“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part XVI)

Previously on “The Red Barn”

The city of Charleston, South Carolina is now being plague with mysterious starting house and structure fires.  The police department is struggling to figure out whom or what is causing these fires throughout random parts of the city, but one thing is clear that someone or something has left their mark.  At the same time Linda and Bart are going to attempt to further investigate these mysterious events that still seem to be connected to the town of Avalon, but with the possible identification of the little girl now they go to Charleston armed with this information.

Part XVI

While the military stationed in and around the town of Avalon try to make sense of the mysterious death of four more soldiers, things within the town are beginning to pick up once again.  Since the arrival of the National Guard the evil entities have backed off not sure of how to proceed until now.  Just a couple of days after the roving patrol were found just outside the town; the satanic events erupted very quickly and continued without any remorse.  Approximately about five to six soldiers were inside the Latrine taking a shower when one of them opened his eyes after washing the soap off of his face.  When he did so the water coming out of the shower head, which has now turned to blood, flows directly into his eyes.  This surprised the hell out of him and caused him to jump away from the shower head.  Once he was able to get his eyes clear enough to see what was happening, that is when he noticed all shower heads within the Latrine turned to blood.

He saw his other buddies showering under the shower heads covered in blood, which at this point they were still unaware of what was happening.  It was at this time he yelled at one of his buddies to get his attention.  When one of them looked at him in serious amazement and asked him what the hell happened, the first soldier pointed to the shower head above his buddies head.  When his buddy looked up and saw that it was blood flowing from the shower head, he jumped back letting out a loud yell.  This yell got everyone else’s attention to what was going on and they all noticed themselves covered in blood.  As other soldiers started walking towards the shower they were met with at five naked soldiers running by them drenched in blood from head to toe.  This obviously caused for some serious alarm as the others, who have not entered the shower yet, chased them down to find out what exactly happened.

The five bloody soldiers were seen running through camp to their living quarters and gathered attention from every corner they rounded.  Soon the soldiers made it to their rooms and slammed their doors shut, but by this time at least two dozen clothed soldiers chased them down to only stand in front of their room door.  One staff sergeant, who witnessed this awful sight, walked up to the door and knocked on it rather hard announcing himself.  Several attempts were made to get the soldiers to open the door and to explain what was going on, but they refused by not saying a word or answering the door.  Finally, after about ten minutes of trying to get the soldiers to open the door the first sergeant grabbed one of the second set of keys to the room from the supply sergeant.

When the first sergeant opened the room he was met with a thud behind the door.  At this point he could only see through a two inch gap in the door as he tried to push it open.  Other soldiers in the hallway, just outside the door, rushed over to help the first sergeant open the door.  After the door was about half way open a foul stench invaded their nostrils, which caused them to all back away from the partially opened bedroom door.  The staff sergeant then gained the courage to strengthen through the foul stench and force his way into the room.  After he cleared the doorway, at least two others followed with the first sergeant the last one to enter.  Seconds after entering the room hundreds of flies were buzzing around the room and feasting off of the five soldiers’ dead bodies on the floor.  One of the soldiers lying on his back, still naked from the shower had several flies coming out of his mouth, nose, and eyes.  The other four soldiers who were spread out throughout the room were lying in various positions with flies coming out of their ears, nose, and other holes that appeared on the corpses.

The first sergeant and the other three soldiers fled the room quickly and vomited in the hallway as a few of the flies followed them out of the room.  Other soldiers in the hallway saw their fellow comrade’s fall to their knees letting loose their stomach contents and rushed away from them for space.  Once the first sergeant finished puking his food from earlier, he ordered a few of the stand-by soldiers to contact the sheriff’s office and the state police.  The remaining soldiers in the hallway took the steps to make sure the room was secured and protected for evidence sake.  As they were completing that task, the first sergeant and his staff sergeant went to the latrine that they ran from to inspect it.  Upon them inspecting the latrine they could easily see blood staining the shower tiles on the wall and floor.  The first sergeant also noticed that the showers were still running pouring more blood onto the floor.  As he entered the shower stalls to turn off the shower heads, he slipped and lost his balance.  Almost immediately after losing his balance the first sergeant landed flat on his back knocking the wind out of him.  The staff sergeant stopped one of the soldiers from rushing in to help the first sergeant not wanting to have more downed and injured bodies.  The staff sergeant asked the first sergeant of how he was feeling, but no answer was given.  It was clear at this point that the first sergeant had suffered a concussion.

It was at this time the staff sergeant reached out to grab the first sergeant’s hand, which was just out of reach.  He then knew he would have to step onto the bloody tiles himself to at least reach the first sergeant and to drag him back away from the shower stalls.  Just as the staff sergeant reached out to grab the first sergeant’s hand, the floor underneath the first sergeant started to rumble and shake.  Soon the whole camp started to rumble and shake and alerted everyone that an earthquake was taking place.  Each minute that passed the rumble and shaking got worse and worse to the point people and soldiers within the ten mile radius of the town couldn’t stay on their feet.  Houses in neighboring towns and cities began to collapse and crush the occupants inside.  Hundreds of people started to run out into the streets to get away from their houses that were turning into rubble-graves.  At one point, for several minutes, the ground registered a 9.0 earthquake within a ten mile radius of Avalon.  Under that massive pressure and rumble of the ground, it started to crack open and split into several small sections.  Some houses and buildings within the town were swallowed into the massive breaks into the earth, which also had extremely intense fire exploding from underneath.

Hundreds of soldiers were killed in this very violent, intense earthquake that caused buildings and equipment to fall on to them.  Several military vehicles were lost within the massive sink holes that were formed throughout the town.  By the end of the intense earthquake, nearly 90% of the town of Avalon was either destroyed by collapsing or being swallowed by Mother Earth into their massive grave.  It was recorded that the earthquake lasted about ten minutes, which was extremely unheard of.  Being involved in very violent shaking for that long period of time caused a lot of people to suffer brain damage, brain hemorrhages, suffered broken limbs and joints, and massive post-traumatic stress syndrome.  Several minutes after the earthquake ended, sirens from emergency vehicles could be heard from miles away.  The remaining soldiers and civilians that were not injured or swallowed up by the massive sink holes in the earth, ran around and helped others the best way they could.

While all of this is happening, Bart and Linda are in a rental car heading towards Charleston when they heard on the radio about a 9.0 earthquake hitting near the town of Avalon.  As the news was reporting it on the radio, they looked at each other and immediately Bart turned the car around to head in the direction of Avalon.  About one hour later, as they continue in towards Avalon, a massive roadblock emerges from the horizon just twelve miles outside of the town.  Immediately, Bart pulls over to the side of the road and asked Linda what the plan was.

BART:  So, what do we do now?

LINDA:  I don’t know.  Maybe if we tell them that we are hear to help the victims of the earthquake they will allow us to go through.

BART:  You really think that will work?  I don’t know if they will believe us.  I suppose it’s worth a shot if we want to figure this mess out.

LINDA:  Just stay calm and relaxed.  Just tell them we are here to help the victims of the earthquake and maybe they will direct us where to go.

Bart releases a huge sigh and puts the car in drive and pulls off the side of the road.  By the time they reached the roadblock about three cars were in front of them and each one was allowed to enter through.  So when Bart and Linda were next they got somewhat excited that they will be able to enter through the roadblock.  Immediately after Bart pulled up to a designated spot pointed by the state trooper, a military policeman walked up to the driver side window and started talking to them.

MILITARY POLICEMAN:  Afternoon sir and ma’am.  What is your business today?

LINDA:  We heard about the massive damage and earthquake on the radio and wanted to come and help the people immediately.

MILITARY POLICEMAN:  That’s very noble of you two, but unfortunately only emergency personnel are allowed through here.  Even folks who live within the radius of the earthquake, who are returning, can’t even enter at this time.

BART:  Well, that sucks royally!  We want to be good citizens and good Samaritans to help our fellow man, you know!

MILITARY POLICEMAN:  I understand that sir, but rules are rules.  At this time I will have to ask you to turn around and head back now please.

LINDA:  Before we do that how much longer is the restriction going to be to only allow emergency personnel through?

MILITARY POLICEMAN:  It could be another 24-48 hours before the restriction is lifted.  By then it will be to only residence.

BART:  Thank you very much officer.

Bart turns the car around and heads back away from the town of Avalon looking in the rear view mirror.  As they were pulling further and further away from the roadblock, shots were fired behind them.  The sounds of shots scared the shit out of Linda and Bart, but could hardly see anything except MP’s and state troopers scrambling around.  He didn’t dare stop to find out what was going on, but kept going straight and listening to the news accounts at ground zero of the earthquake.  As the violent earthquake ended and the aftermath chaos erupted, Ebony is spotted walking around ground zero by one civilian aid who is assigned to the military as a contractor.  The civilian aid starts to follow Ebony and notices she disappears around a corner of a partially collapsed building.  When the aid turns the corner she sees Ebony standing there with a red barn toy in her hand.

The aid looks at her and slowly creeps towards her to get close enough to talk to her.  Once the aid gets close enough to kneel down and to reach out and grab Ebony underneath her arm pits, the little girl reaches out and with her palms up shows the aid the toy.  The aid looks at the toy and stares at it for a few seconds before turning her eyes back at Ebony.  As soon as the aid touched Ebony under her arms, she felt a massive shock go through her body.  She yelped and fell immediately on her buttocks in a stunned daze.  When the aid looks at Ebony she notices that the little girl is slowly changing her features.  Within a few seconds after getting shocked by Ebony, the aid attempts to get up but is shoved back down by an unseen force.  The aid tries with every strength she has to fight against this unseen force holding her down on the ground.  Ebony walks around the aid and stands above her head looking down at her with blacker than midnight eyes, pure blonde hair, and skin matching the color of her death eyes.

The aid made the mistake of looking into Ebony’s eyes and immediately turned to stone within a matter of a few seconds.  Shortly, after the aid was turned to stone, Ebony turned around and switched her appearance back to her normal self and skipped away.  No one else spotted Ebony in the area and no one else found the body of the aid until several hours later already decomposing within the stone shell.




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