Emergency Coup

We’ll this isn’t how my work week was suppose to go. I was suppose to go to court and see what the judges would do with my suspects, except I’m now in the hospital waiting for the removal of my gallbladder. The twelve hours of agony and misery before and after coming to the hospital were just Ahhh!  Thinking back now this would be my second gallbladder attack and the first one lasted twelve hours as well.

I’ve already had to call out for work for the week, my dad is running around looking for me, which doesn’t make sense, and my wife handling the home, work, and dog all alone. She’s doing her best so I applaud her for her efforts. In the meantime I’m here in my room waiting for the surgeon and physician. Of course, the surgeon scared me to death when I wake up and see some old guy standing at the foot of my bed, starring at me. Not cool!

Even though I’ve had a drug induced sleep, it felt pretty good to sleep and not be in pain. Because that misery right there is no joke. At this time though I lay in the bed with silence because I shouldn’t have to pay $8 a day for television and phone. As far as I’m concerned this hospital is not a cable provider. What do they call themselves ‘H-Finity’? I mean come on now. I pay all this money for my insurance and hospital care I should at least get concierge service, my choices of nurses, along with free television and phone service.

The ambulance ride over to the hospital was uhealthy and not kind to my gallbladder. All the bumps and bounces made me want to hurl, but with no food in stomach I’m not vomiting anything. Later on I ended up vomiting bio which probably came from gallbladder. I can’t begin to describe the pain and agony, except I started crying which is not easy to do, because of pain and constant misery. That obviously scared my wife to death since she has never seen me that way. Then when they finally admit me for further evaluation, they just stick me in a room at first with no iv. That soon changed after the visit from the surgeon. Right now I have a new nurse this morning and new tech and already better than the midnight shift.  So as things go along I will keep you up to date on when I get out and how the surgery went. Oh Lawd!


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