“THE RED BARN” (Horror – Part VII)

Previously on The Red Barn – The entire town of Avalon, North Carolina has been destroyed by a series of phenomenons that no one alive can describe or explain.  Emergency personnel searching and combing the scene for survivors is about to enter a new era of terror.

First responders and emergency personnel searched and combed the entire town for survivors for at least two weeks.  During that two week period the only thing that they all kept discovering were dead bodies buried under tons of rubble, collapsed houses and structures, and under flipped vehicles.  It had becoming very real and depressing to all those hoping to find survivors, when they just discovering deceased residents of the town.  The destruction was so devastating that anyone in the town limits wouldn’t know when the town started, town ended, and the layout of the town as well.  It was unlike anything any police, firemen, and other emergency personnel have ever seen in their careers, but what was really overwhelming was the smell of death.  Burnt bodies and corpses were scattered all over the town’s landscape, which most were exposed to the elements and not covered up.  Those badly burned bodies that were not being covered or had not been removed from the scene expelled a smell that no one there would ever forget.

Majority of the cadaver dogs and teams that entered the town were burnt out before the day ended.  The handlers were so overwhelmed with the search and discoveries of dead bodies that many became very ill and had to be excused from duty.  Even though many commanders of both police and fire rescue declared the new operation in town to now search for dead bodies, most of their subordinates kept hope for finding at least one person alive.  One of the most shocking sites that was seen during the clean up of the city was when tons and tons of rubble was removed from an open field.  As bulldozers and construction workers began to remove the fallen structures and pieces of wood and concrete from the open field, one of the construction workers noticed a red hue along the grass.  As worked continued in the open field and other workers trampling along the grass, he looked down at everyone’s boots and pants.  After he looked at everyone’s boots and pants he then looked at his and noticed everyone working in this open field was covered in blood like stains from the shin down.  Once he noticed what it was he yelled at everyone and the driver of the bulldozer to stop immediately.  His supervisor approached him and asked him what was wrong and has he lost his mind.  The employee showed his supervisor what he discovered and to look down at himself, which at that time the supervisor became shocked at what he saw.

After the removal of all the construction equipment and staff off of the grass was completed, the supervisor and his employees started to search the field for the source of the stains.  One employee stepped on something in the grass and thought it was just a lump of soil sticking up.  Until he looked down and saw parts of a hand and a couple of fingers.  He immediately yelled at his supervisor to what he found and showed him a potential buried body.  Several minutes later a bulldozer was brought back in to begin carefully digging the soil for potential dead bodies.  As the bulldozer broke the soil an immense stench shot out of the ground and hit everyone, within the vicinity, in the nose.  The smell was so harsh and cruel that many workers, including the supervisor and the bulldozer operator, vomited and nearly pooped on themselves.  One police officer around the corner heard loud vomiting noises and went around the corner to check it out.  The intense stench hit him as well and nearly made him pass out from the aroma.

Within minutes the awful aroma travelled through the town and hitting other volunteers and emergency personnel.  As the commanders tried to figure out where the stench was coming from, they were directed to the excavation of the open field.  Once they finally arrived on scene the soil that was under the open field had turned dark red and had the consistency of earth clay.  An order was given by the end of the day to dig up the entire field to see what else could be discovered underneath.  By the next morning one body that was discovered quickly turned into three dozen bodies that were pulled from underneath the open field.  Enormous amounts of fresh blood just continued to pour non-stop out of the soil as if a main water line busted.  This freaked out all the volunteers, construction workers, and emergency personnel in the town as the thick blood started to run down the streets and cracks.  Everyone started running everywhere to find a safe place away from the scene and the death that were flowing the streets.  News stations that were there to get coverage of the enormous devastation of the town, started to record the strange phenomenon of blood flowing the streets.  In the location of where they were the news stations could not see the sea of dead bodies lying in the open field, which has now been dugged up.

Suddenly as everyone found a safe place to hide and get out of the way of the blood flowing the streets, danger from above rained down once again.  People started grabbing their heads from things falling on top of them and a few actually removed their hands to expose blood.  Immediately after the first minute of people recognizing things were falling from the sky, one person yelled out and alerted everyone that carpenter nails are raining down on them.  A few people looked up to be curious and suffered life-threatening injuries as the nails penetrated their eyes, mouth, and throat.  Once again people started to run for cover, but with every building either torn down or destroyed cover from the raining nails were almost impossible.  The news crew camera was destroyed when several nails struck the camera rendering it out of commission.  Soon after that the news reporters on scene were being hit and many suffered serious head wounds.  One news reporter suffered as many as twenty nails entered her head, back, buttocks, and legs.

It was soon discovered that hiding underneath cars and trucks were ideal, but that soon was found out to be a death trap.  If you was hiding under a car the tires would deflate from the intense strike from the nails hitting them.  Many people suffocated to death if they didn’t get hit by the falling nails.  Those under trucks were a little safer, but only so many could hide underneath undercarriage of the SUV’s.  The tires were getting hit as well and deflating under the pressure of the falling nails, but you was likely to survive with only inches to spare for breathing room.  Many people tried to hide under one truck, but those that had their legs exposed suffered trauma to their legs from the thigh down.  Some attempted to hide inside the vehicles, but glass started to shatter all around them and the people inside either died or suffered greatly loosing enormous amounts of blood.  This terror of the raining nails lasted for several minutes before the last of the nails fell to earth falling harmlessly to the ground.

It was several more minutes before people started to come out from hiding to attend to the wounded.  As others felt it was safe enough to explore around several volunteers, including first responders of police and firemen, were found dead on the ground.  Millions of carpenter nails were seen on the ground imbedded in the soil, vehicles, and the dead bodies that were in the open field.  The survivors of the ordeal called in for reinforcements of police, EMS, and more firefighters to assist in pulling out the dead and the wounded.  People were just running everywhere and attempting to help everyone that needed to be helped, but several people died on their way to the hospital.  One news reporter and her cameraman, who did not suffer any injuries in the ordeal, began recording and making statements as to what just happened and what they witnessed.  Soon the story aired on many stations across the country and around the globe.  This situation only made the scene more horrific as it took several more days to clean up the messy scene and to get other witness accounts of the mysterious enigma.

Several hospitals that attended to the wounded were making statements to the media to the series of injuries that they treated.  Many of the doctors also mentioned to the media that those that came to the hospital from the burnt down town had toy red barn in their pocket as if it came from a Monopoly game piece.  As the doctors and lawyers showed the game piece to the media several pictures were taken and placed in the news papers all over the world within the next two days.  The devastation and the follow up horrific scenarios caught the attention of the president of the United States and his White House staff.  Immediately the president declared the town of Avalon a disaster area, which gave them the power to send federal aid.  As the Red Cross and other federal agencies made there way to the devastated town, it was a scene unlike anything they had seen.

The clean up and rebuilding continued for several weeks, but not without incidents.  Mysterious phenomenons happened throughout the weeks, which made a lot of people question was the town previously haunted.  This question was raised so many times that curious ghost hunters started lurking in the areas at night to get audio and video footage of anything that might be spirit related.  Although no video footage was ever seen of spirits and ghosts haunting the area, several audio recordings were taken and analyzed as time went on.  Little did the ghost hunters know that they are only discovering a mere small piece of more horror yet to come.




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  2. Your biggest fan

    As always Mr. Franklin you keep me on the edge of my seat.. cant wait til the next one. The ‘monopoly pieces’ have me very intrigued. Nice work!

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