“Christina Black” (Crime Thriller – Part VI)


Previously on Christina Black – After the second failed attempt on Christina’s life, she is placed in a log cabin for safety, which she was brought there by her partner, Chris. Unknown to Chris and Christina they have been placed on a wanted list, by a mercenary group, but know they are wanted for questioning; while the mayor of Chicago alerts his personal mercenary squad to eliminate both Chris and Christina.

Christina and Chris prepare themselves to spend a silent night in the log cabin, which is two hours north of Chicago and is in view of a lake that spurs off of the Great Lakes. Christina opens the balcony door and steps outside on to the wooded structure to take in the cool, crisp air and takes in a deep breath. By this time Chris is in the middle of his nap on the couch partially covered up with a throw blanket. Once Christina steps outside she closes the balcony door partially and leaves a crack between the frame and the glass door. She walks all the way to the end and leans on the wooded railings looking through the leave-less trees and watching the moonlight bouncing off the lake. She closes her eyes and starts to think about the entire situation that she is in and is struggling on how this all came about. Her mind was just rumbling around about the last two attempts on her life and now she can only imagine how Chris will be looked at by helping her.

Chris wakes up from his nap and startled that he doesn’t see her where she was last, on the couch adjacent to her. He sits up with the quickness and looks around for her and sees her on the balcony looking straight towards the lake. Chris lets out a sigh of relief that he found her and gets up walking slowly towards the balcony door. He slides the door open and she turns around seeing him stepping outside to meet her. Chris walks up next to her and leans on the wooded frame on his forearms. Almost immediately after he came outside and stood next to her she started to open up about her previous partner and what it means.

CHRISTINA: You know I still don’t understand why Jack died the way he did. I worked with him for a long time and the next thing I know he’s dead. Then I’m a target for some kind of mob hit and I can’t help but think it is related to what happened to him.

CHRIS: We’ll get to the bottom of this thing. Someone has to know what is going on and why this is happening to you.

CHRISTINA: I wish it was that simple, you know? People have tried to kill me within the past 24-48 hours and one of them was a fellow Chicago police officer. I can only imagine how far this corruption goes.

CHRIS: What do you suggest we do? You already have a warrant out for you and you haven’t done anything except trying to survive.

CHRISTINA: I was shot at while escaping the hospital. That’s further proof that I was being targeted for a hit, but for what reason?

CHRIS: I wish I could answer that question for you, but right now we need to find out who knows what and how to go about it.

CHRISTINA: Like I said before, good luck to that because that won’t be an easy accomplishment. If the corruption goes deep and high into the police department it will be nearly impossible to get close to anyone to find out. Either we’ll be thrown in jail or killed before that happens. I’m just confused and scared at this point. I don’t know what should be the right thing to do.

After that brief conversation they both stand there in silence and allowed their brain to think deep within its nerves to come up with a solution. While they both hideout at the log cabin, the mayor gets a knock on his front door at his personal residence. When he left the dining room table and answered the door he saw that it was one of the leaders of the mercenary group that he called. When they saw each other the surprise look on the mayor’s face was priceless, which caused the man to give a chuckle and a smart remark followed.

MERCENARY LEADER: What’s the matter? Surprise to see me?

DAVID FAME (MAYOR): What the hell are you doing here at my house? I thought I told you to never come to my place of residence where my family was?

MERCENARY LEADER: Relax David. You called us and we responded. You wasn’t at your office and so the next place to get a hold of you is here at your house. Besides, I wanted to get your attention.

DAVID FAME: Get my attention? Steps outside and closes the door behind him. What do you mean get my attention?

MERCENARY LEADER: I need to make sure you are real for what you need us for. You want us to assassinate two Chicago police officers when Christina already avoided the last two attempts on her life.

DAVID FAME: That’s correct!

MERCENARY LEADER: I assume you understand the heat that will come down on you and your office if we go through with this.

DAVID FAME: Not too much came out of the hit on Jack Wayne. So what makes this different?

MERCENARY LEADER: The difference is that you will have three dead police officers under your watch of the city, and with no suspect to name for the killings will only spark revenge and hatred. I’m pretty sure more will come of this than when we killed Mr. Wayne.

DAVID FAME: Listen, no one can tie me or you to this.

MERCENARY LEADER: What about the commissioner and the chief? They know about us. What makes you think if things get too hot they won’t rollover on us both?

DAVID FAME: You let me worry about dealing with them myself. I just need you and your team to accomplish what I need you for. That is to get rid of both Chris and Christina.

MERCENARY LEADER: Why Chris? What has he done?

DAVID FAME: He’s helping her stay alive and keeping her hidden. They know they can’t just trust anyone to help them so they will be in hiding for a while.

MERCENARY LEADER: So what do you want my men to do?

DAVID FAME: Find them, hunt them down, and eliminate them at together.

MERCENARY LEADER: What makes you think they even know what is going on? You want them snuffed out of the picture and they probably don’t even know why people are trying to kill them.

DAVID FAME: I can’t take that chance. I don’t know what Jack told Christina, if he told her anything. By the time we find that out it might be then too late to go with the plan.

MERCENARY LEADER: What plan is that exactly?

DAVID FAME: To assassinate Congressman Vince Black!

The next morning Christina and Chris wake up from a noise they heard just outside of the front door of the log cabin. They both woke up startled and that allowed Christina to run to the front door and open it up with just enough of a crack to see what caused this loud noise. When Christina peeped outside she could see two guys, which looked like teenagers, searching through the two large gallon garbage cans adjacent to the front door. Chris gets up and walks towards her asking her what is going on and she responds to him of seeing two young males searching through the trash cans outside. When Chris peeped outside through the front door, he told her to stay there as he ran back to the couch and grabbed his service weapon. Once he made sure it was loaded he slowly opened the door and creeped outside coming up behind them with his weapon at the ready.

He yelled at them to halt, which of course startled the two teenage boys who saw him standing just feet away with his gun out. They threw some of the trash at Chris’ face and took off running on foot down a hill on the other side of the log cabin. He started out after them, but was going to only chase them until they were halfway down the hill. When Chris rounded the corner to follow them, he was met with sniper fire from an unknown location. The round fired from the sniper struck the cold, hard ground in between Chris’s feet, which caused him to dive forward chest first. After he dove on the hard ground, Christina came outside and had her service weapon in her hand running towards the sound of the gunshot. When Christina came around the corner another shot was fired striking near her head hitting one of the logs. She ducks down immediately and reaches for Chris to take her hand and too stay low as more rounds started to come there way. As they ran back towards the front door of the cabin rounds are just hitting the logs and bouncing tiny wood fragments towards their heads. A few rounds fired just missed them by inches, but they were able to make it to the front door without getting hit.

Once they cleared the threshold of the front entrance the rounds stopped immediately. After getting inside they both started to check each other for bullet wounds and injuries during that minor dodge the bullet campaign. Suddenly they could hear a helicopter overhead from a distance and could hear it coming closer towards their location. Christina ran towards one of the windows by the kitchen and could see a helicopter flying towards them through the trees. She warns Chris and waves him over to her to see it for himself. As they both watched the helicopter approach an open hilly area, ropes were thrown off both sides of the helicopter and dangling in the air towards the ground. Then heavily armed men began to propel out of the helicopter towards the ground taking up strategic positions around the log cabin. This was a frightening sight for both of them as they knew that they are out-maned and outgunned. At this point they had really nowhere to go and Chris’s car was down the hill from the log cabin, but they would have to cross through an open field to get to it. While they attempt to come up with a plan of action, Christina reaches for her cell phone to make an emergency call, but quickly finds out that all cell phone signals are being jammed.

While they start to talk out a plan, the men get closer to the log cabin and spots them inside. One of the men yell to the others of where they are inside, but gets shot by Chris in the chest through the window. The mercenary soldier was struck and fell to the ground in obvious pain. Others came to his aid and dragged him out of the way as others took up positions to get ready to make entry. Before making entry one of the armed men threw in a flash-bang grenade through the window that his partner got shot at. The grenade exploded and immediately sent a deafening sound through that part of the cabin along with a bright intense flash that would temporary blind a person if witnessed. By the time this was thrown inside the cabin, Chris and Christina had already rushed out of that part of the cabin and ducked inside another bedroom that was in the northwest corner. As the heavily armed men made entry into the cabin through that one window, others remained outside on the perimeter and kept an eye out for any escape attempts through windows. The problem with maintaining the outer perimeter was that most of the windows around the cabin were blocked on the inside with heavy drapes. So it was impossible to see inside certain parts of the cabin if the drapes were closed.

Within minutes majority of the armed men had made entry and started their search of the cabin. Chris knows that they probably only have a few minutes before they are spotted and knew for sure they wouldn’t stand a chance in a firefight. While Chris thinks about this impossible scenario, Christina crawls over in a corner and crawls over an empty space in the floor. She stops and lightly knocks on the floor, which causes Chris to turn around to her to tell her stop making noise. He looked at her as if he was telling her to get ready to fight to the death to keep them from being hostages or killed in vain. She looked back at him and noticed a hidden doorway to an underground pathway, which neither knew where it would lead too. Chris looks down at her hand and she points to the underground passage way, but not knowing where they would end up was kind of scary, but so was standing alone fighting a platoon of heavily armed mercenaries. Suddenly, Chris heard one of the men yell at the others saying, “Straight ahead! Last room!” At that point Christina motioned to Chris to come on and take a chance or they won’t stand a chance. For a quick second the only thing they could see down inside the underground passage way was a ladder disappearing into the darkness. Once one of the mercenaries announced themselves at the bedroom door, they both hurried down the ladder and closed the hidden door above them.

Almost immediately after they closed the door above them, the mercenaries made entry into the room with rapid fire shooting up everything in sight. That is when Chris and Christina found where the ladder ended, which was at the beginning of a tunnel surrounded in multi-stone cultures and wooden frames. Knowing that it won’t be long before their escape route is discovered, they hurried down the tunnel with very little natural light being displayed to see where they are going. For several feet underground they would fall over unknown objects and bang their heads on wooden beams hanging low. The tunnel went about one hundred feet before making a sharp turn to the left and inclined about 45 degrees. The incline portion of the tunnel was not known until they made that left and found themselves sliding down the rough surface kicking up loose rocks and wooden splinters. Chris and Christina suffered numerous amounts of splinters in their ass as they slid down the low-lit tunnel. The only thing they could see was the end of the tunnel, which was producing a bright sunlight that made it impossible to see what was coming at the end.

When they reached the end of the tunnel and realized that they were going to end up near the lake, the mercenaries found the hidden getaway and pursued after them in the tunnel. A few mercenaries came to the hundred foot end and saw the 45 degree angle down-slope of the tunnel and refused to go after them not knowing what was waiting for them at the end. Chris and Christina were able to escape from being detected once again, but found themselves at the bottom of the hill from the cabin. A few mercenaries patrolled the top of the hill to see if both of them could be seen running along the lake bed, but it was quickly deemed as if they had disappeared. Chris and Christina both waited at the bottom of the hill lying on their backs on the rough, rocky edge of the lake by the exit of the tunnel. Once they heard the helicopter take off and fly away, they remained in the lake bed, hidden by trees and some rocks, for nearly two hours afterwards. Chris stood up slowly and caught a bad pain in his back from lying on the rocks, but had to get himself together for any potential danger still lurking. Once the coast was clear he helped Christina get up, who was also suffering from severe back pain from lying on her back. They made their way up to the log cabin and cleared the area before re-entering. After the coast was determined to be clear, they both began to calm down from the adrenaline rush and soon became paralyzed from the massive pain and tightness of their muscles. When that happened they both collapsed on the hardwood floor and stayed in that position for several hours until they woke up later that night.



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