“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part XIII)

Bart Coleman and Linda Blackman have both suffered some kind of traumatic stress after awakening from an intense nightmare.


Bart sits down on the bed next to Linda with his arm around her in consoling her as tears start to stream down her cheeks.  As they sit there in silence, Bart starts to think to himself about his nightmare and was wondering did she have the same dream.  Until she breaks her silence he just sits there waiting and allowing her to speak when she is ready.  A few minutes later he lets her know that he is stepping into the bathroom, but as he gets up she breaks her silence.  When she calls out his name, he stops and turns around to completely face her to hear what she has to say.

LINDA:  The nightmare that I had was so real that these bruises on my face and wrist makes me wonder was it really a dream.

BART:  (Steps closer to her) my wrists as well were bruised during my nightmare, but before that happened things were just very weird.

LINDA:  What happened?

BART:  I can barely remember what happened.  The one thing I can remember is being hung by my wrists with the use of chains with thorns protruding into my skin and tissue.

LINDA:  OMG!! (She covers her mouth with her hands) you were there also!  I heard you scream, but I couldn’t get my voice together yell to you.

BART:  Oh Lord!  So you were there and I did hear your screams.  I tried to yell to you, but I too couldn’t get my voice together.

LINDA:  What the hell is happening?  How does or does this have any connection to the town of Avalon?

BART:  Well, figuring that you got a small red toy barn I can only imagine it has something to do with that town.  The strange thing as I think about it now is that I didn’t find a small toy red barn in my room.

LINDA:  What do these nightmares means?

BART:  I couldn’t tell you what they actually mean.  If this is the beginning of what we are to expect or what is too come, we may need to rethink our personal strategy.

LINDA:  I would really hate to think I came here to follow a calling, seems like, just to turn around and abandon it before it even starts.

BART:  Yeah, but you don’t want to end up dead either.  The history I’ve read on this town included a red barn, but nothing within that article stated about evil entities being released or used against mankind.

LINDA:  Did you see a little girl?

BART:  I saw no little girl in my nightmare, but if she was there I surely didn’t see her.  You?

LINDA:  No, but I think I remember reading somewhere about a little girl being seen or heard at the time of the barn being burned down.

BART:  Hmm…

LINDA:  What?

BART:  I remember now reading about a black slave being murdered inside a red barn, which was on a slave plantation before it became an incorporated town.  I wonder if this little girl and the black slave killed are connected.  Two police officers and you were found with small red barn toys, but you have survived.

LINDA:  Am I being spared for any reason?  You weren’t left with one in your room, but I was.  Furthermore, where did this come from?

BART:  I think this situation with this town and the evil shit that is going on is more complicated and deeper than we can imagine.  We need to make sure we are willing to go through this and take what it may take to get to the bottom of this.

LINDA:  Just a series of enigma events going on, but all this may have some meaning or it may not.  I spoke to my pastor before I left and he seems to think that the evil events that have been happening could mean something or mean nothing just to keep us confused and uneasy to the bigger picture.  So I think we may need to be real to ourselves that we may investigate this and nothing will be answered and we won’t be any closer to finding out what is going on.

BART:  (Sighs loudly) well, where do we begin?

Meanwhile, the military patrols around the town of Avalon have spotted the red bald eagle.  Unknown to the current patrols their fellow soldiers have spotted this eagle once before and attempted to take photos of it.  This time at least four soldiers on foot patrol have spotted the red bald eagle, but it is flying approximately a thousand feet in the sky.  Knowing that this is not a known sighting, they radio in the finding to their on duty sergeant.  When he hears the radio transmission of the soldiers explaining what they had, he stares at the radio for a few seconds before giving his response.  After he asked them to repeat their transmission, he hears them repeat the message and immediately leaves the office.

By the time the sergeant arrives on scene, the red bald eagle had landed on top of a stone structure, which unknown to them used to be a real person.  A few minutes later after the sergeant arrived on scene, one of the soldiers asked him what they should do.  When he gave the suggestion to take a photograph of it the soldier quickly grabbed his personal digital camera out of his cargo pocket.  The soldier aimed his digital camera at the red bald eagle and took the picture, but when he tried to look at it on his camera it was nothing there but the background.  The soldier was completely dumb founded and without informing anyone he took another picture.  He looked at his digital camera once more and still nothing showed up but the background.  After the second attempt the sergeant looked at the soldier and was trying to figure out what was the problem.

When he asked the soldier what was taking so long, the soldier responded that he took two pictures of the bird and the statue, but nothing shows up.  The sergeant asked to see what he was talking about and was shown the two pictures that the soldier took.  The sergeant saw the same thing with only the background of the picture being taken, but it was a little fuzzy.  The sergeant ordered the soldier to take one more picture before trying to figure out what to do next.  The soldier took his third and final picture and when he looked at it once more he saw something else that he knew was not in the picture.  He then showed his sergeant who was also shocked and confused as to what he saw.  The picture contained the background as well, but the picture had a red hue as if he took the picture up close to a window with him wearing a red shirt reflecting in the glass.  It was at this point that the sergeant did away with trying to get photo of the bird and had the idea of approaching it.  The soldiers stood in position as the sergeant slowly crept his way towards the stone statue and the bald eagle.

The bald eagle spotted the sergeant getting close and completely froze and stared at him.  The eagle allowed the sergeant to get with a few feet before it suddenly attacked him first reaching for his eyes.  The soldiers flinched and yelled at the sergeant to escape, but the eagle had already done its damage.  The sergeant let out a blood curdling scream as he fell to the ground holding his face screaming about his eyes.  The eagle then stood on the ground next to the ailing sergeant staring at the other four soldiers.  Two of the soldiers raised their military rifles and took aim at the eagle.  Just before they fired their first shots, the eagle took off into the air over their heads.  One of the two soldiers fired at the eagle at least three shots before a cease fire.  The shots were heard for blocks and that made more foot and vehicle patrols to respond to the scene.  When the four soldiers went over to check on the wounded sergeant, they noticed he was lying face down.  They called to him to get his attention, but noticed he was not moving or responding.

One of the soldiers rolled the sergeant over and jumped back with his heart nearly in his throat.  The sergeant’s face was completely covered in maggots and it seemed like more and more was coming out of his head.  This was the time when other patrols rolled up on scene and saw the exact same thing the other soldiers were seeing.  When they were asked of what happened, they got looked at cross-eyed when they explained about a red bald eagle attacked him without warning.  Even though everyone heard them transmit over the radio to the on duty supervisor, nothing was stated about a red bald eagle.  One of the lieutenants looked at the soldiers and entertained the idea.  When he asked the soldiers of the incident and where’d the eagle went, one of the soldiers explained that after the sergeant was attacked they shot at it as it flew away.  The other soldiers laughed at them, which was immediately followed up with a question by the lieutenant.  When the lieutenant asked the soldiers to see their rifle, he checked each of them and noticed not one round was fired.

After making that discovery he looked at the soldiers and immediately thought that the story was a cover up.  The other soldiers standing around the original patrol team started looking at them with expressions as if the sergeant was murdered.  The lieutenant then ordered a couple of the soldiers to remove the sergeant’s body and load him up in one of the Humvee’s.  As they were carrying the sergeant off the lieutenant stepped closer to the four soldiers and with an anger voice told them to meet him back at post for further questioning.  The soldiers saluted the lieutenant and one by one they slowly started to walk off to meet the lieutenant at headquarters.  As they were leaving one of the soldiers that was in the Humvee with the lieutenant walked up to him and asked him about what will happen next.  The lieutenant made the comment that he wasn’t sure, but that he will get to the bottom of the situation ASAP.

As the rest of the patrols started to leave the area, the red bald eagle was stationed on top of a tree looking down.  Once every vehicle and foot patrol team was gone the eagle flew away fading into the night as if a ghost was returning to its afterlife.



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