“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part XVII)

Previously on “The Red Barn”

A massive earthquake, registering as a 9.0 on the Richter scale, has struck the town of Avalon and other towns and cities within a ten mile radius.  Shortly after the quake ended, Bart and Linda attempt to gain access to the town, but are denied entry at a roadblock.  During the aftermath of the earthquake, Ebony, strikes again by turning another innocent victim into stone.


After being turned away at a roadblock just outside the town limits of Avalon, Bart and Linda then decided to head south towards Charleston, South Carolina.  On their way there they made a stop at a roadside diner for some food.  As part parked the car in the parking lot right by the diner front door, Linda reaches into her purse and pulls out migraine medicine.  Bart just sits there and watches her take the pills with no water in hand.  Her face cringed as she attempted to swallow the pills with no aid of a cold beverage.  Once she was able to put down the pills, she took a huge sigh as if she was relieved it was done.

Bart then turns to her and asked her, “How come you couldn’t wait until we got inside for some water to help wash those pills down?”  Linda turns her head towards him and replies, “Sometimes I can’t wait and just getting out of the car to go inside just made my head hurt worse.”  He looked at her as if her statement made no sense, but didn’t push the issue since that is not the main focus of their trip.  They enter the diner and get seated immediately behind a group of four older gentlemen.  When Bart and Linda sat down, she had her back towards the four gentlemen talking behind her.  As the four gentlemen were talking amongst themselves, she was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.  At the same time Bart was talking to her as he was looking at the menu.

Linda would only respond to Bart at points she thought she should respond, but most of her focus was on the men behind her.  Then as the four gentlemen got deeper into their conversation, she turned her head slightly to her right to listen even more deeply.

MAN #1:  I’m telling you that town had it coming.  It’s sad that everyone had to pay for the sins of one group of people.

MAN #2:  That doesn’t make it right.  Everyone involved in that incident had either moved away or was already dead.  So, how can you say that the town of Avalon had it coming?

MAN #1:  I’m not saying that those people that died had their fate coming.  What I am saying is that the people who were involved in that incident at that time cursed the town and everyone who lived in it.

MAN #3:  Why would innocent people who have nothing to do with that be cursed and killed for something they have no knowledge of?

MAN #1:  They should have never entered the red barn in the first place, number one.  Number two, if they had never entered the town itself, they wouldn’t have been a victim of her wrath.

It was at this point that Linda made her eavesdropping known to the four elderly men.

LINDA:  Hi.  I’m sorry to but in, but I was overhearing your conversation about the town of Avalon and the red barn.

All four of the men looked at each other and at Linda and Bart.  One of the men invited Bart and Linda to come over to their table to discuss the topic of Avalon and the red barn.

MAN #1:  So what do you want to know?

LINDA:  Well, we want to know how is the town cursed and why are things happening in a bizarre way?

MAN #2:  It all dates back sometime near the era of when the thirteen colonies were formed into a new nation.  As many of us know, slaves were a big business venture and a lot of money was made from either selling or buying slaves for labor.  Especially in the south, like North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.

MAN #3:  For years after those slaves, as we know attempted to escape and avoid capture, but when they were captured they either faced the punishment of being hanged, losing a foot, or being castrated.  During the time of slavery, there were many revolts coordinated by the slaves for freedom, but each time they tried they were just dealt with harshly.

MAN #2:  Then about the period between 1700 and 1710, when the population was on a sharp rise, the slave owners came together and decided to excommunicate the slaves to control their population growth.

BART:  Why would they want to control their population?

MAN #4:  Over time the slaves were growing stronger and faster.  Besides that many slaves were coming down with diseases and ailments that they couldn’t figure out.

MAN #2:  So about one evening, during the winter of 1710, several slaves lived inside this red barn with very little insulation, men, women, and children.  As several slave owners, and some militia men, moved in on the barn, one girl by the name of Ebony, and her mother, were the only two outside the red barn at the time it all started.

LINDA:  What started?  The killings?

MAN #1:  Many slaves fought back using whatever they could fine once they realized what was happening.  It was then at that point the militia men opened fire on those trying to escape.  Couple of the militia men were killed as well by some of the women slaves, but they were soon raped and killed by others.  While all the chaos is going on, Ebony’s father saw his daughter standing alone in a field.  At the same time he saw his wife fighting with one of the owners to protect their daughter.  As he ran towards Ebony he was shot by the militia, which also ended up shooting the little girl.

MAN #4:  Unfortunately, she didn’t die right away.  Her father was dead, but her mother was lying in the grass brutally raped and beaten.  As she laid there unable to move or do anything, she watched some of the townsman grab her daughter and toss her body into the barn with the others.  The barn was then set on fire, but no one knows why the mother was the only one sparred.  Some say it was because they wanted someone to witness the horrific sight.  Many families and bloodlines nearly ended during that period of mass massacre.

For several months Ebony’s mother couldn’t move on with her life.  She ended up turning to Black Magic, which was introduced to her by another widow slave.  Soon after that a transformation started in Ebony’s mother that made some fear her as if she was Satan himself.  Majority of the people said, and it was written down in some historic books not shown in schools, that she went to the site where her family died.  Once there she chanted and did a ritual that brought her daughter back to life, at least in spirit.  It was so real to her that she was able to reach out and touch her daughter once again.  After she was able to control when her daughter could appear and reappear, she vowed vengeance on those that murdered her family and all the slaves before.

If you go to the town’s library, just down the street from here, you would want to go and check out the National Historic and Preservation Society Volume.

BART:  Why is that?

MAN #1:  That book has a detail account of all the events that the little girl, Ebony, was seen in.

LINDA:  What do you mean seen in?

MAN #2:  Ebony’s mother died before she could make her daughter disappear without being seen by others.

LINDA:  How did her mother die?

MAN #4:  No one knows exactly.  Some reports say she died of her own magic, not knowing the limits and used it to the extent that it wasn’t suppose to be used.

BART:  So what happened to Ebony?

MAN #1:  Well, soon after her mother died the little girl disappeared without a trace.  For years, after that the little girl would just show up at random town events in this Chinese red outfit.  At first, she didn’t cause any harm, but I think once the town started to become more populated, she wasn’t too happy.  Many say she lived in the woods, which was up on a hill near a winding road.  Those who pursued the little girl never could find her, until one day a red barn was seen in the same woods on a hill.

An evil spirit or entity hovered around the barn and kept people away for years.  That was until recently when an entire town attempted to gain entry and burn it down.  They might have been successful in burning it down, but the little girl was not pleased with that.  All the events that happened prior to the barn being set on fire were the unhappy and evil spirits of the town.  Some of those that lived in the town were related to the original towns people around the time of Ebony’s death.  So for several years, Ebony, at least we believe, has been seeking her vengeance on the entire bloodline of those involved in her death.

LINDA:  Is there anyway to stop her or to at least put her at peace?

MAN #4:  Who knows?  After that earthquake that just happened near the town, she might be unable to be pleased at this point.

BART:  What if we rebuilt the red barn for her?  You think that could help her out, you know, become settled and live in the afterlife in peace?

MAN #1:  What the hell are you smoking?  We don’t want to be anywhere near that type of thing.

LINDA:  Well, how do you gentlemen know so much about what has happened, especially this little girl?

MAN #4:  Some of it has been personal accounts, articles we’ve read, and other information from speculation and words of other people.

LINDA:  Why don’t we help her stop doing what she is doing and rebuild the red barn for her?  That might be her only savior, her only kind of piece that keeps her in touch with the past.  Right now, majority of the bloodline of those who were involved have either died in this town or in the horrible mysterious house fires in Charleston.

MAN #3:  You heard about that, huh?  The investigators finding small toy barns at every seen is a very tantalizing clue that she’s involved in those fires.

BART:  Well, right now she’s killing people who have nothing to do with what happened to her.  Innocent people, or bloodlines, are getting caught up in her terrorizing vengeance for retribution.  I think if we rebuild her a red barn for her to live in and to have a connection with in the past, we might be able to stop her from killing anymore.

Long pause and silence fills the table.

MAN #1:  Why do you folks want to help that evil girl out?  You really think she’s gonna be thankful to you building her a barn that resembles her death?  Think about that.

LINDA:  Well, we must do something to stop Ebony from harming anyone else.  This earthquake was the worse she’s done.  What’s next on her list?

MAN #2:  If I were you I would probably go find the other bloodline relatives of those that died and warn them about what is coming.  The only thing with that is that you may have a very difficult time convincing them that a little black girl, dressed in a Chinese red outfit, is coming to kill them and their children, if they have any.

BART:  That’s probably not a bad idea for us to do.  We might not be able to save every single one, but we can at least send them a warning.  If they don’t heed to the warning then it will become more of their problem after that.

LINDA:  Where can we find the list of all those that died in the town of Avalon?  You know since the whole area is blocked off now.

MAN #3:  Go to the Lower Union Township Library.  It is just ten minutes up the road on your right.

Through their entire conversation the waitress never interrupted them as she knew what they were talking about.  Once she felt it was safe for her to intervene and ask for everyone’s order, she did.  After everyone ordered their food, they all sat and enjoyed their food, but by this time Linda and Bart had moved back to their original table to enjoy their meal before heading out.



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