“The Red Barn” (Horror – Part X)

Previously on The Red Barn

The state militia has been called and ordered by the state governor to secure the town of Avalon and to conduct a research project to find answers to the mysterious and unexplained events that have occurred.  Bart Coleman, from England, is on his way to the United States to do some personal investigative work on why the town of Avalon, North Carolina keeps festering with evil entities.

Part X

Within the first week of the North Carolina Army National Guard seizing entry and exit control points, establishing and maintaining security inside and outside the town limits, and conducting research projects no evil or negative events have occurred.  Of course, the military command structure was very eager to point out this trend and to make statements that things have been good since the arrival of the military.  As the days and hours passed since their arrival it was beginning to be said that it might be actual individuals causing some of the horror.  Even with that rumor and explanation being talked about amongst the population and the nearby communities, it couldn’t be explained why other phenomenons were occurring.  Majority of the video and photographic evidence to show the world that things are indeed not normal in the town were destroyed either through the events or by individuals who choose not to relive the horrific incidents.

Although the public’s fear was being eased by the show of the military within a ten square mile of the town of Avalon, things were still happening within the town that went unnoticed.  At one point two soldiers were walking and conducting foot patrols in one section of the demolished town.  During their patrols one of the soldiers saw a red bald eagle land approximately twenty feet in front of them in the middle of the road.  Obviously, the sight of this was very stunning and unexpected to the point where they didn’t radio to anyone to what they had.  One of the soldiers attempted to pull out his camera to take a picture of the strange red bald eagle.  As the soldier raised the camera to take a picture of the red bald eagle and looked through the lens, he noticed that the eagle wasn’t there anymore.  He quickly raised his eye from the lens window and focused in the area where the eagle was last seen.  When he looked and saw the red bald eagle still standing there he got confused.  Before he could look back through the camera lens he partner turned to him and gave him some strong encouragement to hurry with the picture before it takes off.

The soldier looked at his partner with a look of anger as he sucked his teeth.  When he looked through the camera lens once more he still couldn’t see the red bald eagle, which meant no pictures.  The soldier got frustrated and sighed very loudly as he looked at his partner telling him that he can’t seem to get a picture of the eagle.  He partner looked at him and responded with such disbelief that the eagle ended up spreading his wings.  The soldier with the camera explained to his buddy that each time he looks through the camera lens the eagle doesn’t show up except the vegetation background.  The other soldier looked at him and didn’t believe him at first and snatched the camera from him to handle the photography himself.  The second soldier put his eye up to the camera and looked through the lens and was able to see the full figure of the strange eagle.  He expressed his enjoyment of being able to see the eagle, but when he attempted to press the picture button the camera failed to capture the eagle.

The second soldier’s reaction was baffled and lowered the camera by looking at it to see if he can find any reasons why it didn’t go off.  When no problem was found he raised it back up to his eye and once again looked through the camera lens.  When he looked through the camera lens the second time he was mesmerized as to what he saw.  He was so mesmerized to what he was witnessing through the camera lens that he didn’t alert to his partner what was happening.  For the first few seconds of him looking through the camera lens towards the red bald eagle, he thought he was witnessing the eagle catching fire before his very eyes.  Once the eagle caught fire and was engulfed in flames, the camera he was holding got immediately hot to the point it created blisters on the soldiers fingers.  He dropped his partner’s camera and broke in several pieces after hitting the concrete beneath their feet.  The soldier who was holding the camera grunted out in serious pain clamping his hands together from the searing heat.  The first soldier flinched to his buddy’s reaction of what had happened and attempted to aid his friend to treat the blisters.

Once their eyes were no longer upon the red bald eagle, it disappeared in a blink of an eye.  For the rest of their patrol shift no other strange phenomenons occurred, but that experience was so strange that they kept it to themselves.  The fear of being grilled and questioned about what they saw was not appealing and they wanted to quickly put this incident behind them.  Outside of seeing a red bald eagle no other physical incidents such as that was ever seen for a long while.  Another strange thing that was happening was that Chinese red roses were growing in an open field where several bodies were located and dugged up several days and weeks earlier.  Several women soldiers who spotted the Chinese red roses were just in awe by them and several of them picked up the red roses and took them to their temporary quarters.  The roses that were picked were then placed in a pot, glassware, or some type of container so they could continue to grow and stay alive.

The consequences of picking those forbidden Chinese red roses will soon be realized to be an enormous mistake that will cost more souls and lives.  In the meantime, Bart Coleman arrives at an airport in New York City as a layover before flying to Charlotte, North Carolina.  As he was in the airport he took a look at his next flight and realized that it was being delayed for approximately two hours.  That notification was somewhat troubling as he was having a family member to meet him in Charlotte at a specific time.  With this unexpected delay Bart was forced to text and call his cousin to delay meeting him at the airport in Charlotte for at least a couple of hours.  Bart realized that after several rings of his cousins’ phone that he would have to leave a voice message and just hope that his cousin gets the message in time.  After leaving a voice message for his cousin, Bart figures that since he has some time to kill he would get something small to eat and chill out until his flight was announced.  Bart walks through the airport and finds a flight pub on his way to his gate and decides to stop in for refreshments.  He finds a bar stool empty at the end of the bar with a television mounted on the wall near it.

For several minutes Bart sits in silence enjoying his German brewed beer and some fish and chips.  As he sits there in his own mind and world, he doesn’t hear the news of a K9 officer being killed in a neighborhood just outside of Avalon.  His attention towards the television and the news report was only forced when he heard one patron speak about the town of Avalon and pointed towards the screen.  When Bart heard what was going on he turned his attention towards the television to hear the remainder of the report.  Bart caught the last the portion of the news when they stated that the K9 officer that died was also part of the search and rescue operation in the town of Avalon.  That shocked him and nearly stopped his breathing to where he had to quickly remind himself to take a breath before passing out.  Not only did the death of the officer shock him, but the last statement made about the officer was that a small red toy barn was located in his home on the coffee table with the words ‘MANKIND’ written on the coffee table in blood.  “It is unknown at this point whether it was written in his blood or by someone else, but his death continues to be a mystery.  The investigation continues.”



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