October 035This photo was created back in October of 2010 I believe and like the one before it, it is one of my favorites.  When I did this I had no direction and no particular way I was looking for the picture to look, but after it was done it reminded me of a western sunset.  That is one thing when I draw, paint, or digitally make a picture I don’t have any particular direction sometimes.  I just sit down and start making or drawing lines, squares, and shapes and just watch what it turns into.  I’ve always been good at scenery and not so well with drawing people in motion or even standing still.  I even enrolled at an art school institute located in Minnesota and completed half the program before it got too expensive for my parents to keep it up.  It was a pretty neat program where they would send you materials and you complete the task and send it back for a grade.  I was pretty much an A student and excelled pretty well.  Once in a blue moon I wished I had finished to see what would happen, but it’s not one of those things that I regret, but happy that I was a part of.


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