“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part XIX)

Previously on “The Red Barn”

Bart and Linda have discovered that the best way to stop Ebony maybe looking for her relatives that still might be in the area.  However, this task will not be an easy one and is no guarantee that seeking other family members of the little girl will even work.  After speaking with a few tenants at the local diner, searching through the local library, and making arrangements to extend their stay for another few days, Bart and Linda embark on a journey that will surely take them to new heights of this horror.

Part XIX

Bart and Linda met in the lobby of their hotel after they were able to pay to extend their stay for three more days.  Three days doesn’t offer them a lot of time to get things done to solve this horror mystery of Ebony’s behavior, but it might offer some kind of closure to a curious mind.  As they were leaving the lobby of the hotel, Bart turned his head to the right and saw a sophisticated gentleman reading the national newspaper.  When he stopped to get a good look at the front cover of the newspaper, he noticed it was about he earthquake that basically swallowed up the entire town of Avalon.  Bart walked over to the gentleman and stood in front of him reading the front cover.  Obviously, this made the man very uncomfortable and caused him to put the newspaper down to look at Bart with a blank face.  Bart made eye contact with the gentleman and offered to buy the newspaper off of him for twice the amount he paid for it.

The gentleman looked back at Bart and glanced over at Linda before offering is answer to the offer.  The gentleman said, “You give me five dollars for the newspaper and it’s yours, but I get to keep the international section.”  Bart gave a smile and told the gentleman “deal!” and they exchanged the deal right in the lobby.  The gentleman looked at the five dollar bill and looked back at Bart and gave a gratifying smile before getting out of his chair and walking away.  Bart and Linda found a seat for both of them to sit in and start reading the front cover of the national newspaper.  The title read, “Avalon Disappeared, Catastrophe Remains”.  As they read further into the article they could see that the F.B.I. and Homeland Security also responded to the scene, which is not normal for them to show up at an earthquake scene for investigations.

When Linda skips ahead to the near bottom of the front cover, she reads that a mysterious journal explaining the enigma of events occurring prior to the earthquake is in custody with the F.B.I.  She goes on to read further into the article that the mysterious journal was definitely written by a soldier, who was assigned to the area based on the mysterious events that occurred prior to the military being called in.  When she showed Bart that passage in the article, they both came across the statement that was made by the special agent of the F.B.I. on scene, who is in charge of the investigation.  The passage wrote, “We can not reveal the writing of the journal at this time to the press or to the public as this is still an active investigation.  However, I can tell you that the journal was written by a soldier who was stationed here for a particular mission and in someway, shape or form was able to get it to our office.  The evidence we have in the journal is based on true accounts and physical evidence gathered during their time of assignment prior to the earthquake occurring.  These findings and evidence gathered in the journal rendered an investigation by the F.B.I., Homeland Security, and the state police.  At this point and time we can successfully say that the public is not in danger at this time, but if any information pertaining to that changes we will let you know as soon as possible.”

Bart drops the newspaper down and looks forward in a disbelief attitude with Linda next to him releasing a huge sigh.  Bart turns to Linda and engages in an idea conversation that she assume means he is brainstorming.

BART:  There is more going on there in that town then what was previously reported by media.

LINDA:  Yes.  God only knows what was happening there.  I wish we had access to that journal so we knew for sure.

BART:  What an idea Linda!!

LINDA:  What idea?  What are you talking about?

BART:  We put off the searching for relatives one more day and try to find out what is in that journal.

LINDA:  Okay now I think you have really lost your rocker!  You’re not making any sense Bart.

BART:  What’s the problem?  All we have to do is press the Freedom of Information Act and pressure them in giving us the journal or at least show us what’s in it.

LINDA:  What the hell is your problem?!  You are going to try to pressure the federal investigators, the federal government in giving you the journal, which could hold national security information in it.

BART:  National Security information?  Oh please, if it was that secretive they wouldn’t have mentioned that they had it in their possession.  Let alone begin an investigation with the information and evidence secured in the journal.

LINDA:  Look all I am saying is that we do not have the pull or the authority to just go back down there and try to read it.  We’d be lucky if we ever get past the checkpoint that caused us to turn around in the first place.

BART:  You never want to be adventurous, huh?  Take a challenge and grab it by the balls!

LINDA:  I’ll grab you by the balls if we go down there and find ourselves arrested for impeding an investigation.

BART:  Leans in closer to her.  So does that mean you are onboard with me and my stupid idea? Chuckles at her to make her feel at ease.

LINDA:  Oh! Okay!  However, we don’t push too hard.  If we can’t get the access to that journal, which I highly doubt we will, we leave and move on with finding the relatives of the little girl.  Deal?

BART:  Deal!

They leave the hotel lobby and once outside Linda says to Bart, “So what is the plan in getting this journal?”  He looks at her and comes up with the idea of pretending to be journalists who are covering the story of the earthquake.  She looks back at him, with a befuddled look on her face, “Are you kidding me?!  I can tell you right now this idea won’t work.  That is a secured sight with a horrific history and terrorizing past.  With the feds in the area now we need to come up with a more elaborate scheme.

BART:  What’s your idea, then?



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