Shortly after the Inauguration of the 60th president of the United States, William Chaney, a former senator from the state of Minnesota, the Independent Party once again suffers another defeat on the grand political theater.  In the coming days and months that would follow the Chaney’s official sworn in party, campaign members of the Independent Party begin to follow up on a suspicious lead that may be linked to the November Day Elections of 2088.  With the magnitude of this speculation being secretly passed around within the Independent Party, other incumbent members of the party that are occupying seats in the Senate and House of Representatives, are alerted to such secrets.

As the members of the Independent Party start to dig further into the speculation that the election counts and computerized machines were altered to make the Republican William Chaney the winner, this evidence is brought before the Department of Justice.  Soon, numerous federal and state agencies are involved in this conspiracy to commit election fraud, but soon realize that it goes much deeper than the initial complaint.  The word gets back to President Chaney who then calls on members of his own party, and other unlikely allies, to cease and derail the investigation at all costs.  While the inner-battle of the government consumes the political backstage, it is strongly suggested to keep this monumental investigation away from the American press.

With the United States in the middle of an international crisis that would involve military commitment in the North African region for the first time since World War III, the pressures of the investigation and the stake at peace begin to take its toll on President Chaney and his staff.  Minor details are being overlooked and the country once again faces the fear of going to war that would also involve other military strong nations.  The stress bubble is so enormous behind the political front stage that other members of the government start becoming ill and the support for both sides of this investigation begins to falter.  The national and world media gets a peak of what has been going on behind the closed doors of government that they leak it out amongst the American citizens and its allies.  Since the secret is beginning to be poured on the people wanting to know the truth, fierce political battles start to heat up beyond the point of no return where everyone’s allegiance is questioned.


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