“SHOOTING STAR” (Chapter 1 – Sci Fi)

August 29, 2018

Washington, D.C. @ 11:00pm

United States President Richard Dixon, the country’s 45th president in the middle of his second-term and member of the Republican Party, just finishes his press conference, which was aired lived around the country, on recommitting American troops to Afghanistan.  Shortly, after President Dixon was elected into his second term, the Afghanistan National Army has been dealing with border clashes and skirmishes along its western border with Iran.  Days later, after President Dixon hit his first 100 days into his second term, the Iranian military ignored international pleas and preliminary U.N. resolutions to avoid invading their neighboring country to the east.  Hours after the invasion of Iranian forces inside Afghanistan, U.S. Destroyers stationed in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea launched strategic strikes against the invading forces.  After the Americans launched missiles from naval ships located in the Middle East, Israel alerted the United States that they are now receiving incoming ballistic missiles.  Once the first few struck inside Israel, the Israeli Air Force went airborne and strategically struck communication and air defense systems just inside the northern border of Iran.

With yet another Middle East conflict on the rise and the United States just finished their strategic intervention inside Syria, the American public quickly marched on the White House and other military bases around the country displaying their concerns and discuss.  Reading numerous local newspapers on how the American public is viewing military intervention in Afghanistan, which the nation was basically split in half, the president decided to give a press conference at the White House to explain his level of decision making to ease their minds.  The press conference lasted about two hours and that includes questions from reporters that were invited to come to the White House to witness the statements.  Once the president finished his press conference, he was greeted by his Chief of Staff Michael West and his National Security Advisor Danielle Price.  As President Dixon was heading back to the Oval Office he was being briefed on the updates that NASA and NOAA had compiled hours earlier.  In the reports given to the president, he was taken back on the detailed accuracy of what NASA and NOAA reported on the incoming asteroids.  The very first asteroid to enter earth’s atmosphere was to be April 1, 2019 between the hours of 0100-0200hrs.  This information was helpful to the administration, but he was still concerned of where the first asteroid was to hit.

In reading the reports further President Dixon was shocked to know that the first asteroid to hit earth was approximately 500 feet in length and about 250 feet in height.  The size of the asteroid was a bit concerning to the president and wondered how he will be able to keep that a secret from the American public.  Michael West was against the president in keeping this information a secret to the American public as he felt they have a right to know about what is coming and how to prepare for it.  On the other hand, Danielle Price was for the information to be kept hidden from the American public at this time until tensions in the Middle East calmed down.  That thought process enraged Michael to the point where he nearly raised his voice, but caught his composure.  He contested the idea of waiting for the tensions against Iran and Afghanistan to calm down since there was no timetable on when that would happen.  He was already half leaning against the president to launch a military strike against the invading Iranian force since that move would be too risky and the eventual spread of the conflict.

Once Michael expressed his concerns and dissention against keeping this information a secret, Danielle then expressed her opinions to him the president on why it is a good idea to keep it hidden.  She went on to explain that keeping this hidden right now, while the nation is yet involved with another Middle East conflict, is the right move.  Danielle went on to explain that releasing this information to the American public right now would just be overwhelming and could cause civil unrest when they need the country’s support.  President Dixon heard both of their arguments and returned to the chair behind his desk.  After reading the report summary and hearing both members of his immediate staff, President Dixon decided to keep the information away from the public until it was deemed necessary.  Michael released a big sigh, but dared not to challenge the president on his decision since he thinks his concerns have been heard, but overruled.  Danielle expressed her thanks to the president and left the office with Michael directly behind her.

MICHAEL WEST:  Danielle?  Why is it every time we have a disagreement in front of the president you always win, huh?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Oh come on Michael.  You won the last two arguments in front of President Dixon.

MICHAEL WEST:  Yeah, but those disagreements were minor and dealt with certain members of the staff.  I’m talking about our differences of how the American public should be protected and informed.  You can’t tell me that you are absolutely on board with the president on this.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Informing the American public of a massive asteroid ready to impact earth by spring of 2014, while we really don’t know where it will strike, is a little premature in my book.

MICHAEL WEST:  You said so yourself that you want to wait until the conflict in Afghanistan calms down.  Really?  That’s what happened when we got involved in Syria with just strategic strikes.  The next thing we knew we ended up involved in the civil war for another year that ascertained our air force.  Look, I am only going against you on this because I think it is going to blow up in our faces if we wait until it is almost time to where people can’t make preparations.

DANIELLE PRICE:  You really want to scare the people of this country while they are terrified of this Iranian-Afghan conflict of dragging in our armed forces with boots on the ground?  To me that is a selfish way of thinking and you need to have your head examined.  I will not allow the president to tell the public about the incoming space missile when we don’t know where it will land.  That would look real stupid for him to go live on the air, in front of millions of Americans, to tell them of an incoming asteroid, but oh by the way we don’t know where it will strike.  Stay tuned!

MICHAEL WEST:  They deserve to know the truth!  That’s all I’m saying.  We can’t keep this under the sheets to long before it gets leaked out.

DANIELLE PRICE:  You heard the president, Michael.  He won’t release it until it is time for them to know.  He wants to make sure that he has all the information correctly before making illegitimate statements to make himself look like a fool.  I’m not wavering my position and yours have been heard.  Time to let it go and deal with what we have in front of us now.

Danielle walks away from Michael and goes around the corner heading back to her office.  Michael watches her go around the corner before he walks off to another location in the White House.  As most of the staff is winding down for the night, the local news stations are now being televised around the area.  One news station began to report about what the president said and what could certain messages mean for the conflict between Iran and Afghanistan forces.

One news clip of Senator Christopher Lance (R) from the state of Mississippi:

“I solely agree with the president on this issue of sending in our military to squash this conflict and to keep it from spreading.  We don’t necessarily need to send in our troops to fight alongside the Afghan military, but if we supply them and offer our assistance with our air force and some naval forces to them we can cease this thing from the going beyond its borders.”

Another news clip was shown of Terrance Matthews (D) from the state of Minnesota:

I am not so sure we need to intervene anymore than we already have.  Launching missile strikes against the invading force of Iran has yet to come back at us.  I understand that we have spent time in Afghanistan and have trained the military and the national police in defending themselves with less of our help, but we don’t need to be bogged down for another 10-15 years in the sand spending more billions and billions of dollars.”

Then one more news clip was show of President Dixon speaking at the press conference in front of the media:

“I understand the American public’s view of the situation going on in the Middle East.  I know they don’t want me to commit our armed forces to fight a conflict that we may not need to be in.  However, we also have an obligation to protect them from enemies that tend to overthrow them and put them back in the timeline prior to September 11, 2001.  I need the American public to understand that we must continue to fight terrorism and not allow the country of Afghanistan to be a safe haven once again after we coordinated for so long with Afghans and our allies to free that country.  I will do what I need to do, within reason of course, to help defend that country, but I will do everything I can to not send and commit troops on the ground if I don’t have too.”



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