“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part XIV)

Previously on “The Red Barn”

Linda and Bart awake from a hellish nightmare that leaves visible scars on their body and in their minds.  The Red Bald Eagle, which has now been spotted at least twice in the town of Avalon, is physically responsible for the death of one military personnel, but the soldiers that were in the area of the death are now suspected of being involved.

Part XIV

A few weeks after a military sergeant lost his life during his team’s patrol within the town limits of Avalon, another mobile patrol team just outside the town limits experienced the unexplained.  A team of about four army infantrymen, mobile in an unmarked black SUV, were driving down one of the main roads that lead to the south side of town.  Since it was late at night and no street lights were present on either side of the road, the headlights from the vehicle were the only light source to shine on the road.  As the vehicle approached a bend in the road a very strong odor of rotten eggs and spoiled beef began to come through the vehicle’s ventilation system.  The driver was the first to smell the foul odor and then the other three occupants followed a few seconds later.  It didn’t take long before each of them started to blame each other for passing gas and not giving the common courtesy to inform the others.  As they got closer to the bend in the road, the foul smell got worse to the point where the rear occupants of the SUV started gagging and dry heaving.  The driver and passenger of the patrol vehicle started having issues seeing and breathing normally.  One of the soldiers in the truck finally yelled out “GAS”, which gave them the clue to dawn their gas masks.

Within several minutes of the foul fumes engulfing the interior of the patrol vehicle, the driver quickly pulled over to the right shoulder.  After the vehicle stopped they all quickly exited the vehicle and quickly started reaching for their gas masks.  Once everyone had dawned their gas masks, they were able to block out the smell that lingered in the air, but by that time the toxic fumes had already been inhaled.  Minutes after putting on their gas masks, one of the soldiers who was sitting in the back, began to complain about stomach pains.  As he leaned over holding his stomach, the other three rushed over to help him and to see what was exactly wrong.  Once the soldier fell to the ground and still kept complaining about severe pains in his stomach, the driver rushed back inside the vehicle to radio for help.  When he picked up the mic for the radio he noticed that he would either have to take off his mask to speak, rush them out of the contaminated area, or yell through his mask so others can hear him clearly.  As he sat there in the driver seat contemplating what to do his decision became clear when the soldier, who was complaining about his stomach, started coughing up blood.

As soon as he heard and saw his fellow soldier on the ground coughing up blood, he urged the other two to get him in the truck.  Almost immediately after they got the sick soldier back in the truck the driver sped off screeching tires to head back to headquarters.  Within a matter of seconds the vehicle was traveling above the speed of 80mph when they came up on the bend of the road.  The passenger yelled to the driver to be careful and watch out, but by the time that was said the driver started to lose control of the SUV.  The SUV started fish-tailing all over the road as the driver attempted to gain control as he was going around the bend of the road.  Just as they came to the end of the bend of the road, a black little girl appeared in the middle of the road with no clothes on.  The soldier sitting in the back and the soldier in the passenger seat yelled to the driver at the same time about the little girl in the road.  With the sight of the little black girl in the middle of the road and his comrades yelling at him sent his alertness to overload.  The soldier driving swerved the vehicle to his left to avoid hitting the girl and then quickly steered to the right when the vehicle started going sideways down the embankment.

Even though the driver was able to bring the SUV back on to the road it ended up going sideways down the road.  Seconds later the SUV violently flipped to the left and continued rolling down the road numerous times with pieces of the vehicle flying in all directions.  Several hundred feet later the SUV stopped rolling and ended up on its driver side.  All four soldiers in the vehicle were motionless for several minutes, but the one who was sick had died.  The first one to wake up from his unconsciousness was the driver, who was lying on his back with his left leg twisted up under the dashboard.  As he attempted to move he felt a sharp, violently motion of pain shoot through his lower body.  That pain shooting through his body made him yell at the top of his lungs, which woke up the soldier in the rear and the passenger.  When the soldier in the rear woke up he immediately attended to his fellow comrade who was sick.  He reached down to feel for his pulse and that is when he noticed that he was dead.  The injured driver and the stunned passenger were told about their fellow comrade and sadness quickly filled their hearts.  By this time they had ripped off their gas mask so they can communicate clearly to each other and to headquarters.  When the soldier in the passenger seat reached for the radio to call for help, he noticed that it wasn’t working.

Once each of them got their minds together of what to do, the driver asked about the little black girl and where she came from.  The other two soldiers had no clue and were just as surprised to see her as he was before the accident.  The soldier in the passenger was able to pry himself out of the wreckage and jump down from the truck to rush the others out.  The first soldier pulled out was the dead soldier’s body and placed on the side of the road in the grass.  Then the two less injured soldiers attempted to pull the driver out, but each tug caused massive pain to flow through his lower body.  After several attempts the passenger realized that his buddy’s left leg was trapped under the collapsed dashboard.  He realized he would have to lift the dashboard as best he could to free him while the other soldier pulls him out.  Seconds after figuring that out he told the other soldier and they executed the plan to perfection.  The other soldier was able to drag the driver away from the wreckage for about twenty yards before laying him in the grass.  The soldier who lifted the collapsed dashboard quickly searched for the first aid kit in the rear of the truck, but then noticed that the tailgate must have flew open during the violent roll.

This was the first time he was seeing the results of the accident as he was looking at all the vehicle pieces, military equipment, and other unknown things sprawled all over the road.  As he started his search through the wreckage remains, he smelled the odor of gasoline.  He looked down and saw a large pool of gasoline under his feet and flowing down the street.  This confused him as they were on a flat surface and not sure why the gasoline would be flowing in the direction of where the little black girl was seen.  He then started to follow the flow of gasoline back down the road where they came from.  As he looked down and followed the stream of gasoline, the little black girl was suddenly in front of him.  The sudden appearance of the girl shocked him and made him jump back a few steps before he realized who it was.  This time the little black girl was dressed in a pure white dress, with white socks, and black Mary Jane’s.  He was utterly confused as to what he was seeing, but thought that maybe he hit his head harder than expected during the vehicle rollover.  The soldier took a few steps towards the girl who also took a few steps back.  When he repeated the same movement from just a few seconds ago, she also mach his movements going backwards.

Quickly it became a game of follow the leader as she kept stepping backwards the closer he got to her.  About a minute later into this sick game, he figured he had enough and rushed towards her to pick her up.  He grabbed her under the arms lifted her up in the air at about eye level.  When he had her about a few inches from his face, he witnessed her facial features change and her eyes go completely dark.  The soldier attempted to drop her, but he was so fixated on her changing appearance that he could do so.  That feeling of unable to let her go was changed when her whole body suddenly went ablaze.  From the intense heat and burning sensation on his hands he dropped her straight to the ground, but forgot that he was standing over the stream of gasoline.  By the time he realized that the flames had already engulfed his body and started burning his flesh, his uniform, and soon his soul.  Once the fire caught the stream of gasoline, it followed the trail back up towards the flipped SUV.  The other soldier who was with the deceased and badly injured comrades yelled for his partner.  When he yelled and no response was heard, he then saw flames come from out the darkness around the bend of the road.

He quickly realized that the flames were heading their way towards the SUV, but couldn’t move the others fast enough.  When the injured driver sat up and saw the flames coming quickly towards the SUV, he told his comrade to leave the scene and run for help.  They argued for a few seconds before the soldier finally took off running down the road towards the town.  As he was running at top speed down the road he heard a huge explosion, which caused him to lose footing and fall face first.  He rolled over to see what was happening, but was completely shocked when he saw the burning SUV high in the air engulfed.  While he watched the burning SUV fly through the air he quickly realized it was heading towards his injured buddy.  The injured driver saw the SUV, completely engulfed in flames, high in the air coming right at him.  Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to move fast enough to avoid being crushed and burned, he resigned to the fact that he would not live to see the next day.  At a very horrific sight the fleeing soldier witnessed the SUV land on his injured buddy making a loud and screeching noise of metal clanging together and popping under the intense heat.  It was at that immediate moment the fleeing soldier knew he was alone and that in order to get help he would need to hurry to headquarters.

At about three miles down the road from the crash site, the soldier was completely exhausted and stumbled seriously to stay on his feet.  Once he got to a point where he couldn’t stay on his feet anymore he fell face down once again breathing very heavily.  He rolled over on his back with his arms spread out to his side looking up at the night sky.  While laying there in the roadway, he felt a vibration under his body that got his attention quickly.  He was able to control his breathing to listen as he heard what sounded like vehicles coming his way around another bend in the roadway.  The fleeing soldier rolled over on his stomach and looked straight ahead to see if he could see what was coming.  Then he pushed his exhausted body up off the cool concrete and stood in place.  He stared at the bend of the road that was several hundred feet in front of him to see if he could see headlights.  Every second that passed the noise was getting louder and louder, which at one point still no headlights was seen.  As he continued to listen to the approaching noise, he then realized that it is not another vehicle coming.  He started to walk slowly towards the bend in the road and began to see reflection of a red light shining off of the trees and the road.

This caused the soldier immediate pause in his movements as the red hue got brighter and brighter.  The vibrations under feet got more violent and the ground began to shake harder, which made it almost difficult for him to continue standing.  Suddenly, as the object made its way around the bend of the road he realized that it wasn’t a series of military vehicles coming towards him.  The soldier saw the objects coming around the corner and immediately turned the other way and started running at top speed.  A stampede of Chinese red bulls with thirteen horns and seven eyes each were running towards him blowing fire out of their noses.  With the speed of the stampede the soldier stood no chance in getting away from them.  He kept looking back at the stampede running at him as he used every muscle in his body to keep moving to safety.  As the soldier ran back down the road towards the wreckage, he steps on a divot in the roadway that causes him to twist his ankle and fall on his back.  The stampede kept coming at full speed towards him with the lead bull blowing fire out of his nose hot enough to singe the road underneath their feet.  The last thing the injured soldier saw was the stampede coming at him with their weird and strange physical appearance and being blinded by the brightness of the red before being stampeded to death.  When the bodies of the soldiers were found along with the wreckage and its pieces the following morning, a small toy red barn was found by the soldier who died due to severe stomach pains.  The unit commander was on scene when this item was found.  Immediately after the unit commander was told about the red barn toy, he receives a phone call from a deputy sheriff in his hometown Charleston, South Carolina.  The unit commander had received devastating news that his wife and kids were killed in a house blaze late last night.  The one item that was found in the house in the one of the kid’s rooms was a red barn toy.




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