“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part XII)

Previously on “The Red Barn”

Two private citizens, Bart Coleman and Linda Blackman, have taken interest in the mysterious events that have occurred in the town of Avalon.  Although the U.S. military has occupied the town and established several checkpoints outside the perimeter, their personal investigation into the horrific events has already established enormous difficulty.  Bart and Linda meet up on their way to Charlotte and need to organize a creative way to investigate this forbidden mission.

Part XII

The same night that Bart Coleman arrived in Charlotte he falls asleep and begins a terrifying nightmare that brings him closer to the aura of the town of Avalon.  As he lies in the bed he hears the clock radio in his hotel room next to his bed go off awakening him from a very deep sleep.  He opens his eyes and turns towards the clock radio a quickly slams his hand on top of it to silence the alarm.  After he silences the alarm he suddenly feels this heavy aura surrounding his body, which makes it kind of hard to get out of bed.  He then realizes that with each breath he takes in it feels like he is on the verge of an asthma attack.  His heart is beating faster than normal and he feels pins and needles throughout his body as if his whole body lost circulation.  He swings his legs over the edge of the bed, which felt like hundred pound weights, and plants his bare feet on the hard carpet floor.  Bart turns his head towards the television and notices that it is on mute and the snowy screen is visible.  He starts searching around the bed, the night stand, and the floor for the remote, but is unable to find it.  After a few minutes of frustration looking for the television remote he gives up and walks over to the television pushing the power button.

Immediately after he turns off the television he sees white smoke creeping through the bottom crack of the door.  Afraid of what is on the other side of the door; he rushes over to his hotel room phone to call the service desk.  Once he begins to dial the number he quickly realizes that the phone service is dead and that he will not be able to call anyone.  His next thought is about Linda and getting to her to make she is safe.  At this point he puts his safety aside and cautiously reaches for the door knob to see if it is hot, but to his amazement it is actually ice cold.  The feeling of the ice cold door knob shocks his senses as he yanks his hand back very quickly towards his chest.  A few seconds later he reaches out to the door knob and feels it with the tips of his fingers.  Once he realizes that his fingers and hand will not stick to the surface of the door knob, he grabs it and starts to turn it very slowly.

After he turns the door knob completely and the door breaks the frame, he slowly opens the door to see what he could see.  Once the door opened all the way, the only thing he could see was a thickness of white smoke hovering in the hallway.  The smoke was so thick that he could barely see the carpet floor, but definitely couldn’t see the other hotel rooms across the hall.  Bart takes a deep breath to smell the air and notices that no burning smell is apparent and no fire is visible.  He steps outside of his hotel room into the heavy midst of the smoke and hears his hotel room slam behind him very violently.  The sound scares him suddenly and he quickly turns around and notices that his hotel room, the door, and the wall were suddenly not there.  He reaches out to see if he could feel the door and the wall still there, but nothing could be felt with his reached fingers.  Standing in the middle of the hallway, which has now turned into a large open room, Bart gets the feeling of someone or something watching him.  Frozen with fear and uncertainty he doesn’t move from his spot until suddenly the white smoke starts to clear from around him.

Within a matter of minutes the smoke clears out and he finds himself standing in the midst of completely darkness with the lights of the hallway completely gone.  The silence of the open room is very strong and he can hear his heart beat and the blood flowing through his body.  As he stands completely still very afraid to move, he hears footsteps in the distance, assuming to head in his direction, as they get louder and louder.  The last few steps were so loud that Bart could feel the vibrations of the footsteps as they stop within inches of his location.  He then feels a sense of hot air hitting his face in spurts, which he immediately thinks someone or something is breathing on him.  The smell of the hot air coming at him had an odor of such repulsive nature that he nearly vomits where he stands.  He fights and uses every muscle in his body to keep from vomiting, but soon loses everything in his stomach on the floor.  He bends over to finish vomiting and then hears the footsteps in the dark walking away from him.  Then suddenly the floor starts to change texture under his bare feet, which confuses and scares Bart to death.  As he is fixated on the floor changing under his feet, chains from within the darkness suddenly wrap around his wrist lifting him into the air.

The chains that have suddenly wrapped around his wrist are outlined in thorns and have torn into the flesh drawing massive amounts of blood.  Bart lets out a ear piercing scream from the pain as the chain of thorns rip through the skin and lifting him into the air.  He lets out a scream that echoes around him, but still darkness engulfs his surroundings.  At this point Bart has no idea what is happening and how far he has been lifted off the ground.  At this point all he knows is that he is hanging by his wrist with thorns embedded into his skin and blood rushing down his arms.  For several minutes he hangs there with numbness and enormous pain in his wrist and shoulders.  Bart then suddenly loses consciousness and wakes up several minutes later feeling hot and sweat rolling down his face.  He attempts to open his eyes, but the salt from the sweat keeps running into his eyes burning and drying them out.

After squinting several times he is able to open his eyes and see what is around him.  All he could see is a dim light coming from the end of a hallway, grey brick underneath and all around him making up the walls.  The stench of death and horror raids his sense of smell, which makes breathing almost difficult.  As he tries to make sense of what is happening he could hear faint sounds of horrific screams in the distance echoing through the hallways.  He looks up and sees that he is still suspended in the air by the chain of thorns and notices that he is naked.  The blood on his arms and around his wrist continues to flow, but has slowed down as if the wounds have clotted themselves.  Bart then hears a woman screaming just several feet away from him and he immediately thinks of Linda.  He tries to get his voice together to yell out her name, but his throat is too dry to even gather enough saliva to wet his throat.  The screams of the mysterious woman continues and non-stop, which makes Bart feels sorrow and sadness for the woman.  As he tries to gather up tears for the situation he was in, he hears footsteps behind him and then they suddenly stop.  A few seconds later a shock of pain struck him in the back and he let out a scream louder than he has ever let out.  The shock of pain continued for several minutes and with each sting of enormous pain received Bart would let out a scream.

The footsteps then are heard coming from behind him around the front within inches of his face.  He hangs there barely conscious as he attempts to get his eyes right to view who is standing in front of him.  When he is able to gather his eye sight to view what is standing in front of him, all he could see is a silhouette of a human like figure.  The human like figure leans closer to him and Bart could see that the human like figure was wearing a mask.  The mask was suddenly removed and the sight he saw made him believe it was the Devil himself.  The sight was so scary that it woke him up from the deep sleep he was in and covered in complete wetness.  He could feel the sheets on him and under him soaked, which he believed was his own sweat.  He jumped out of the bed and turned on the lamp by his nightstand and quickly checked his body and bed.  After checking himself and the bed he noticed that his wrists were severely bruised.

Once he noticed that he was basically okay, he then quickly rushed out in his t-shirt and boxers to Linda’s hotel room.  He takes the elevator to her floor and runs to her hotel room banging vigorously to get her attention.  After several moments of police-style knocking on her door, Linda opens the door and stands in front of Bart with shocking visible bruises to her face, neck, and both wrists.  As she stands there partially clothed, she raises her hand and opens it up with her palms facing upward.  When she opened her hand Bart noticed that she was holding a small red barn toy that she found in the bed next to her.  For several minutes they both stare at each other with fear and shock in their expression with no words being said to each other.  At that moment they both realized that this horrific situation is much bigger and stronger than they could possibly know.



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