“Time Gap” (Thriller – Part VI)

Previously on Time Gap – Marcus Love is at a diner with Detective Renee, but later finds out that his employment with NYPD has been confirmed, but still raises suspicion.  David, the suspect scientist, has been captured and is being held captive by the mastermind of a terror plot.

As Detective Renee and Marcus leave the diner, she is a few steps behind him, but closes that gap with a few quick steps.  Once she got within arms reach of Marcus she grabs his arm to turn him around so he can face her.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  What the hell is going on Marcus?

MARCUS LOVE:  What do you mean?

DETECTIVE RENEE:  I mean what the hell is happening?  I did a background check on you up and down, left and right, inside and out!  Now this new development makes me look like an incompetent detective.  You probably did this on purpose to get back at me!

MARCUS LOVE:  Renee, if I understood what was going on I would tell you, but I am just as confused as I was when you first met me.  Besides, what I know now you probably already figured it out.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  What do you mean by that, Marcus?

MARCUS LOVE:  You trust yourself.  You did all the checks that you needed to do, but nothing pops up.  Then suddenly days later I am a member of the NYPD like I mentioned before at the hospital.  None of this makes sense, but what I need to tell you might shock the shit out of you.  So hope you are prepared, which by now I think you are.

Marcus turns away from her and walks towards her unmarked vehicle and stands at the passenger door looking at her.  She stares at him for a few seconds with her heart racing like she just ran a marathon, who is in excellent shape for such an event.  She grabs her car keys out of her pants pocket and opens the door automatically as she makes her way towards the driver side door.  They both get in the vehicle and no one says anything for the first minute it seemed.  To break the silence Marcus believes it is time to tell her what is happening and how she maybe able to help.

MARCUS LOVE:  When you first met me in the hospital with your partner, I recognized you but couldn’t remember where.  Then it hit me once you left that we both worked on a few cases together, but not enough time and coordination to learn each other.  I promise you that I am not crazy or need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist for mental stability.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Marcus, if you have something that will help this investigation I need to know.  I need to know now.

MARCUS LOVE:  I’ll tell you what you need to know, but first we need to go somewhere to help me link it all.  There is an abandon warehouse in a portion of Manhattan that we need to check out.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  You remember how to get there?

MARCUS LOVE:  I believe I do.  There you will have all the answers you need. 

She looks at Marcus, who is looking out the passenger side window thinking of how he will be able to break his silence on the truth.  As the vehicle pulls off and starts towards the abandon warehouse, he also thinks of how she will react to the news once he tells her what he knows.  During the drive to the warehouse neither one speaks a word except Marcus giving directions on what streets to take.  Several minutes later as Renee pulls on to the street, the abandon warehouse comes into view almost exactly how Marcus remembers it.  He points to it to show Renee and tells her to park in front of the building.  Renee slowly creeps her way to the front of the building as she looks up and responds, “This place looks like a bombed out shelter.”  Marcus responds with a quick chuckle and tells her, “The best is to come a little later.”

They exit the car and start walking towards the front entrance of the building, which has busted out glass and pieces of it all over the concrete and floor.  Marcus steps through the front doors and hearing the small pieces of shard glass cracking under his feet.  He reaches out his hand to Renee to help her through and then looks down at her feet to see what kind of shoes she was wearing.  She looks at him and then down at her feet and looks back up at him and says, “What?”  Marcus frowns his upper lip and responds with, “Nothing.”  He turns around and sees the steps and slowly proceeds up each step watching out for anyone who could be living in the building.  Once he got to the top of the steps, he looked down to the end of the hall and saw the same door, he last remembered entering before being involved in a shootout, wide open.  Renee at this point pulls out her service weapon from her holster and hides it behind her leg as they make their way down the dark hallway.  Each door they passed she would raise her weapon and point it towards the doorway, but wouldn’t enter the dark rooms.  Minutes later, Marcus entered the room where it all changed his life for the worse and where he met his suspect scientist, David Deere.

Once Renee entered into the room behind him, she lowered her weapon and placed it back in her holster.  Marcus starts looking around the room and goes to the window to look down and could see the unmarked car they came in.  After allowing Marcus a few moments of silence to look around the room, which is completely empty, she then breaks the silence by asking him a direct question.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  What the hell are we doing here, Marcus?

MARCUS LOVE:  Turns around to face her and walks closer to her within a few feet.  I’m not from around here, Renee.  Hell, I’m not from this dimension it seems.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Do you want to elaborate on that for me?  Where are you from?

MARCUS LOVE:  Turns around and walks a few steps away with his arms folded and lets out a huge sigh.  His swallowing becomes shallow and his eyes close before he answers her.  I’m Detective Marcus Love, NYPD Electronic Crimes Unit.  I’ve been employed with the NYPD since 2012, which would be this year.  Turns around and puts his hands on his hips letting out another sigh.  The big problem with that is I’ve been employed with NYPD for approximately eight years.  You do the math on that one.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Steps closer to Marcus to better understand his explanation.  You’ve been employed with us for eight years?  You started this year, though.  So how would that be….She catches herself and it was like freezing in a lake full of ice when she figured it out.  Her look at him was priceless, which makes it very difficult to describe.

MARCUS LOVE:  See, I totally knew you would figure it out.  He steps away to another side of the room with his arms folded once again.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Follows him on the same side of the room with her hands and arms out to the side.  Are you still trying to convince me Marcus that you are from the future?  Please tell me that you are just kidding with me and this is some kind of joke to the real reason we are up here.

MARCUS LOVE:  Chuckles at her response and looks at her.  I wish it was all a joke myself, but unfortunately this is the real reason we came up here.  I wanted to show you the sight of where it all happened.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  What the hell is wrong with you?!  From the future?!  Come on Marcus!  I seriously think you do need an evaluation and you need it now and I’m taking you to the hospital. 

MARCUS LOVE:  I knew you would have a hard time believing me with this explanation.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Erupts into a big laugh.  Hell yeah!  You telling me you brought me here to back up your story that you are from the future.  You should have left the explanation you gave me at the diner and that would have been that.  At that point can you blame me for trying to leave you?!

MARCUS LOVE:  Think about it Renee.  The EMS found me here on the ground and transported me to the hospital.  This is where it all started.  I need you to take my word for it.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Okay, Marcus.  Umm…what and how did things play out here again?  I remember you saying that a bomb exploded, but as you and I can see this building is still standing and nothing around it is disturbed.

MARCUS LOVE:  Goes over to the point where his partner was wounded by gun fire.  This is where my partner was when we came into the room and got into a shootout with the suspect.  Then I came over here and returned fire.  Shortly there after David ran around this corner and disappeared where I saw a bright electric blue light flashing.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Still chuckling.  Alright Marcus that was a well detailed description of the events, but you have one problem.  You have nothing to corroborate your story.  I can’t go and tell my captain that you know what; the guy that we interviewed at the hospital is from the future.  I would get laughed at and forced to turn in my badge and gun for an emergency evaluation myself!. 

MARCUS LOVE:  Well, I don’t know what to tell you Renee, but what I am explaining to you is what happened and is the honest to God truth.  No I don’t have any evidence to back up my story, but at this point I don’t know what else to do.  My wife doesn’t recognize me, you couldn’t find me or find a link to my employment with NYPD, and now I look like a complete fool telling you this story.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Finally stops laughing after seeing that Marcus is serious.  Look, right now we still need to find out who you are and why we couldn’t find you in the first place.  You may be employed by the NYPD, but that mysteriously came up when we all checked before and it turned out you wasn’t.  That makes you look very suspect and frankly speaks of an inside job that someone is trying to cover your tracks. 

MARCUS LOVE:  What am I going to do now?  I need proof to back up my story, but first I need to find a place to live before I do anything.  Any suggestions on that?

DETECTIVE RENEE:  Stands there looking at Marcus thinking of where he can go for shelter.  I may be able to help you in that regard.  I know a landlord who has a vacant apartment in his building and if I can sweet talk him I might be able to get you to stay there for a while.

MARCUS LOVE:  That would be great if that get done.  In the mean time I will just keep this between us and not tell anyone else about this wild story.  That is until I have proof to back me up.

DETECTIVE RENEE:  That’s fair.  I won’t let anyone know about this either.  Promise.

During this time of Renee and Marcus trying to wrap their minds around all of this, David is dragged into the boss’ office where he is forced to sit in a chair directly across from him.  The boss looks at David and can see that he suffered a brutal beating for quite sometime and wanted to know what David knew before he ended up dead.  David sits there with both eyes swollen, but his right eye is bleeding from the corner and trails of blood running down his cheek.  He had blood all over is mouth with both lips severely bloody and drops of blood stains all over his chest.  Once David was placed in the chair, the boss man told one of his men in the office to get a towel and wrap it around his shoulders so no blood drips on the floor.  Immediately after the towel was given to David, with his hands tied behind his back, the boss began speaking to him.

BOSS MAN:  What’s your name?

DAVID DEERE:  David Deere.  Nuclear scientist.

BOSS MAN:  So, umm…David how did you find me?

DAVID DEERE:  I wasn’t looking for you.  I was at an abandon warehouse in Manhattan where I ran into two guys who apparently work for you.  They then decided to bring me here to you for whatever reason.

BOSS MAN:  Huh, I see.  Well, David I hate to tell you this but your last days on this earth will be at the hands of my men beating you to a pulp if you don’t explain to me what you are trying to achieve.

DAVID DEERE:  Achieve?

BOSS MAN:  You’ve been saying that we hired you to build a nuclear bomb for a plot against the United States.  I don’t know where you heard that from, but I can assure you we have no intention of committing such acts.  We don’t need the full weight of the federal government breathing down our necks.

DAVID DEERE:  Well, you see, sir, that I am from the future and I am here to only help you and your men from getting caught or figured out by such government.

BOSS MAN:  Laughter erupts from him then his men around the room.  The future?!  Man, this guy is a damn comedian, you know?!  Well, David, from the future, how will the world be in the future?

DAVID DEERE:  The world is good, you know?  The economy is okay, but jobless rates skyrocket and another war is on the verge of breaking out in the Middle East.

BOSS MAN:  Huh!  Whose the president of the United States?

DAVID DEERE:  Well, since I am from the year 2020, the president at that time is Henry Coleman.

BOSS MAN:  Henry Coleman?!  The Senator from Texas?!  That liberal son of a bitch!  I don’t like him and never will. 

DAVID DEERE:  I am not a big fan of him either, but I can’t control politics only what I can for myself.

BOSS MAN:  Exactly!  What can you do for yourself?  You know David you are a funny guy, but I think a far touch in the head as well.  We don’t run in the terrorism business, David.  You’ve heard of Organize Crime?

DAVID DEERE:  I have.  So you telling me you are in charge of a Mob?

BOSS MAN:  To his men around the room.  Man, this guy is sharp ain’t he?!  You are correct David.  I’m pretty sure you are familiar with how the mob works so I won’t bother you with the boring details, but I can probably let you in on the business.

DAVID DEERE:  Let me in how?  I’m not a killer.  You can forget about that.

BOSS MAN:  A killer?  No, no, no!  I am not looking to turn you into a killer, but you can probably share some knowledge on how to make money in your field of expertise.

DAVID DEERE:  My field is not that simple, sir.  I would need more people like me to try to exploit the weakness of nuclear science, but there’s no guarantee that you can make a profit doing anything.

BOSS MAN:  Well we’ll just have to wait and see now won’t we?  To one of the men in the room.  You can take him back to the room and get him some new clothes.  After that take him to get some food.  He’s gonna need his strength later.



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