Since my last story post back in May 2013, I haven’t posted anything until the updated revision of my introduction page.  Well, the explanation for that is that it is summer time and probably won’t be much posted during the summer, and secondly I have other things that have taken my attention.  One personal endeavor has taken almost my full time and attention, but since things are starting to calm down and be more on an even keel, I can concentrate back on my writing.  My work hours are mad sometimes and that alone can be an issue to deal with when I want to write a continuation to a story and post it for everyone to see and read.  Now that it is full swing in the summer season I can work on what I want to do while at the same time taking care of other personal business.  I tell you sometimes being an author is not easy when you have other things that need your attention, which takes away your time to please your fans and give them what they want.  I love you all that come back time and time again, and you all give me the strength to continue when you want to see an outcome of a story that I have started.  Thank you all!

A few of the stories that were left unfinished may have to be revised and start over once again.  It has been too long for the story to continue, such as “Heavenly Fire”, “Christina Black”, and possibly “Time Gap”.  “The Red Barn” is too far ahead and too far advanced in the story for me to even think about restarting that novel.  However, I am near the end of the story so restarting that would be crazy and not very happy to my loyal and beloved fans.  I am currently working on two to three other stories that will begin to be posted very soon.  In advance I hope you enjoy them and one story will get you thinking and make you want to know what happens the way it ends.  I hope to be at the level of a Stephen King or a Tom Clancy, but even better and I think I can achieve that goal successfully.  It will take hard work and possibly constant rejection letters, which I expect because every author gets them before they make it to the big stage of notoriety.  At this time I just ask that you be patient with me a little more and the stories will start flowing once again.  The writing bug is starting to hit me again and I am ready to go full steam once again, which I believe is the best way to write instead of trying force it on a schedule, which I have tried and failed time and time again.  I want this writing adventure to be fun and satisfying, instead of it feeling like a job that I soon hate and can’t wait to finish to get rid of the burden.  If I can’t enjoy writing the story, then I know when you read it you won’t enjoy it and possibly won’t finish it or want to know more.

I will return to the stage of writing once again and bring you the enjoyment and anxiousness that seem to come with my stories over time.  I will probably start posting more real-life postings too, but I forget and get tied up in things that I always forget to post certain things.  I will try to do better with that and give you more insight on what I deal with on a daily basis on and off duty.  I thank you for your time once again and I hope you come back very soon to read the final parts of “The Red Barn” and see the strange and weird outcome of that story.

See you soon!


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