“SHOOTING STAR” Introduction (Sci-Fi)


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for years have been recording the space activity around earth to anticipate when the orbiting asteroids will impact earth.  Approximately 400 asteroids are due to impact earth for the next one hundred years from 2019 to 2120, but findings such as these are kept from the public.  The president of the United States, director of the National Security Administration, and director of Homeland Security are constantly updated on this information as the first impact is looming on the horizon.  After several meetings and numerous advisories passed between members of Congress and selected members of the high command in the military, the public would only be told of incoming asteroids that are expected to make devastating impacts.  However, the timing of when to inform the public seems to be the issue that constantly floats around the government and the U.S. military.

With other nations conducting spy operations on the United States, China and Russia were able to decode some messages, but the highly important information that was needed could not be figured out.  Several days after China and Russia figured out what the United States federal space agencies were hiding from the public, they now knew that the asteroid fallout would not only impact the Continental U.S., but the entire Western Hemisphere.  This information was passed on to the United Nations Security Council who turned around and challenged the American president on the findings, which of course the head of the U.N. Security Council did not disclose his source of the information.  With this confidential information leaked to the U.N., the NSA and Homeland Security begin to worry about that information being leaked to the public before they are ready to disclose any of it.  So to play damage control the White House Press Secretary makes a statement to the press and the public of incoming asteroids that may or may not be of immediate danger to the safety of all citizens.

The White House staff does their best to calm down the public and to put their souls at ease by disclosing their plan of using the powerful U.S. Navy and its arsenal to shoot down any asteroid that enters the earth’s atmosphere.  Even though that does ease the minds of the American citizen right now, they still failed to inform the public that this global threat from space affects the entire Western Hemisphere.  While the United States Navy prepares for their long standing mission to shoot down any large asteroid that enters American airspace, other NATO nations prepare themselves to offer assistance to the U.S. if needed.  As the U.S. is preparing and showing the world that they can handle such monumental task, the NSA also figures out a terror plot being planned at the same time.  The president of the United States is alerted to this plot and tasks the F.B.I. and Homeland Security to find out what is the target and when.  Through intense investigation by the F.B.I. and Homeland Security, they figured out that it is involving several domestic terrorist’s groups with international funding and reach.

Now the intense pressure is almost overwhelming for the president and his staff to protect the public from the air and land.  The Federal Bureau of Investigations Joint Terrorism Task Force hits the ground running at over 100 mph to figure this plot out and to arrest numerous members before they were able to launch such attack.  With the American public getting used to the idea of asteroids getting ready to impact earth and their military designed to protect them, they are completely oblivious to the terror plot looming overhead and they still don’t know how long this threat from space will lasts and how many are anticipated to impact earth.  To keep the public from over-reacting and going into complete chaos with civil unrest being added pressure and nuisance to the public safety sector, the terror plot is kept from the public even though the threat is immediate.  How will the United States deal with the knowledge of knowing that their secret information compiled by NASA and NOAA was leaked, keeping and dealing with an immediate terror threat, and preparing for the threat from space with their resources nearly stretched to the limit before the first asteroid impact?  Time will tell!


“Shooting Star” is the new name and revised story of “Heavenly Fire” for this coming fall and winter.


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