Where is the Policy? (Real-Life/On the Job)

In all my years of being in law enforcement I have, at random times, been involved in some incidents where race and personal feelings played a role, however it was disguised.  I’ve heard of many officers and superiors violating certain code of ethics and, even at times, stretching the policy to better fit their ending wish to the situation.  However, I’ve never been involved in a situation where my rights were completely violated where, in the same token, the policy was violated as well.  I know working in this field not everyone will like you, whether it be your personality, the badge, your looks, your speech, or even just hate you just because.  If a good portion of the officers I work with don’t like me, well that’s their opinion, but when it comes to down right violating your own policy that you are suppose to protect and uphold, it becomes a bigger issue.

A command structure is to be there for their officers and soldiers on the ground and to back them up when things become overwhelming.  If I am in trouble or a citizen complains against me, which has not happen that often, I should go to my supervisor and tell him or her what happen.  Unless I am utterly and completely wrong, I should count on them to back me up on my decision on what I did and how it was done.  At this point in my career that possibility looks very slim as I feel like I am being targeted by one of my own for whatever reason.  Be it a racial profiling aspect or just because of their personal feelings towards me, which neither should reflect on that person or persons willing to blatantly violate the department policy to jam me up.  Going to that length in order to jam me up on something tells me a lot and also informs me that my time at this agency is finished or coming to an end quickly.

It would appear that I am not the only black officer in the agency that goes through some kind of profiling or some kind of incident that includes a very petty nature.  As the public would expect, they expect the officers to uphold the law and the constitution 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  At the same time the public expects us to follow the law also whether we are in regular patrol mode or responding priority to a situation.  We have to protect people’s rights regardless of how we may feel about the person, the situation, or wanting to get revenge for the victim.  I guarantee you if a road officer violated a policy, his supervisor and the individuals above him would be quick to hand down punishment for his/her actions.  When they violate policy or the code of ethics they want to have some kind of excuse to explain why they did what they did.

If we lie to our supervisor or to anyone in high command, we have our integrity become an issue and can be either suspended or fired for such an act.  If the high command, which means higher than the rank of sergeant, lie’s or tells an alternating story of what transpired, then how come their integrity doesn’t come into play as well?  Although I am on my way out the door and moving to another state where police officers are more respected, I certainly am not trying to have massive baggage hanging on me as I head out the door.  Violating an agency policy just to get me hemmed up for whatever personal reason you may feel, or lie to me as if something else happened, which I know damn well it didn’t, tells me you and whoever you conspired with, that you don’t like me and want to see me burn for your own gratification.  I am the type of officer that comes to work, does my job to the best of my ability, and then goes home.

I am not a trouble maker nor am I the kind of officer that wants to fly high on the radar for everyone to see, at least not at this agency.  Why would you want to fuck with an officer that does his work and doesn’t cause trouble?  The quiet ones are the ones you need to watch out for and if you keep pushing the wrong buttons; you may find yourself in the sling getting ready to be ejected into the sun wearing gasoline underwear!  If you want to risk that illegal behavior on trying to get me hemmed up for some bullshit I recommend you think again!  So if you or someone you know is going through something at work and the policy or rule was violated to get that person in trouble, then you need to watch your back and know when it is time to roll out and continue on elsewhere!  That type of behavior is not right and is a shitty way to try to start a fire storm that you can’t stop!  Now at this point no write up has come of it, but I tell you what, if one does come the nuclear bomb they tried to plant would have exploded in their face! Right now I will continue doing what I normally do and keep to myself as I always do, but if I keep getting messed with I will turn the tables quick and in a M.F. hurry!!



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2 responses to “Where is the Policy? (Real-Life/On the Job)

  1. Spousal Unit

    I know this is an old post but with recent events is still applicable. You should submit this to a magazine so people can understand 1) that police are humans with real feelings and 2) just what black officers go through.

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