“Time Gap” (Thriller – Part VII)

Previously on Time Gap:  Marcus Love and NYPD Detective Renee are at the abandon warehouse where it all began for Marcus and his confusing trip through the time travel scenario.  Meanwhile, David Deere, the nuclear scientist is under the care of his Boss Man he once served and cooperated with in the future.  The paths of David and Marcus is once again about to hit a crossroads to renew the rivalry.

After Marcus and Renee leave the warehouse, she looks to him and can see that Marcus is reeling on the inside with guilt and confusion.  They both have been there for approximately one hour, and at the end of that hour she offers to take Marcus to get some coffee.  He turns his head to look at her and releases out a sigh before agreeing with her by barely shaking his head up and down.  Renee walks out of the room where it all started and went downstairs to exit the warehouse.  Marcus remains in the room for a few more minutes and glances out one of the windows looking across the landscape of buildings on the background of the daylight sky.  At this point he feels that his priority to have Renee believe his unbelievable story will be difficult even with evidentiary proof.  He spots a jetliner streaking across the sky and watches it go out of sight before he turns around to meet her outside by the car.

Immediately after exiting the main door of the warehouse, he sees Renee standing by her car with her hands in her jacket pockets.  She’s standing on the passenger side of the car and opens the door for him to show a nice gesture after basically laughing in his face moments ago.  Marcus approaches the open passenger door and places his hand on the door frame before she heads over to the driver side.  He waits for her to enter the car and starts it up before he enters the car and closes the door.  The coffee shop that Renee wants to take him too is only a few blocks away and no words are spoken by either of them during their short drive.  Renee luckily finds a parking spot directly in front of the coffee shop and parks her unmarked police cruiser easily.  Marcus opens his car door with Renee opening her car door almost simultaneously.  Once they exited the vehicle they made their way towards the coffee shop entrance where they met a married couple exiting at the same time.  With a very nice gentleman gesture, Marcus opens the door and holds it for them to exit before he takes his turn to enter through the same door.  After he steps in he holds it open for Renee to follow in right behind him.

They both approach two open chairs by the elevated bar and remove their jackets to place on the back of the chairs.  Marcus motions to Renee that he is going to the bathroom and shall return in a few minutes.  At this particular time a tinted out black SUV pulls up by the coffee shop around the corner from where Renee parked.  Two men, wearing all black suits and white oxford shirts, step out of the truck one by one.  Then a few seconds later the back passenger door opens up and out steps David Deere in new dry clothes.  Unknown to Renee the SUV that pulled up just outside the coffee shop, has just brought the man that Marcus is pursuing.  As Renee sits down and orders her cup of coffee, she pulls out her agency cell phone, which is vibrating, and answers it.  While she is conversing on her phone, the two men dressed in all black and David enter the coffee shop and find an open booth in the corner.  The two men sit down opposite of the each other next to the window before David tells them that he is just going to the bathroom.

They watch David with hawk stares to make sure he doesn’t try anything stupid or attempt to run away.  David is under their eyeful watch until he enters the public bathroom facility.  When he steps inside the bathroom he notices that someone is already occupying the one stall placed in there.  He pays it no attention and steps over to the one urinal that is adjacent to the stall.  The toilet flushes inside the stall and out steps Marcus, who sees a man using the urinal, but pays him no attention.  As he steps over to watch his hands he hears the man flushing the urinal behind him.  David then turns around and goes over to the other open sink to wash his hands too, but neither man looks up in the mirror in front of them to see who is next to them.  Marcus finishes washing his hands and steps out of the bathroom after drying his hands.  As he steps out of the bathroom, David turns his head to just watch the man leave the bathroom and could see that the man exiting has toilet tissue attached to his shoe.  David quickly finishes up and exits the bathroom to go after the man to let him know about the tissue stuck to his shoe.

Marcus feels a tap on his right shoulder and turns around to see who is touching him.  Almost immediately after both of the men’s eyes meet tension began to brew up with in seconds.  David’s eyes got huge and he gasp as if he was attempting to take one last huge breath of air before he was out of oxygen.  A few seconds past before the first attempt of physical harm was made towards David’s face.  Once Marcus struck his elusive suspect across the face, David fell backwards into a table of four and disturbed their family outing.  Renee heard the shattering of glass and silverware hitting the floor along with screams and uncontrollable cussing.  As she got up to look around the corner to see what was going on, she could see Marcus in the middle of a fight with another male.  At the same time the two men that accompanied David to the coffee shop, immediately got out of their seat to help David.  Renee and the two men met both Marcus and David at the same time, which eventually caused the fight to spread to other tables.  During the fighting you could hear patrons in the background yelling, screaming, and scattering out of the shop to avoid getting involved.

When Renee attempted to come to Marcus’s aid, she was grabbed and thrown into another table sending food, cups, and other table top items on to the floor.  By this time Marcus has David pinned to the table he was first thrown on and started giving him body blows.  Being completely off guard David could do nothing but throw up his hands and arms to defend himself.  As he continues to receive hard body blows from Marcus, the two men rush over to grab Marcus and throw him on the ground very hard.  David struggles to gather himself off of the table and witnesses the two men kicking and stomping on Marcus as he rolls around on the floor trying to avoid the steel toe boots assaulting his body.  Immediately after David regains himself and sees Marcus on the floor, he sees an opportunity to give a few kicks and stomps also.  However, that was short lived when Renee came running back over to them and kicked one of the two men in the back.  The contact of her kick was well placed as it sent the man over top of Marcus on to the floor face first.  The other man swung a back fist towards Renee striking her across the jaw, which sent her into a daze.  This was the perfect opportunity for Marcus to fight back as he kicked upward hitting the man, who just hit Renee, in the knee making him buckle to the floor.  Marcus also kicked David, but the heel of his kick got him in the groin.

David immediately staggered away and fell to the floor as he was out of the fight completely.  The first man, who was kicked by Renee, gets up and stomps on Marcus’s chest and kicks him in the face.  As he attempts to stomp on his face, Marcus blocks his stomp and swings his legs around to trip the guy up.  Once the man fell on the floor Marcus gets up and starts advancing towards him, but is tackled by the other man, who he kicked, from behind.  At this time all three men are engaged in a brutal fight for their lives as they trade blows and splattering blood on the walls and floor.  Renee recovers and stands up when she announces by yelling, “NYPD!” which turns out to be the last thing she would ever say.  One of the men fighting Marcus was able to pull out a gun and attempted to point it at her.  Marcus interferes and grabs for the gun while Renee yells at Marcus to stop fighting.  In the midst of the struggle for the gun, either Marcus or the man he is struggling with, pull the trigger firing off a shot.  Renee’s reaction time is no match for the speed and arrant shot of the round as it hits her center mass in the chest penetrating her chest cavity.  Marcus sees that she is hit as she drops to her knees with a dead look on her face before falling over on her back with her arms spread out and her legs tucked underneath her.

For the brief second he watched Renee basically die in front of him, he gets hit so hard that he sees a blur of lights and lets go of the gun.  The man he was struggling with stands up and attempts to shot Marcus, but the gun jams.  By this time police sirens are heard coming towards the diner and they know they need to get out fast.  So both men grab David, who is still reeling on the ground holding his precious jewels, and pick him up to rush him out the door of the coffee shop.  All three of them hop into the SUV and speed off screeching tires and leaving behind a white cloud of dust and smell of burnt rubber.  In just under a minute NYPD police vehicles arrive at the coffee shop from every direction and intersection surround the coffee shop.  Police helicopter was heard flying high above the scene in search for any suspects in participation with the scene.  The first units arriving on scene entered the coffee shop with weapons drawn when they see Detective Renee lying on her back with a single gunshot wound to her chest.  Her service weapon was found under a booth table where it slid across the floor after she landed on the cold ceramic tiles.

Marcus attempts to get up to see how Renee is, but is told to freeze and sees several cops surrounding him with their guns pointed at him.  In the meantime witnesses are giving statements to police about the situation and how it all unfolded.  During this on-scene investigation Marcus is detained and handcuffed until further notice of either criminal charges or released on personal recognizance.  While Marcus is leaning up against a NYPD cruiser by his chest and his arms locked behind him, he sees the lifeless body of Detective Renee being wheeled out under the cover of a white sheet.  As he watches her body being wheeled away, he begins to think at the time he met her at the hospital and remembered, at that time, of seeing her name on the memorial stone outside of police headquarters.  He never read the Officer Down story of Detective Renee of how she died in the line of duty, but he somehow knew that the way she died today is not how she originally passed away.  A few minutes passed, after her body was wheeled out of sight, when he feels someone jiggling the handcuffs on his wrist.  After both hands are turned free of the silver criminal bracelets, he turns around and sees Renee’s partner, Detective Paul Johnson, the man he met also at the hospital.

Detective Johnson and Marcus just stand within inches of each other staring at each other with no words being spoken.  After a few moments of silence, the first words are spoken.

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  Detective Renee Bradley was a damn good cop, damn good detective.  We worked on a lot of cases together and got to know each other very well.  For the short time you were with her I doubt you knew her as much as I did.

MARCUS LOVE:  You’re right.  Damn good detective.  I didn’t get to know her personally as I had my own dealings.

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  Those dealings are what probably got her killed!

MARCUS LOVE:  Hey, I didn’t force her to do anything for me.  She took it upon herself to help me out and to make sure I was taken care of.  That right there showed me what kind of person she was and how caring should could be.

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  I don’t know what is going on exactly because she kept me in the dark.  Renee keeping me in the dark on anything threw up red flags, but I didn’t want to push the issue.  She kept reassuring me every single that things will be fine.  This was exactly what I was afraid of happening to her.

MARCUS LOVE:  I don’t know what to say that.

DETECTIVE JOHNSON:  After we are done here you can start by filling me in from the beginning on everything you two did on the days leading up to today.  As of right now I am taking over this investigation, which I think stinks to high hell!  You better tell me everything I want to know or I’ll make sure your freedom is snatch away like Renee’s life.  I loved that woman.  Don’t make her death be in vain.

After those last words are spoken to Marcus, he stands there alone by the NYPD cruiser looking into space.  Right now at this point in the time travel investigation, which is what this seems like, he knows that now the urgency to find out what is going on is ever up most importance.  All bullshitting needs to be left aside and the pouring of his aching heart and soul must now be placed on a silver platter.




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