As the police officer and the driver argue back and forth, the driver finally calms down and apologizes for his actions.  After the cop gave the driver his ticket and turned his back to go back to his patrol vehicle, he hears the driver exiting the car.  The cop turns around and sees a pistol aiming in his direction, which makes him quickly turn around and run for cover.  The driver opens fire on the cop striking him twice in the back hitting his vest.  After getting shot in the back, the cop stumbles towards the back of his patrol vehicle and trying to radio in emergency back up.  The driver continued to fire as he quickly approached the hiding cop behind his police vehicle.  As the rounds being fired strike the trunk and flattening the rear tire, the cop finally draws his service pistol and pops up from behind the his patrol vehicle returning fire at the driver.

The officer took two more rounds in the vest, before striking the driver three times in the upper torso.  Once the driver was hit, he immediately went down on the ground dropping his weapon, which lay next to him.  Unknown to the cop that one of his three shots that hit the driver, struck his heart killing him instantly.  Once the officer was able to determine that the threat was over, he collapsed to the ground with shallow breathing.  He turned his head and saw his back up racing to his location with their lights on, but couldn’t hear their sirens.  Other witnesses and bystanders stopped by to assist the officer in his injuries and called for the paramedics.  Officers from other jurisdictions, who heard the call go out, raced to the scene and checked on the driver.  It was pre-determined that the driver was dead on scene and that the investigation of what happened can now begin.



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