“Heavenly Fire” (Sci-Fi)(Part VI)

Previously on Heavenly Fire – The entire Western world is under the cover of darkness, which has led to anarchy and civil unrest.  During this time of lawlessness and chaos, the Mexican Drug Cartels take advantage and immediately expand their franchise deep into the United States.  On the financial backing of the cartels, rebel forces are supported to overthrow their nation’s government and start the bloodshed in the midst of a civil war. 

June 1-2, 2021

In a historic town in northern Maryland two teenage couples meet up at a scenic overlook to drink and smoke marijuana.  With anarchy and chaos being the main themes all across the darkening land, the fear of being caught and arrested for their indulges is slim to none.  One of the males of two couples, Jeremy Black, is the one who provides the marijuana and the alcohol to his girlfriend and friends.  As they find a park bench on the peak of the overlook, Jeremy pulls out the pound of marijuana from one of his jacket pockets and places it on the table.  His girlfriend, Mia Price, reaches out for the bag of marijuana and holds it in the air as if she was completely amazed to the amount he scored.  The other couples, Jonathan Maze and Amber Fischer, are also amazed at the amount of marijuana that Jeremy has in his possession.  While they all stare and laugh at the joy of being able to smoke it without worries of police or military spotting them, several blunts are rolled and lined up on the table.  Amber then makes a statement that since it is dark out there and only a half moon is providing light, they will need some type of artificial light source to see what they are doing.  Immediately after that statement Jeremy again surprises everyone by pulling out a small flashlight from one of his jacket pockets.  This discovery also brings everyone to smiles and more laughs bust out from everyone sitting there enjoying themselves.

Minutes go by as each teenager picks up a rolled up blunt and smokes it without a care in the world.  Shortly after they started their illegal indulgence, a loud explosion was heard echoing along the scenic overlook hills and mountains.  Jeremy and Mia both turned their heads at the same time towards the explosion and could see flames lighting up the dark valley where the street lights and homes used to reign.  The after affects of smoking marijuana definitely slowed down the reaction time of Amber and Jonathan as they finally turned their head several seconds after the explosion.  Mia and Jeremy only spent a few seconds looking down into the valley where the explosion took place before they continued doing what they were doing.  Approximately one minute later another explosion was heard in the valley and this time it got all four of their attention.

This time the size of the fire was a lot larger and so bright that it casted a very low reflection on their faces since they were a great distance away.  Once the second explosion happened their brains started to wonder what was going on and who was causing damage by blowing things up.  All four of them watched the valley of darkness for a few minutes to see if anymore explosions would happen, but nothing occurred.  Then as they turned their attention back to each other and having a good time, a bright streak was seen going through the dark sky by people in the valley.  Jeremy and his friends are not paying attention to this bright streak as they are more concerned about getting high and buzzed before ending the night with a joy ride.  Just like most teenagers they were either oblivious to the dangers on the road and the rise in road gangs, or they thought they were invisible to the flirtation of death that could be awaiting them to make a mistake.  However, after this night road gangs and flirtation with death, on their own accord, will be the least of their worries.  As they continue to enjoy each others company, a massive explosion was heard several miles away, which emanated a bright flash and a mushroom cloud minutes later.  By the time they heard and reacted to the explosion of the meteor striking the earth’s surface, the shockwave swept across the mountainous region in a split second.  When they turned toward the sound, they were met with a tall wall of dirt and debris coming at them at a high rate of speed.  The shockwave moved so fast that they barely had time to blink and close their eyes before they were engulfed in the massive dirt wall.

When the dirty shockwave hit them it lifted them off of the benches, along with any personal items that were not anchored down, and sent them flying through the air down a hill for several hundred feet.  The shockwave only took a few seconds to pass through, but it felt like an eternity to them as they were flown like rag dolls or pieces of loose leaf paper.  By the time they came down and struck the hard surface of the earth with their limp bodies, they had all been separated by several feet and rolled to a harsh stop.  Jonathan flew away the furthest and after falling back down and rolling down a hill, he ended up striking the back of his neck on a thick log, breaking it.  Mia suffered the least amount of injuries with only having cuts and bruises to her exposed arms and legs.  Jeremy ended up flying through a thorn bush and was impacted by several thorns in his face, arms, legs, groin area, and buttocks.  Amber ended up just rolling down the hill and suffered a fractured arm, which only her cries could be heard amongst the eerie quietness after the shockwave passed.  The only person that was able to get up and start moving around was Mia and she immediately started to follow the screams and pleads for help from Amber.  As Mia raced down the hill towards Amber she yelled at her to let her know she was coming and that she will help her the best way she can.

Mia didn’t see Amber, although the cries for help got louder and louder as she got closer, and tripped over Amber’s fractured arm.  When she did that Mia hit her forehead on the hard ground nearly knocking herself unconscious.  At that point Amber screamed louder in pain and yelled for Mia to help her because she is in pain.  Whatever high they were all feeling prior to the shockwave hitting them, it was obsolete by this time of crisis.  Mia gathered herself and crawled over to Amber and could barley see her arm through the heavy thick cloud of dust and darkness.  When she was able to spot Amber’s arm, she was scared to see that Amber couldn’t move it and it looked like it was in weird position.  Amber lies on the ground with tears just pouring out of her eyes from the agony and misery she was feeling.  Mia didn’t know exactly how to help her at that point, but knew she needed to find Jonathan, which was going to be a very daunting task considering the circumstances.  She started to stand up and walk away from Amber reassuring her that she will be back with the others to help her out.  Amber continues to cry out in pain as Mia starts to look for Jonathan and Jeremy with a wing and a prayer.

During her search for Jonathan she calls out his name, but he doesn’t answer her back.  As she continues to search for them she kept tripping over ditches and piles of debris that were in her path.  Several minutes later she came across Jonathan, who was lying motionless in a ditch with his eyes close.  Mia knelt beside him and checked his pulse and was shocked and horrified to find out that he had none.  This immediately sparked tears streaming from her eyes as she started to pound on his chest from disappointment.  Her search for Jeremy was delayed by several minutes, but heard someone coming up behind her through the darkness.  She quickly turned around and saw Amber holding her arm walking towards her crying from the pain.  As Amber got up on Mia she could see the lifeless body of Jonathan lying on the ground.  She became worried for Mia and placed her hand from her uninjured arm on Mia’s shoulder.  Amber allowed a few minutes for Mia to catch her feelings and get her mind set corrected to continue the search for Jeremy.  Mia slowly gathered herself as Amber attempted to help her up to her feet.  They slowly started to walk away from the body of Jonathan as Amber continued to show sympathy for her lost.  As they make their way up the hill calling for Jeremy, they heard a loud groan to their left.  They called to Jeremy once more and the groan was heard once again.

Mia and Amber both ran over to Jeremy to follow his groaning and found him in the midst of some thorn bushes.  As they attempted to get closer he tried to warn them of the bushy surroundings, but it was too late.  Mia walked right into some thorns and got scratched and poked in the face around the eyes.  Mia grabbed her face after yelling out in pain and fell to the ground cussing up a storm.  Amber loudly asked Jeremy was he okay, and he responded that he is find, but just have several thorns throughout his body and it is very painful to move.  As Mia gets herself together once again she cries out to Jeremy that Jonathan is dead, this shocks him into sadness.  He lets out a sigh and closes his eyes and immediately apologizes to Mia for her lost.  After a quick moment of silence Jeremy demands to be let out of the thorn bush gallery and needs both of them to figure out how.  While both Mia and Amber start brainstorming how to get him out, Jeremy attempts several times to move, but with every millimeter movement of his muscles he can feel the sharp razor tip of the thorns moving in his skin.  Each movement would send not only pain through his body, but groans and grunts.

Finally after about a few minutes Amber and Mia came up with a plan to go into the thorn bush while using clothing to spread away the branches.  With this plan in affect, Amber knows that this will be very difficult for her since one of her arms is out of commission.  Mia removes her shirt to expose her sport bra, which quickly got Jeremy’s attention of how good she actually looked.  He looked at Amber and saw her staring at him so his focus quickly shifted to getting out of the thorn bushes without much more pain and scratches.  This plan from the start took several attempts at the beginning before Mia gained the courage to risk herself to become a victim of the thorn bushes.  She was able to grab both of Jeremy’s hands and drag him along the ground out of the thorn bush grave, but not without resistance.  It was automatic for Jeremy to tense up and yell stop at Mia while she was helping him.  He kept yelling to her to stop after only a few inches of being removed from the thick of the brush.  Then the last time he yelled at her to stop, she didn’t and kept dragging him out of the bushes.  Jeremy screamed in agonizing pain the entire time until he was completely pulled out.  Once out of the grasp of the thorn bushes, they immediately started to feel his body for thorn and picked them out.  That was a very painful experience as their hands would rub over one of the deep penetrating thorns and he would grimace in pain each time.  When it got down to pull them out of his groin area, Mia allowed Amber to handle that job, but it took to long with her only using one arm.  Before long she asked Mia to help and that it was okay to reach down in his groin area to help him get relief.

Pulling the thorns out of his body took approximately ten minutes, which seemed so long for Jeremy.  After they got themselves together and gathered what they could gather from the destruction that came, they walked over to Jonathan to say one last farewell.  Mia used her shirt to cover up his face, which was the same shirt she used to help Jeremy get out of his bind.  After a few quick prayers over his body they slowly made their way down a hill without any particular location.  Debris and space dust littered the streets and Mother Nature for miles during their journey.  All three of them travelled on foot, over debris and battered up cars, throughout the night non-stop until the early morning on June 2nd.  As they came down one road they detoured on, a vehicle was heard racing towards them at a high rate of speed.  Jeremy looked in the distance about a mile in front of them and could see a pick up truck driving at a high rate of speed kicking up dust behind them.  Then Amber and Mia looked forward and saw the same thing.  Jeremy started to wonder who it was racing towards them and should they flag them down for help.  As the truck gets closer Jeremy gets a good look at the people in and on the bed of the truck.  When they got within his perfect eye sight, he could see the men on the back of the truck with rifles and shotguns.

This sight scared all three of them and they immediately took off running in the woods.  Within a few feet inside the wood line a few shots rang out over their heads, which dared them not to stop.  Amber struggled running at top speed only because she couldn’t use her arms to freely swing to gain momentum.  Jeremy had to keep slowing down and to get behind her to keep her moving through the thick brush.  They could hear the men chasing them through the woods as they kept going and going not wanting to stop.  Then suddenly as Mia is running in front of them, she disappears into the ground beneath them.  Jeremy and Amber keep running yelling for Mia, which they soon follow and fall beneath the surface.  The fall inside the hall was only a ten foot drop, but falling through not knowing that and suddenly having your momentum stop immediately was a tremendous shock.  As they fell through the hole in the ground, Amber landed on her other shoulder, but luckily didn’t break it.  At this point Mia had injured her ankle and swore to God that it was either broken or sprained.  Hearing the men chasing them above ground scared them to keep moving, but they can’t see where they are going and where this underground tunnel leads too.  Jeremy reaches and looks for his little flashlight, but that got blown away when the shock-wave wall came tumbling at them.  So for the moment they decided to hide in the unknown tunnel away from the hole and only hope that none of them finds them.  After several minutes of hiding, the noise and chatter of the men above seemed to have disappeared.  This gave them a sense of relief, but knowing that the coast might not be clear completely they decide to stay in the underground tunnel for most of the morning before they continue on their non-destination journey.




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