Fields of LightningWith this post I felt like adding something different with one art work that I created digitally sometime ago.  This, along with several others, is one of my favorite photos I painted and created on the computer with an art program design.  Just to give you a little more about me and that I do have other talents besides just writing stories all day.  I haven’t had the urge to make any new paintings lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like art.  What I can’t understand is how a block of cheese with hair attached to it considered art?  I can’t remember where I saw that, but something like that wouldn’t strike me as awe!  That would strike me as a piece of unflattering make up of an artistic piece, but then again I am not an art student or someone who searches for strange art pieces of that nature.

Anyway, I thought I would post something different up on my blog and see if you like it.  I have more I can post if anyone wants to see more of what I have created a few years back!


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