“Christina Black” (Crime Thriller – Part VII)

*Readers Discretion is Advised*

Previously on Christina Black – Chicago Police officer Christina and her partner, Chris, have just escaped from being killed by mercenaries approximately two hours outside of Chicago at a log cabin.

Story continues…

Hours later, into the next morning, the mayor of Chicago, David Fame, calls over the police commissioner’s office to set up a private meeting, which was labeled as a budget conference to mask the real reason behind the meet.  Ulysses Braun, police commissioner, received the phone call from David and agreed to meet him at a public location somewhere downtown.  Approximately one hour later David and Ulysses meet up at a park bench and then go inside a corner deli store where two chairs and a table is set up.  The personal protection team for the mayor was in plainclothes, and stationed outside and inside the store.  According to the public that would see them out and about, it would strike to them as two political figures having a morning meal at their favorite corner restaurant.

One thing that kind of seems odd was that no media attention was around taking pictures or asking for interviews.  Knowing that their time alone and without distraction is limited, they quickly get to the bottom of the meeting and discuss what options they have at this point.

ULYSSES BRAUN:  Okay, David.  You want to explain to me why Chris White and Christina Black are not dead yet?

DAVID FAME:  You’re welcome!  I tried to take care of them myself by using my contacts stationed in The Balkans.  So excuse me for trying to clean up your mess when your officers couldn’t finish the job!

ULYSSES BRAUN:  Well, then we both failed.  They are still alive somewhere out in the woods not too far from the Lake Michigan.  They could be anywhere at this point and we need to make sure they try not to contact anyone of what they know.

DAVID FAME:  There in lies the problem I think we have.  How do we know for sure what Christina knows?  Are we assuming because she was Jack Wayne’s partner?  How do we know for sure he told her anything of what he discovered?

ULYSSES BRAUN:  Those two were close friends and a great partner team.  Most of the shit that Jack was dealing with in his personal life was not revealed until Christina felt it was his only option. 

DAVID FAME:  So you’re telling me that because of their working and personal relationship towards each other, he revealed things to her that he discovered would spark a major scandal?

ULYSSES BRAUN:  Yes I do.  What’s your assessment on this?

DAVID FAME:  My assessment is simply this!  We need to lay off of them and let them do what they do until we know for sure what they know.  I will leave it up to you to contact them and tell them to lay low for a while and that they will be on administrative leave pending an investigation.  That simple.  That will buy us some time to figure out what’s going on and pursue that avenue when it presents itself.

ULYSSES BRAUN:  Was all the evidence taken from Jack’s house?

DAVID FAME:  My men went through the entire house and took everything that would lead detectives and anyone to our involvement with the Russian mob.

ULYSSES BRAUN:  I hope so.

It was soon after that last statement was spoken, the meeting between the two men ended.  They both immediately went back to their respective offices and carried on their daily duties as if nothing was under suspicion.  Approximately one hour later after the meeting, Chris gets a phone call from the commissioner explaining what was taking place.  Chris was told that the warrant that was issued has been lifted and that both of them would be placed on administrative leave with pay until the outcome of the investigation.  The investigation was about the two police officers that were killed the same night Christina’s life was attempted on.  Not knowing the full truth of where this is coming from, Chris ended his conversation with Ulysses and stood next to Christina confused and stunned.  Christina turned her head and looked at Chris wondering what he was thinking and what was said over the phone.  She asked Chris what was happening, and he explained to her exactly what Ulysses told him.

After she received the explanation from Chris, she also took the contagious emotion of being confused, but also relieved that they could at least have some type of normalcy.  Later on that afternoon, Chris and Christina packed up their personal belongings and headed back to Chicago to her house.  When they finally arrived, about three hours later, she entered her front door and felt a sense of euphoria.  Christina dropped her bag and fell to her knees, kissing the hardwood floor that welcomed her back home.  Chris stood in the doorway behind her watching her reaction to being back home after a chaotic time away.  She excused herself and got back up on her feet and threw her bag on the couch.  Immediately she entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to grab two ice cold bottles of beer.  Chris had just walked further into her house and stood by the island counter, in the kitchen, until she handed him a bottle of beer.  He reached out and grabbed it and both gave a smile at each other after they clanked the bottles together and started to consume the ice cold beverage.

Several minutes later, while sitting on the couch enjoying their peace and quite, Christina informs Chris that she will head upstairs to take a shower.  With trust, she leaves him the run of the house and the freedom to do what he wanted until she came back downstairs.  She finishes the last cold drops of beer and places it on the coffee table, grabs her bag and runs upstairs to take her nice long, hot, awaited shower.  Chris follows her with his eyes until she is out of sight and hears the water running.  After finishing his beer, he looks up and sees several pictures on top of her fireplace.  With curiosity looming through his mind, he gets up and walks over to the fireplace to get a closer look at the framed pictures.  The first set of pictures he sees is one with her graduating from the police academy and standing next to her is her late partner, Jack Wayne.  Chris knew of Jack, but never actually met him or spoken to him in a setting that would give him more of a personal connection to the lost of Jack.  As Chris starts to breeze through the framed pictures he sees another picture of her and another older man next to her, which he assumed was her father, with his arms around Christina, hugging her.

Soon after he was satisfied and his curiosity was fulfilled, he started to walk around the first floor of the house to get a sense of his surroundings.  Still hearing the shower running, he walks into the kitchen and grabs another bottle of beer from the fridge.  When he grabbed his second beer, he heard the shower turn off and nothing else.  Chris steps out from the kitchen and looks up to the loft to see if he can see her coming out of the bathroom.  After a few seconds of not seeing her, he starts to climb the steps up to the second floor with his beer in his hand.  Once he got to the top of the steps, the bathroom door opened up and Christina stepped out with nothing on but her long beach towel.  She is startled when she is surprised to see Chris standing there by the bathroom door.  Christina lets out a slight chuckle as to laugh off the awkward experience, but sees that Chris is standing there starring right at her.  Although he is starring right at her, she doesn’t get a sense of a threat or any negativity coming from his eyes meeting her eyes.  Once standing there starring at each other for a brief moment, he takes one more swig of his beer and slowly approaches her.  She stands there allowing him to get closer and close enough that he could smell the aroma of her shower gel.

A few more seconds of starring at each other and then they immediately start to French kiss each other.  Soon he had her in his arms completely and her beach towel fell off her moist athletic figure.  Chris had both of his hands full of her butt cheeks as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist.  He carried her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed with both of them breathing heavy from the excitement and passion filling their bodies.  Christina immediately starts to undue his pants and stuck her hand inside his boxer briefs, caressing his manhood to the point of stiffness.  He leans over to kiss her and they lock lips and tongue once again as her caressing gets more sensual.  She stands up and turns the tide by throwing him to the bed and yanking off his pants and under garments.

He felt the moist, softness of her body on top of his and could feel her thigh pressing up against his manhood.  They trade kisses a few more times and she slowly makes her way down the middle of his chest and stomach area.  He leans his head back on the bed and suddenly feels this warm, wet sensation engulfed on his manhood.  The feeling of her just pleasuring him at the moment was amazing and she seemed to be enjoying the reaction she was getting from him.  Just before he was ready to orgasm, she climbed on top of him and inserted him inside her filling up her female essence.  That feeling of sensation took over both of them and the sexual encounter between two partners just went up another level.  The sexual frustration that both were feeling, although each person didn’t express it to the other, has now turned into a physical and emotional trip that both are hoping doesn’t fizzle out.  The love making between Chris and Christina, as they will figure out later down the road, will complicate things and get emotions in the way of trying to accomplish what they need to accomplish.




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