New Diet Plan (Real life stories – Off Duty)

For several days and weeks now, my wife and I have been on somewhat of a diet, but wouldn’t call it a diet per se.  Since her jaw surgery back in December 2012 and my emergency surgery on my gallbladder back in March of this year, we have slowly changed our eating habits.  We first started with just drinking a fruit smoothies in the morning and alternating the days with that and cereal in either soy milk and lactose free milk.  About two to three months later we are now up to drinking either a smoothie or some kind of home-made vegetable juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It took me a few weeks to get mastered in the smoothie arena, but I believe I have it down to a science now.  I have to thank a fellow co-worker that gave me a ninja blender for my wife’s get well gift for her jaw.  Since then the blender has been getting used as it should and it has not let us down yet.  Just a few days ago we brought a $70 juicer and now juicing our vegetables is a new thing for us.  I’ve made a few vegetable soups that way by combining the vegetables from the juicer and mixing it with other things in the blender.  Such as a soup I call the “Vegetarian Explosion”.

This soup contains the follow:  (In the Juicer) – one cucumber, four whole large carrots or one cup of baby carrots, one or two green peppers, and four large celery sticks.  (In the blender) – one can of sweet peas, one  can of black beans, one whole sweet onion, and one cup of lettuce and/or cauliflower.  Once you have the juices from the vegetables in the juicer complete, pour them in the blender with the remaining items for the recipe and blend them up for about two minutes.  Once your two minutes is up, then either pour the brown liquid into a soup bowl for heating up in the microwave for two to three minutes, or pour it all in a soup pot and heat it up on the stove for no more than five to seven minutes.

Once you heat up your home-made vegetarian soup, take some fresh bread and dip it in the soup and eat it that way or use a spoon for eating it like a soup.  Either way I think you will be quite surprised on how well the taste will soothe you and satisfy you in the long run.  Feel free to try it one day for your experiment and let me know how it did for you.  See you next time!!



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