“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part XI)

Previously on “The Red Barn”

Bart Coleman is on his way to Charlotte, North Carolina from England to meet up with a family member, who he hopes to recruit for his personal endeavor to learn more about the town of Avalon and the evil status that hangs overhead.  The Army National Guard has now taken the town of Avalon and made it into a scientific research town to further discover the reasons for the town being labeled “haunted” or “possessed by satanic beings.”

The Main Story – Part XI

Bart Coleman has just heard the airport announcement of his flight now being called and boarded.  Almost immediately after he hears his flight number and destination announced on the airport PA system, he gathers his magazine and newspaper folds them up and starts walking towards his departure gate.  As he expected he was able to board his flight with no problems and indeed everything seemed to be running smoothly and without a hitch.  Once on-board he found his assigned seating and noticed someone was sitting in his row and in his seat.  Although the person appeared to be sleeping in his assigned seat, he knew he had to disturb the man in order to sit down and not occupy someone else’s seat during the flight.  After a few seconds of pondering whether or not to disturb the man he looked behind him and could see people coming down the aisle to their assigned seats.  Against what Bart wanted to do he knew he had to disturb the gentleman sleeping in his assigned seat, which on the other hand he didn’t know how the gentleman would act.

Bart scooted out of the aisle, out of the way of boarding customers, and started to gently shake the man to wake him up.  After several shakes on the shoulder the gentleman finally wakes up and quickly looks at Bart with his red, sleepy eyes and gives him a look of bothersome.  Bart leans closer and gently tells the man that he is sitting in his seat and that he would like to have his assigned chair before the flight takes off.  The man keeps staring at Bart before he was able to process the request he was given.  He quickly reaches inside his jacket pocket and pulls out his plane ticket to check the seating arrangement.  The middle-aged gentleman realizes that he is indeed occupying Bart’s assigned seat and quickly apologizes for the inconvenience.  The man gathers his personal things and slides by Bart though a very tight space to where their personal space was merely less than ten centimeters.  Once the man moved, Bart finally got his assigned seat by the window just behind the wing.  The man who accidentally occupied Bart’s assigned seat went further back on the plane and assumed to have found his assigned seating near the restroom.

Once Bart got into a comfortable position and was able to just chill out and relax before take-off, another customer takes up their assigned seat right next to him.  The well-dressed lady that took up her seat next to Bart had a very sexy and pleasant aroma coming from her persons that just filled the row.  Bart had his eyes closed and was forced to open them once he got a huge wift of her scent and pleasant spirit.  He turns his head towards her and she turns her attention to him for a brief moment, which was just enough for him to look in to her blue eyes and return a smile and a pleasant greeting.  As Bart tried to regain his mindful trip through the weightless sense he had stirring up in his mind, she quickly removed her high heels exposing her pantyhose feet.  A huge sigh was released from her as if tons of pressure was being released from her body through her small feet.  Bart glances down at her feet, pleased as to what he sees, and closes his eyes once again to return to a state of mind that engulfs peace and harmony.  Several minutes later the airplane pulled away from the terminal, taxied down the runway, and took off into the blue sky without incident or delay.

Several minutes after take-off, one of the several flight attendants on board the plane, made the announcement that the seatbelt sign would be turned off.  Almost immediately after that announcement was made, the lady seating next to Bart quickly got up and quickly shuffled to the bathroom.  Approximately five minutes later she returned back to her seat just in time for drinks and snacks to be passed out by the flight attendants.  Moments later a flight attendant arrived at their row and offered drinks and limited choices in snacks.  Both Bart and her chosen a drink and one bag of pretzels, which came to a staggering $10 each.  The price total for the drinks and snacks ended up sparking a conversation between the woman and Bart.  Quietly out of the flight attendant’s ear shot the lady sitting next to Bart made a comment about the prices and how the airline companies are taking advantage of customers just to make a buck.  Bart, slightly surprised by her reaction, responds with a concur like statement that made the dialect between them continue on.

However, during the flight from New York City to Charlotte, they learn some interesting details about each other that could serve them being an asset to one another.  Bart learned her name to be Linda Blackman, a student majoring in Criminal Justice, who is also flying to Charlotte to personally pursue an endeavor to find the truth of what is happening to inside Avalon.  Both Linda and Bart are in their late-twenties and have some desire to discover and investigate the unknown and to attempt to solve the enigma that plagues the town, which has now claimed its first victim outside the town limits.  Once landing in Charlotte and taxing to their terminal, they both off-board the plane and walk with each other towards the part of the airport where Bart is to meet his cousin.  The sad news is that Bart’s cousin never shows up and never returns his phone calls.  Obviously, Bart is very upset and confused as to why his distant relative would leave him hanging and stranded at the airport with no other transportation arranged.  Luckily, for Bart, Linda was able to hail down a taxi cab for the both of them and head toward their hotel, which is the same one for both.

Once at the hotel, in downtown Charlotte, they book themselves in and head towards their respective rooms.  Bart was assigned a room on the fourth floor, while Linda was assigned to a room on the third floor.  On the elevator ride up they both agreed to meet each other at the hotel bar in a few minutes to further discuss their plan of attack on investigating the town of Avalon.  Approximately ten minutes later, after both Bart and Linda changed clothes, they met each other at the hotel bar entrance.  They were both then seated in a booth in a corner of the restaurant bar and ordered their drinks.  While waiting for their drinks and buffalo chicken to arrive, Bart breaks the ice with inside excitement that someone shares the same interest as he does.

BART COLEMAN: So Linda, what got your attention about the enigma of the town of Avalon?

LINDA BLACKMAN: Well…I’ve always wanted a challenge in life and always looked for something big or important to research and find those answers that everyone is looking for.  I figured in my mind that this could be the opportunity that I might be looking for.  I mean, the strange things that have been happening within that town are truly amazing.  I never thought that an entire town could be wiped off the map without some kind of military super-bomb or something.  What about you?  What got you so interested in this evil seeking adventure?

BART COLEMAN: For me…it was something that just struck me to research and investigate after a family member contacted me about it.  It was about that same time we started to hear about the Avalon story for the first time.  I’ve always been a huge history buff and wanted to learn more about the history of the town of Avalon.  The information I read was quite shocking, but how I happened upon it was strange.  It wasn’t like going to an encyclopedia website and suddenly its there, but finding it through some off-the-wall link was very suspicious.

LINDA BLACKMAN: Oh!  So you think that someone might be trying to hide the history of that town?

BART COLEMAN: I’m not sure, but it surely looks that way.  I reckon that someone is either trying to hide the real truth of what that town represents or the history is not complete.

LINDA BLACKMAN: Well…if someone is trying to hide the truth of what the town represents, it will be difficult to uncover since the military is now in control.

BART COLEMAN: Not necessarily.  We may have to begin our first steps in this research by going to the local library.  By the way, how long are you staying for?

LINDA BLACKMAN: I’ll be in Charlotte for seven days.  You?

BART COLEMAN: Also for seven days.

As Bart and Linda continue to have their conversation at the hotel bar, the police investigation into the K9 officer’s mysterious death hits a brick wall.  After numerous interviews on site, witness canvassing, a search of the neighborhood, and failed leads it is quickly becoming a mysterious death, which does not have a high chance of being solved in the near future.  During the media press conference just outside the dead officer’s house, the PIO stated that no visible wounds were found on his body at first glance, but later they would also find out, through an autopsy, that absolutely no visible injuries were found.  After the autopsy was completed, the report stated that the officer’s bled out of his body through his eyes, mouth, navel, buttocks, and ears.  This final report was absolutely shocking to the command staff of the officer’s agency and to other fellow officers on the street.  It was being demanded, with heavy political influence, that the final autopsy report be changed from mysterious death to homicide, but even through heavy political pressure and numerous threats of transfers and reassignments, the coroner’s office never changed its findings.

Other police officers that were part of the search party, that discovered little toy red barns amongst the town ruins, were disturbed and confused at why their fellow colleague mysteriously died.  One officer, who was very close to his partner and took his death personally, unfortunately took his own life just hours after learning of his passing.  He would soon be found with a single gunshot wound to the head with a toy red barn located on his persons.  Having two officers, from the same agency, dead in 24 hours was something that no one was prepared for and could understand.  As far as the investigators and detectives know, one officer died a mysterious death while another one committed suicide, but the one thing that linked both deaths was the discovery of a toy red barn on or near the deceased.  At the second officer’s death scene the only thing that detectives and investigators were able to gather was that a single shot was heard.  With all the evidence collected at that scene, the incident pointed towards a suicide, but they couldn’t officially mark down the preliminary findings until the case was fully investigated.

Later that night in their respective hotel rooms, Bart and Linda were watching the evening news and heard of another officer death.  As they were listening and watching the news coverage on the story, it was stated that both deceased officer’s are linked together, not only by working together on the same department, but at both scenes a small toy red barn was located.  When this fact was announced over the television waves by the media, Linda immediately called Bart on his hotel room telephone.  It appeared that Bart knew exactly why Linda called him and basically cut her off and finished the statement for her.

BART COLEMAN: I learned of the first police officer death earlier today and I remember the news reporting about a small toy red barn being found at the scene.

LINDA BLACKMAN: That’s very weird, Bart.  Both officers died within twelve hours of each other and the big link between both deaths is a small toy red barn?  What the hell does that mean?  Did someone get cheated out of Monopoly?

BART COLEMAN: Well, I know the first officer was involved in the search for survivors in Avalon before all this crazy shit started.  I wondered if the second officer was also involved in the search for survivors at the same time.  If that’s the case, then the aura of that town has a stronger hold then anyone realizes.

LINDA BLACKMAN: If that is true then how should we proceed in finding out more about this town?  The military is not letting anyone in or near the area.  As far as I know nothing else has really happened since they took over.

BART COLEMAN: Let me think about that and I will get back to you in the morning with an answer.  Have a goodnight.  Try to get some sleep.

Within a few minutes after hanging up the phone and turning off the television, Bart lays back on the bed thinking about what to do next and what has been happening.  Before he could completely finish his thoughts and have a plan of attack for the next day, his eyes get real heavy and suddenly he falls asleep just before midnight.  He falls into a very deep sleep and at one point it seemed very real that he was living a new reality, but during that point he wasn’t sure if he was having a nightmare or actually awake to a real-life phenomenon.  The events that occur within his mind will force him to choose either life or death, which might be awaiting him on the other side.




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