Prayers for my Brother

First I want to send my prayers to my fellow brother of the Thin Blue Line who was injured during a training maneuver in Baltimore City.  It is very sad to know that a training accident of this magnitude has happened, which I can’t imagine how the instructor and the injured officer’s family is feeling at this time.  Although I don’t know the injured officer personally, this is special to me because his mother took the time to reach out to me to inform me of his present condition.  When I got home yesterday morning after working my midnight shift, I received a phone call from one of my majors at my respective agency.  The news I received from my major was that a captain at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department is looking for me and needs me to call her ASAP.  Obviously I am shocked to know that the command staff of another police agency is searching for me, but my major was just as clueless as I was as to why they need me to call them right away.

Once I finished my brief conversation with my major, I contacted the captain at UMB to see what the deal was.  In the conversation with her it appeared that the injured officer was the son of a woman who used to work with my wife in Washington, D.C.  When I made that connection I immediately remember that her son was trying to apply and come on board with my agency, but for whatever reason didn’t get selected.  I then remember later on after applying to my agency he was selected to be employed at our sister agency in Baltimore City.  When the news first broke of him getting shot in the head during a training maneuver, I didn’t even think about my indirect connection to the injured officer.  As you can imagine once I got off the phone with the captain, I then felt some type of sorrow for the fella and his mother along with his family and what they might be going through.  Now that I know that I am indirectly connected to this officer and his family, I feel some kind of obligation to go see how he is in the hospital. 

My thing is that how this could have happened?  Me being a fellow firearms instructor an accident such as this should not be happening.  Especially when you have a trainee receiving gunshot wounds to the head.  At this point and time I pray and hope that he survives and makes a full recovery from his severe wound.  I do not want to get dressed up in my Honor Guard uniform and perform at his funeral because of a lack of safety on the part of the trainer, who is supposed to be an example of how it is done.  I will be following this story as it continues through the weeks and days following and giving you all an update on the situation.



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3 responses to “Prayers for my Brother

  1. Your biggest fan

    Do you have an update, hadnt heard about this.

    • The last I heard that the officer was recovering fine, but still not 100% yet. As for the story behind him getting shot was the fault of the training not leaving his service weapon behind as he was suppose to do. Also it appears that personal feelings between the trainer and the shot officer was not good and may have played a role. Besides that nothing more has really erupted out of this story except the mayor of Baltimore is very upset and furious.

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